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Part 1: Quarterly Essential Attributes: The essential attributes outlined in the first table identify the requirements for admission, retention and graduation of applicants and students in the Masters in Teaching program. The expectation is that you are meeting the preponderance of these professional attributes each quarter. If you are not consistently and reliably meeting these professionalism attributes, a conference with the ELTEP Director and appropriate supports (UW Faculty, Coach, or CT, depending on issue) will take place to determine a plan of support.

Instructions for Part 1:

  1. Highlight/Circle each dimension (1-9) that the TC is consistently and reliably meeting in the quarter you are in when assessing (as TC, this is a self assessment, or you are assessing as Coach or CT).

  2. CT: you may put “N/A” if this attribute does not pertain to the field/your work.

  3. Highlight/Circle the overall rating (Ex.: “Meeting 1st Q/Summer” if the TC is meeting the preponderance of the 9 dimensions below).

Part 2: Essential Attributes on a Continuum: The essential attributes outlined in the second table identify attributes we expect you will improve upon over the course of the 4 quarters, with practice and feedback. These are to be rated, with evidence, with the expectation being that by the end of 3rd quarter, you are “meeting” for 3rd quarter, which connotes “generally consistent and reliable” performance. By the end of 4th quarter in Spring, the expectation is that you are “typically consistent.”

Instructions for Part 2: Similar to Standards of Planning, Instruction, and Assessment, please use the continuum scale of 1-4 above and include explanatory commentary with your rating.

Part 1: Quarterly Essential Attributes

1st Q/

Meeting Summer

2nd Q/

Meeting Fall


Meeting in Winter


Meeting in Spring

Please Note: if TC is not meeting a particular dimension, be sure to provide specific evidence-based feedback in commentary, so TC can work towards improvement with clear guidance.

Meeting Professional Essential Attributes

  1. Demonstrate reasoning and make decisions appropriate for a classroom teacher and at a level determined by the faculty.

  1. Demonstrate the emotional stability and persistence required for full utilization of intellectual abilities.

  1. Demonstrate capacity to work calmly and flexibly under stress (e.g., work under time constraints, concentrate in distracting situations, make timely subjective judgments and ensure students’ safety at all times).

  1. Demonstrates reflective, collaborative, and growth-centered practice:

  • Interpersonal, listening and responding skills must be at a level sufficient for the teacher education student to understand and respond appropriately to different perspectives represented in diverse university and school classrooms.

  • Receives and responds to feedback professionally (e.g. from a stance of openness and inquiry, non-defensive manner).

  1. Act and present self in a professional manner that demonstrates integrity, responsibility, tolerance and respect for self and others (includes dress, timeliness, demeanor, etc.).

  1. Collaborates with students, school and university faculty, parents and the school community in a pro-active and respectful manner.

  1. Complete all required courses in the program at a level deemed appropriate by the faculty, as well as meet eligibility requirements for a teaching credential including a negative criminal background history as provided by state law.

  1. Use appropriate communication skills enabling him/her to seek, receive and follow supervision in university coursework and in field experiences and resolves conflicts with direct, constructive communication, face to face with individual. See ELTEP Conflict Resolution Policy.

  1. Treat all with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Part 2: Essential Attributes on a Continuum



3/Meeting in Winter

4/Meeting in Spring

  1. Demonstrate the ability to master, assimilate and apply complex information in the form 
of lectures, small group work, written materials, and other applicable teaching formats.

  1. Demonstrate effective communication in written and oral English in order to communicate concepts, assignments, evaluations, and expectations with members of the learning community such as faculty, students, parents, and staff.

  1. Demonstrate stamina, maturity, persistence, and flexibility required of a professional teacher throughout the teacher's contracted day as well as perform extended additional duties of a classroom teacher such as parent conferences, Open Houses and other school related activities.

  1. Organize time and materials, prioritize tasks, perform and supervise several tasks at once, and adapt to changing situations in order to develop skills to assess and attend to the needs of all his/her students.

List 3-5 strengths relative to practice and professionalism the TC has demonstrated during this quarter:

List 1 to 2 areas for growth relative to practice and professionalism for which the TC will focus in the near term/next quarter:

OTHER: List any concerns regarding this student:

Use this assessment to guide the three-way conversation prior to advancing to Full Time Student Teaching in 4th Quarter. The time frame outlined above outlines other times when Coach and CT can use this assessment as a checkpoint to discuss progress, check in about goals and set new ones.

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