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Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC)

RFQ 83700-15-001-0000000393




1800 Century Place Suite 550

Atlanta, Georgia 30345-4304
On behalf of

Moultrie Technical College
52 Tech Drive
Tifton, GA 31794

Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC)
on behalf of Moultrie Technical College
52 Tech Drive
Tifton, GA 31794
RFQ 83700-15-001-0000000393
Project Manual Title Sheet
Table of Contents
Section A: Invitation to Bid

Section B: Bid Form

Section C: Instructions to Bidders

Section D: Construction Contract

Section E: General Conditions

Section F: Supplementary General Conditions

Section G: Exhibits A-H
Technical Specifications, including Sections listed below, per attached file named:
Construction Specifications – SRTC Campus Signage Replacement


011000 Summary 011000-1 thru 011000-3

013100 Project Management and Coordination 013100-1 thru 013100-6

013300 Submittal Procedures 013300-1 thru 013300-6

017300 Execution 017300-1 thru 017300-5

017700 Closeout Procedures 017700-1 thru 017700-4


101423 Panel Signage 101423-1 thru 101423-8

101463 Electronic Message Center 101463-1 thru 101463-3

Technical Drawings, including Drawings listed below, per attached file named:

Construction Drawings – SRTC Campus Signage Replacement
TS-1 Typical Type 1 Sign

TS-2 Typical Type 2 Sign

TS-3 Typical Type 3 Sign

CAI-1 Sign 1/Type Special

CAM-1 Sign 1/Type 3

CHU-1 Sign 1/Type 3

MLT/ID-0 Campus Key Map

MLT/ID-1 Sign 1/Type 1

MLT/ID-2 Sign 2/Type Special

MLT/ID-3 Sign 3/Type 2

MLT/ID-4 Sign 4/Type 2

MLT/ID-5 Sign 5/Type Special

MLT/ID-6 Sign 6/Type 1

MLT/VP-0 Campus Key Map

MLT/VP-1 Sign 1/Type Special

MLT/VP-2 Sign 2/Type 1

MLT/VP-3 Sign 3/Type 1

MLT/VP-4 Sign 4/Type Special

MLT/VP-5 Sign 5/Type Special

MLT/VP-6 Sign 6/Type 2

MLT/VP-7 Sign 7/Type Special

MLT/VP-8 Sign 8/Type Special

MLT/VP-9 Sign 9/Type Special

MLT/VP-10 Sign 10/Type 2

MLT/VP-11 Sign 11/Type Special

MLT/VP-12 Sign 12/Type 2

MLT/VP-13 Sign 13/Type Special

MLT/VP-14 Sign 14/Type 1

MLT/VP-15 Sign 1/Type 3

SYL-1 Sign 1/Type 3

SYL-2 Sign 2/Type Special

SYL-3 Sign 3/Type Special

TVL-0 Campus Key Map

TVL-1 Sign 1/Type Special

TVL-2 Sign 2/Type Special

TVL-3 Sign 3

TVL-4 Sign 4/Type Special

TVL-5 Sign 5/Type 2

TVL-6 Sign 6/Type 2

TVL-7 Sign 7/Type 2

TVL-8 Sign 8/Type 1

TVL-9 Sign 9/Type 1

TVL-10 Sign 10/Type 2

TVL-11 Sign 11

TVL-12 Sign 12/Type 1

TVL-13 Sign 13/Type 1

TVL-14 Sign 13/Type 2

TFT-0 Campus Key Map

TFT-1 Sign 1/Type Special

TFT-2 Sign 2/Type 3

TFT-3 Sign 3/Type 3

TFT-4 Sign 4/Type Special

TFT-5 Sign 5/Type Special

TFT-6 Sign 6/Type 1

TFT-7 Sign 7/Type 2

TFT-8 Sign 8/Type 2

TFT-9 Sign 9/Type 1

TFT-10 Sign 10/Type Special

TFT-11 Sign 11/Type 1

TFT-12 Sign 12/Type 1

TFT-13 Sign 13/Type 2

TFT-14 Sign 14/Type 1

TFT-15 Sign 15/Type 1

TFT-16 Sign 16/Type 1

TFT-17 Sign 17/Type 1

TFT-18 Sign 18/Type 2

TFT-19 Sign 19/Type 1

TFT-20 Sign 20/Type 1

TFT-21 Sign 21/Type 1

TFT-22 Sign 22/Type Special



Project No. RFQ 83700-15-001-0000000393
A01. Notice is hereby given that Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) on behalf of Moultrie Technical College will accept sealed bids for Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) Campus Signage Replacement in strict conformity with the bidding and Contract Documents.
A02. Each bid must be submitted on the prescribed Bid Form. All blank spaces for bid prices must be filled in, in ink or typewritten, in both words and figures, and the certification (reference Bid Form paragraph B09) must be fully completed and executed when submitted.
A03. Such sealed bids as received will be opened and read aloud at 1:00 p.m. ET on May 13, 2015.
All mailed or hand delivered bids must be received by Technical College System of Georgia, 1800 Century Place, 5th Floor, Suite 550, Atlanta, GA 30345 prior to the Bid Opening Date and Time. Bidder retains full responsibility for assuring that bids are received prior to the time stated for bid opening.

