Talking Points Meibomian Gland Dysfunction & the LipiFlow Procedure

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Talking Points Meibomian Gland Dysfunction & the LipiFlow Procedure


  • Dry eye affects 23 million Americans.

  • Approx. 86% of dry eye sufferers have evaporative dry eye, which stems for an oil “lipid” deficiency causing our tears to evaporate too quickly called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

  • Common symptoms include dryness, redness, burning, itching, and visual disturbance of blurred fluctuating vision.

  • Dry eye negatively impacts lifestyle (e.g., inability to read, drive, use computer, wear contact lenses).

  • If left untreated, evaporative dry eye may lead to further discomfort, cell damage and visual degradation.

  • Traditional dry eye treatments (wetting drops, ointments, warm compresses) only focus on symptom relief and NOT the “ROOT CAUSE” of the disease.

  • MGD is a Chronic/Progressive Disease that NO PILL or DROP CAN ADDRSS THE ROOT CAUSE.

  • The supplemental maintenance therapy helps to address your symptoms. The LipiFlow addresses the “Root Cause” of the disease by evacuating the obstruction in the Meibomian Glands.


  • The LipiFlow is the only FDA approved treatment for MGD associated with evaporative dry eye, which has been proven to restore gland function by approximately 3 x.

  • The LipiFlow uniquely applies a combination of heat and gentle pulsatile pressure simultaneously to liquefy and evacuate the obstructed glands with a 12-minute bilateral treatment in-office

  • This allows the glands to produce better quality and quantity of lipid oil to coat and protect the ocular surface.


  • The FDA data results showed patients had an improvement of 2.5 to 3x gland function improvement after a single 12 minute LipiFlow procedure which can continue to improve for up to 12 months.

  • Symptom improvement was 2 x improved at 4 weeks for over 80% of patients.

  • Depending on the degree of severity & other factors related to the causes of MGD, patients have had positive treatment efficacy for 12 to 36+ months with (1) bilateral treatment.

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