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Jason Martin DDS, Erik Molby DMD

Telephone: 231-845-7240 Fax: 231-845-8814

409 W Ludington Ave. Suite 101

Ludington, MI 49431

Dear Patients,

We have prepared this letter to help you understand the complexities of dental insurance; we realize how confusing it can be. To begin, we would like to address a misconception, dental insurance was not designed to pay for all dental care. Most contracts have limits and/or various degrees of co-payments.

All levels of payments by insurance companies, including allowable fees, usual and customary (UCR) are governed by premiums paid. They have nothing to do with actual charges. Our fees are based upon a combination of our costs, our time and dedication to providing our patients with the highest quality and most comprehensive dental care. The treatment recommended by our office is never based on what your insurance company will pay; your treatment should not be governed by your insurance contract.
It should be understood, that the dental insurance is between the insurance company and the patient, whom bears the ultimate financial responsibility.
We hope this information has been helpful. Please take time to review your contract thoroughly so we may best serve you. As always, you may feel free to ask our staff for clarification on services, billing and insurance.


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