Procurement Services Officer II

1800 Century Place, Atlanta, GA 30345
Phone (404) 327-6854

From the date that this Invitation To Bid (ITB) is issued until a bidder is selected and the selection is announced, there will be no communication for any reason, except during the pre-bid conference, between a bidder and any State employee other than the contracting officer listed regarding this ITB. TCSG reserves the right to reject any bid for violation of this provision. No questions other than those submitted in writing will be accepted, and only written responses will be binding upon TCSG.

A MANDATORY PRE-BID CONFERENCE will be held at Moultrie Technical College Tifton Campus-April 20, 2015 @ 9:30a.m. ET at the Main Building in the Boardroom; located at 52 Tech Drive, Tifton GA. 31794; doors will lock and close promptly at 9:30 a.m. ET. TCSG reserves the right to disqualify a potential bidder due to a failure by the bidder to arrive for the pre-bid conference by the scheduled time. Failure to attend a mandatory pre-bid conference and/or site visit will automatically result in disqualification from the bid process.
A-05. Bid documents are available at no charge and may be downloaded from the internet by visiting the State Purchasing website at Georgia Procurement Registry . Upon reaching the Georgia Procurement Registry Search Engine, under “Government Type” select State Government, then choose Technical College under State Agencies and search for this solicitation. Bidder may also download documents from TCSG’s FTP site, please review the FTP site instructions document for instructions and guidance.

Bidder should check the web site daily for updates, addenda and any other additional information.
A06. Each bid must be accompanied with a BID BOND in an amount equal to 5% of the base bid, payable to the Moultrie Technical College and issued by a Corporate Surety authorized to do business in the State of Georgia, in order to guarantee that the bidder will enter into a contract to construct the project strictly within the terms and conditions stated in this bid and in the bidding and Contract Documents, should the construction contract be awarded to him.
A07. The successful bidder shall be required to furnish a bond for the faithful performance on the contract and a bond to secure payment of all claims for materials furnished and/or labor performed in performance of the project, both in amounts equal to 100% of the Contract Price. Both bonds shall be issued by a Corporate Surety authorized to do business with the State of Georgia. All bids submitted shall remain open for a period of sixty (60) days after the date of the bid opening.
A08. The owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive technicalities and irregularities.
A-09. All bids submitted in response to this Invitation to Bid shall be made in general accordance with the Georgia Vendor Manual and the applicable provisions of Georgia Law.
A10. All expenses for preparing and submitting bids are the sole cost of the party submitting the bid. TCSG not obligated to any party to reimburse such expenses. All submittals, upon receipt, become the property of TCSG. Labeling information provided in submittals as “proprietary” or “confidential”, or any other designation of restricted use will not protect the information from public view. Subject to the provisions of the Open Records Act, the details of the bid documents will remain confidential until final award.

Contracting Officer:

Donna K. Kindon, CPPO, CPPB, GCPA, GCPCA

Procurement Services Officer II

Technical College System of Georgia

1800 Century Place, 5th Floor, Suite 550

Atlanta, Georgia 30345

Phone: 404-327-6854

Fax: 770-302-9355



BID CLOSING DATE: May 13, 2015


TO: Donna K. Kindon, CPPO, CPPB, GCPA, GCPCA

Procurement Services Officer II

Technical College System of Georgia

1800 Century Place, 5th Floor, Suite 550

Atlanta, Georgia 30345
B-01. Having carefully examined the Bidding Documents titled Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) Campus Signage Replacement, Southern Regional Technical College, Tifton, Georgia 31794, dated 04/10/2015 and Addendum (a) No. (s) ______________________________________, as well as the premises and conditions affecting the Work, the undersigned proposes to furnish all services, labor, and materials called for by them for the entire Work, in accordance with said documents, for the sum of:
($___________________), which sum is hereinafter called the “BASE BID.”

