Teachers’ notes – How do we find out more about animals?

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Tab 2

Learning opportunity:
Learners explore their ideas about which animals might migrate to and from Wales.
Using the tab:

In this tab, learners are invited to suggest their ideas about which animals might migrate to and from Wales. They could be encouraged to explain their reasoning. Rollover questions encourage learners to express ideas about some of the journeys animals make, consider why they make these journeys, and estimate how far they travel during the journey.

The questions are intended to orientate learners to the topic of migration and to encourage the expression of ideas so that children are helped to become aware of their own ideas and what other children think.

Tab 3

Learning opportunity:
Learners reflect on their current understanding of animal migration and how they would like to progress their learning.
Using the tab:

This tab provides learners with an opportunity to reflect on what they currently know about animal migration and what they would like to find out. They might use a KWHL to help organise their ideas. Later, learners could review their ideas on the KWHL and add what they have learned during the course of the activities. They could be encouraged to think of questions they would like to investigate as well as to think about how they will find relevant information.

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