Teaching and Learning Program Council Minutes, April 6, 2016 Present

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Teaching and Learning Program Council

Minutes, April 6, 2016
Present: Louise Ammentorp, Helene Anthony, Judi Cook, Kris Anne Kinney,

Brenda Leake, Andy Leynes, Amy Moyer, John Oliver, AJ Richards, Lauren Shallish (minutes recorder), Donald Leake

Excused: Diane Gruenberg, Kelly Saldarriaga, John Sisko,

  1. Memorandum from the Senate Executive Board and Provost Taylor re: Student Feedback on Teaching

    1. Requested that TLPC develop recommendations for institutional strategies to promote increased response rates for the Student Feedback on Teaching. Please consult with Maura Moore from Records and Registration as she has compiled significant information on established best practices.

    2. (AL) Evaluations come at a difficult time in the semester.

    3. (KA) Needs a marketing strategy, including social media and PAWS

    4. (HA) Provide class time for completion, as though it were a paper evaluation

    5. (AL) Students occasionally confuse courses and their respective evaluations

    6. (DL) Are evaluations formative or summative? This would determine

    7. (JC & AJR) Will compile and summarize research on best practices and report back to TLPC at the next meeting.

  2. Report from Director of Instructional Design

    1. Quality Matters workshop had a good turnout

    2. New student orientation will be on Canvas.

    3. (KA) Could we do the new student orientation in Google classroom instead of Canvas?

  3. Report from CETL Director

    1. Director’s report is appended to these minutes

    2. Learning Communities updates

    3. Book chat debrief

    4. The last First Friday

    5. Attended AACU conference and will compile information from conference to share with TLPC

    6. Additional book discussion day on May 9 or May 18

  4. Other

    1. Meeting adjourned at 3:30PM

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CETL Director’s Report to the Teaching & Learning Program Council

April 6, 2016

General Announcements

  • Just before noon today, (April 6th), the CETL Director received Mort Winston’s portion of the April 2016 Report of the Faculty Senate Task Force on Non-Traditional Courses & Instruction. The Director has not had a chance to fully review the document but has noted that CETL is referenced as a resource (training & financial) in the recommendations portion of the report. This full report is to be submitted to the next meeting of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. CETL Director will contact M. Winston for details.

Governance Items

  • None

Professional Development for Faculty & for Staff Directly Engaged in Instruction

  • 2015 New Faculty Cohort – First Fridays Series (The CETL Director sent a “save-the-dates” email to the Cohort listing all of the Spring 2016 events.)

    • Joanne Bateup presented at the March 4th session on global engagement, another of TCNJ’s five Signature Experience. Joanne Bateup serves as the International Student & Scholar Advisor in the Global Engagement Office. She was accompanied by Lee Ann Ricardi, the newly appointed Interim Director for Global Engagement.

    • Kim Pearson & Monisha Pulimood presented at the First Fridays session on April 1, 2016.They presented on their NSF supported CABECT project that utilizes an interdisciplinary curriculum model for research and authentic community engagement of students and faculty.

    • The Friday, May 6, 2016 First-Friday session will be the annual end-of-year new faculty luncheon with Provost Taylor.

    • The last event in the 2015-2016 First Fridays Series will be a “We-Survived-the First-Year Group Exhale” on June 3, 2016.

  • 2015-2016 Learning Communities

    • Faculty Mentoring LC - This LC is running two mentoring pilot groups this semester:

      • Glenn Steinberg completed his pilot of a small group mentoring model for faculty in the English Department. He developed & distributed a follow-up qualtrics survey to query the English department members on perceptions & participation in small group mentoring model for tenured faculty.

      • Heba Abourahma has conducted her pilot, Mid-Career Mentoring Circle (MC2), for faculty in the School of Science. The sessions were held scheduled on 3/23, 3/29, & 4/5, 2016. The CETL Director was unable to attend any of the three sessions but she will reach out to Heba for an update.

      • Next Full LC meeting: 12 noon on May 2, 2016.

    • TCNJ Achievement Gap LC (n = 9)

This group met on Friday, March 11, 2016. The CETL Director attended. Key points:

CETL: Helping you find your key to refresh, reflect & reconnect

      • The CETL Director and two members of this LC, Don Leake and Karen Gordon, attended the Association of Colleges & Universities Diversity, Learning & Student Success Conference at the Philadelphia Marriott. March 17-19, 2016.The three need to meet to formally compile resources and prepare a brief report on the insights acquired from the conference experiences.

    • Spring Planting Professional Seeds Event: Director anticipates this event to be early May. The event should incorporate brief presentations by 2015-2016 LC’s. Both of current LC’s have expressed interest in continuing into 2016-2017. Additionally, V.P. Zake would like to see a LC on student feedback for the 2016-2017 AY.

      • Possible date: Monday, May 9th, 2016, exam reading day???

  • CETL - TLPC “2015-2016 Good Reads Initiative”

  • CETL Director was unable to implement the Food for Thought: (a la A.J. Richard’s idea) series of emails prior to Spring Break. However, prior to the Book Chat sessions, Good Reads participants were sent an email with the following selected links.

        • 42 minute documentary “Degrees of Hope” and possibly the Feb. 19th online publication on the experiences of low-income students at Penn. http://civichouseblog.com/2016/02/19/staying-silent-low-income-students-at-penn/

        • Dr. Derald Wing Su’s 2 PBS videos on “microagressions

        • Dr. Terrell Strayhorn TEDx talk on “Belongingness”.

    • Book Chats: Good Reads Book Chat sessions were held on Tues. 3/29/16; Wed. 3/30/16 and Thurs. 3/31/206. All sessions included refreshments and were held in Loser @ 11am-12:30pm, 3:30-5:00pm, & 9:30-11am-respectively. CETL Director will compile feedback & facilitator notes from the sessions before the next TLPC meeting.

        • Follow-up/ closure activities

          • One additional Book Chat opportunity: Several (approximately 10) different people have contacted me to inquire if we would host an additional chat session for those who could not make the other three. Not sure when it could be done but… What does TLPC think about this idea?

          • Documentary Screening(s): The library has been reserved for the 2-5pmtime slot on Thurs. April 21st and Tues. April26th. QUESTIONS:

  1. Given the pace of the semester, should we still move

forward with a screening event?

  1. If so, does TLPC have preference for a film, I Learn America

(92 mins.) or Precious Knowledge (70 mins.) or another choice?

    • Good Reads emails: The CETL Director still received comments from various people saying that they did not receive the informational emails. AGHHH!!!!

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