[the state reserves the right to disqualify any bid submitted which fails to acknowledge receipt of all issued addenda]
B-02. Unit Prices / Alternates

B-03. The undersigned hereby agrees that this bid may not be revoked or withdrawn after the time set for the opening of bids, but shall remain open for acceptance for a period of 60 days following such time.
B-04. In the event that the undersigned is notified in writing by mail, telegraph, or delivery of the acceptance of this bid within 60 days after the time set for the opening of bids, the undersigned agrees to execute, within ten (10) business days, a contract (on a form supplied by the TCSG, when a stipulated sum forms the basis of payment) for the Work for the above stated compensation and at the same time to furnish and deliver to the Owner a Performance Bond and Payment Bond in accordance with the forms shown in Exhibits C & D and the General Conditions of the Contract, both in an amount equal to 100% of the Contract sum. The surety must be one which is licensed to do business in the State of Georgia.
B-05. Prior to the bid opening date and hour, errors may be stricken or revisions may be made and corrections entered on this bid form, provided that any such strike-over or revision is signed in ink by the person signing the bid or his agent. Any revisions made on the outside of the envelope will not be accepted.
B-06. The undersigned agrees to commence actual physical work on the site with an adequate work force and equipment within ten days of the date of the proceed order and to complete to MATERIAL COMPLETION all work by not later than 180 consecutive calendar days from and including date of the proceed order.
B-07. Enclosed herewith is a bid bond (Bid Bonding Company Form is Acceptable) in the amount of


($__________________) (being not less than 5% of the base bid) payable to Southern Regional Technical College The undersigned agrees that the above stated amount is the proper measure of liquidated damages which the Owner will sustain by the failure of the undersigned to execute the Contract and to furnish performance and payment bonds in case this bid is accepted.

B-08. If this bid is accepted within 60 days after the date set for the opening of bids, and the undersigned fails to execute the Contract within ten (10) business days after notice of such acceptance or if he fails to furnish both performance and payment bonds, the obligation of the bid bond, if applicable, will remain in full force and effect and the money payable thereon shall be paid into the funds of the Owner as liquidated damages for such failure; otherwise, obligation of the bond will be null and void.
B-09. The bidder submits the following statement of bidder’s qualifications for consideration by the Owner

(To be subscribed and sworn to before a notary public)
Firm Name:

LEGAL NAME OF BUSINESS (As registered with Secretary of State)





Telephone Number: Facsimile Number:
Contact Person Name and Email Address:

Georgia Resident: YES NO

When Organized: Where Incorporated:
Federal I.D. No.: or Social Security No.:
Number of years engaged in the contracting business under the present firm name:
Georgia General Contractor: YES NO License Number(s):
Credit Available for This Contract:
Contracts Now in Hand, Gross Amount:
Plan of Organization: Proprietorship Corporation Partnership LLC
The bidder has refused to sign a contract at the original bid. YES or NO (Please circle one)
The bidder has been declared in default on a contract. YES or NO (Please circle one)
If answer is Yes to either statement above, please explain:

The foregoing statement of qualifications is submitted under oath.

B-10. Contractor certifies that they have been granted and possess all necessary, valid, current licenses to do business in the State of Georgia as issued by the respective State Boards and Government Agencies responsible for regulating and licensing the services to be provided and performed pursuant to this Agreement.
B-11. Under oath I certify that I am a principal or other representative of the bidder and that I am authorized by it to execute the foregoing offer on its behalf. I am a principal person of the foregoing with management responsibility for the foregoing subject matter and as such I am personally knowledgeable of all its pertinent matters. The foregoing statement of facts is true and correct.
B-12. I certify that this bid is made without prior understanding, agreement, or connection with any corporation, firm or person submitting a bid for the same materials, supplies, or equipment, and is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud. I understand collusive bidding is a violation of State and Federal law and can result in fines, prison sentences and civil damage awards. I agree to abide by all conditions of this bid and certify that provisions of Georgia O.C.G.A. Section 45-10-20, et. sec., have not and shall not be violated in any respect.
The full names of persons and firms interested in the foregoing bids as principals are as follows:

Check One: President ( ) Partner ( ) Owner ( )


Check One: Vice President ( ) Secretary ( ) Partner ( )

If incorporated, the names of both the President and Corporate Secretary must be indicated. If a partnership, all partners must be indicated.
The legal name of the bidder as registered with the Secretary of State is:



Authorized Signature (BLUE INK PLEASE)

Typed/Printed Name Title

Sworn to and subscribed before me this day of , 20 .

Notary Public
My commission expires:




  2. Include the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act Affidavit with your bid, SEE Section G, Exhibit E.

Statistical Information. This request is made for statistical purposes only.

B-13. Please check the box if the definition below applies to your company:
 MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (MBE). The business is either: a) owner by a member of a minority race or b) a partnership of which a majority of interest is owned by one or more members of a minority race or c) a public corporation of which a majority of the common stock is owned by one or more members of a minority race. A member of a minority race is defined as an individual who is a member of a race which comprises less than 50 percent of the total population of the state of Georgia. For record keeping purposes, this includes, but is not limited to, persons who are Black, Hispanic, Asian-Pacific American, Native American, or Asian-Indian American.

C-01. Basis of Contract. Contract, if awarded, will be on a lump sum basis and will be substantially in accordance with the Contract shown in Section D.
C-02. Bid Security. Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Bond in an amount not less than five percent of the Bid. Bid Bonds should be furnished on forms accepted as standard by the insurance industry.
C-03. Prebid Meeting. A mandatory prebid meeting will be held at the time and place listed in Section A - Invitation to Bid. All bidders are required to attend the mandatory prebid meeting. A time for access to the project site is scheduled for the mandatory prebid meeting and a general discussion of the project will take place. The GSFIC reserves the right to disqualify bidders arriving late to the pre-bid conference.
C-04. Interpretations. No oral interpretations will be made to bidders as to the requirements of the Bidding Documents (Drawings, Project Manual (including the Specifications), and addenda thereto). Requests for interpretation of the Bidding Documents shall be made in writing to the Contracting Officer not later than six (6) calendar days prior to the date set for receipt of bids. All interpretations made to bidders will be issued in the form of addenda to the Bidding Documents and will be posted to the Georgia Procurement Registry web site. Such addenda are to be acknowledged at the appropriate location on the Bid Form. In closing the Contract, they will become a part thereof. No addenda will be issued within three (3) business days of the date set for receipt of bids without an extension of the bid date.
C-05. Trade Names.
a. No Restriction of Competition. When reference is made in the Contract Documents to trade names, brand names, or to the names of manufacturers, such references are made solely to indicate that products of that description may be furnished and are not intended to restrict competitive bidding. If it is desired to use products of trade or brand names or of manufacturers’ names which are different from those mentioned in the bidding documents, application for the approval of the use of such products must reach the hands of the Design Professional and the Contracting Officer at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the date set for the opening of bids. The latter provision is a restriction that applies only to the party making a submittal. Therefore, the aforesaid restriction does not inhibit the Owner from adding trade names, brand names or names of manufacturers by addendum.
b. Burden of Proof. The burden of proving acceptability of a proposed product must be accompanied by technical data that the party requesting approval desires to submit in support of his application. The Design Professional will give consideration to reports from reputable independent testing laboratories, verified experience records showing the reputation of the proposed product with previous users, evidence of reputation of the manufacturer for prompt delivery, evidence of reputation of the manufacturer for efficiency in servicing its products, or any other written information that is helpful in the circumstances. The application to the Design Professional for approval of a proposed product must be accompanied by a schedule setting forth in which respects the materials or equipment submitted for consideration differ from the materials or equipment designated in the bidding documents. The degree of proof required for approval of a proposed product as acceptable for use in place of a named product or named products is that amount of proof necessary to convince a reasonable person beyond all doubt. To be approved, a proposed product must also meet or exceed all express requirements of the Contract Documents.
c. Issuance of Addenda. If the submittal is approved by the Design Professional, an addendum will be issued to all prospective bidders. Issuance of an addendum is a representation to all bidders that the Design Professional in the exercise of his professional discretion established that the product submitted for approval is acceptable and meets or exceeds all express requirements. In the event a submittal shall have been rejected by the Design Professional and there shall have been a request for a conference as provided in this article pursuant to which conference the said submittal shall have been found to comply with the requirements of this article, a separate addendum covering the said submittal will be issued prior to the opening of bids. In order for the Design Professional to prepare an addendum intelligently, an application for approval of a product must be accompanied by a copy of the published recommendations of the manufacturer for the installation of the product together with a complete schedule of changes in the drawings and specifications, if any, which must be made in other work in order to permit the use and installation of the proposed product in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the product. Unless requests for approvals of other products have been received and approvals have been published by addendum in accordance with the above procedure, the successful bidder may furnish no products of any trade names, brand names, or manufacturers’ names except those designated in the Contract Documents.
d. Conference with the Owner. Any party who alleges that rejection of a submittal is the result of bias, prejudice, caprice, or error on the part of the Design Professional may request a conference with a representative of the Owner, PROVIDED: That the request for said conference, submitted in writing, shall have reached the Owner at least five days prior to the date set for the opening of bids, time being of the essence.
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