Taleban Government Appoints Two New Ministers

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The Haqqani militant network is working in tandem with al-Qaeda as well as the Pakistani and the Afghan Taliban to resist the Pakistani security forces and carry out cross border ambushes against the US-led allied forces stationed in Afghanistan. North Waziristan has become a hub of the anti-US elements given the fact that it has a common border with Khost, the native Afghan province of Jalaluddin Haqqani. The Americans have targeted the Haqqani network in Waziristan extensively since the dawn of 2010, especially since a suicide bomber killed seven senior CIA officers in Khost, Afghanistan, on December 31, 2009.
As the US recently announced a hefty amount of two billion dollars in military aid to Islamabad to push it for early operation in North Waziristan, the Pakistani Taliban threatened (through an open letter) to wage an endless war against the Pakistan government.
On the other hand, the al-Qaeda leadership subsequently assigned Saif Al Adal with the task of launching a counter offensive on both sides of the trouble stricken Pak-Afghan tribal belt and foil the military designs of the Pakistan and American allies in the war against terror. An Egyptian by birth, Saif is considered by US intelligence agencies as a seasoned operational planner and an experienced field commander. Often mentioned together with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, he is accused of involvement in the bombing of two US embassies in Africa in August 1998. Saif, who was al-Qaeda's military chief before 9/11, simply disappeared after these attacks. It later transpired that he was being kept in Iran under a protective house arrest together with many other key al-Qaeda leaders and their families who had fled the American invasion of Afghanistan in December 2001 and were being prevented from travelling further by Iran.
However, upon his release, Saif was straightaway restored to his previous position -- chief of the military operations in the region -- and asked by his fellow Egyptian boss Ayman Zawahiri to proceed to North Waziristan. According to sources in the Pakistani security establishment, the return of Saif to the field has set alarm bells ringing in the American intelligence circles given the fact that his role in the terror outfit had been that of a trainer, military commander and key member of bin Laden's security ring. They believe his return would greatly bolster the terror group's operational ability, which was largely affected by the non-stop US drone attacks in Waziristan and the subsequent killings of many key commanders. Saif has already started reviving his old connections with those Afghan and Pakistani militant groups, whose relations with al-Qaeda had turned sour in his absence. Under instructions from his leadership, he is now trying to unite all those groups on a single platform to put up a joint front against the Pakistan Army whenever the North Waziristan operation is launched.
The sources say the Pakistani authorities were earlier reluctant to launch the military offensive in North Waziristan due to their old links with the Haqqani militant network, which date back to the days of the Afghan war of the 1980s. Yet the Pakistani Taliban's joining hands with the Haqqani network and the increase in targeting the Pakistani security and intelligence agencies, has made the North Waziristan-based Afghan and Taliban militants a common enemy of both Islamabad and Washington. This has subsequently paved the way for the much-awaited military action in North Waziristan.
At the same time, however, there are those in the Pakistani establishment circles who believe that the military operation would be launched only after the top brass of the Haqqani militant network is allowed to relocate itself from North Waziristan to some other parts of Fata as the Haqqanis are still considered an asset by the Pakistani establishment in its strategic depth policy in a post-US Afghanistan. They even claim that the ailing Afghan commander Jalaluddin Haqqani and his elder son Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is also the operational commander of the Haqqani network, had already been moved to a safe location on the Pakistani side of the Pak-Afghan tribal belt, thus giving a clear indication that the military offensive in North Waziristan was now inevitable.

[Description of Source: Islamabad The News Online in English -- Website of a widely read, influential English daily, member of the Jang publishing group. Neutral editorial policy, good coverage of domestic and international issues. Usually offers leading news and analysis on issues related to war against terrorism. Circulation estimated at 55,000; URL: http://www.thenews.com.pk/]

Pakistan: CIA Shares List of 30 Al-Qaida Members Operating From Waziristan
SAP20101215103005 Islamabad The News Online in English 15 Dec 10
[Report by Amir Mir: 30 high value drone targets in Pakistan]
[Text disseminated as received without OSC editorial intervention]
LAHORE: Seeking credible intelligence cooperation from Islamabad, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sleuths stationed in Pakistan have shared with their Pakistani counterparts a list of 30 high-value al-Qaeda and Taliban-linked terrorists, who currently operate from their Waziristan hideouts and have evaded successfully the radar of the American drones.
According to well-informed sources in the Pakistani security establishment, who are working in tandem with their American counterparts in the US-led war against terror, the CIA sleuths have got prior permission of their bosses to kill all those on the hit list while using deadly drones since it was almost impossible for anyone to capture them alive in the Waziristan region even if they are somehow tracked down.
Started under former President Bush, the drone programme is being run by the CIA, which had been provided written legal authority to hunt down and kill any terrorist without seeking further approval each time the agency wants to hit a high value target. The previously undisclosed CIA hit list of targets included top al-Qaeda leaders, such as Osama bin Laden and his deputy, Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri and other principal figures from al-Qaeda, Taliban, Haqqani network and their affiliated terrorist groups. The hit list was known as "the high-value target list", also called HVT.
Following the ouster of President Bush in 2008, his successor, President Obama, was quick to grant the CIA the presidential authority to kill the most wanted al-Qaeda and Taliban-linked leaders. The newer hit list of the potential drone targets represents an expanded CIA effort against a larger number of al-Qaeda fugitives who are operating from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.
The hit list is updated from time to time as the CIA, in consultation with other counter terrorism agencies, adds names or deletes those al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders who are captured or killed, or when new intelligence indicates the emergence of a new terror leader. The hit list contains the names of many of the same people who are on the FBI's list of most-wanted terror suspects, although the lists are prepared independently.
US intelligence sleuths stationed in Pakistan believe that there are over 2,000 al-Qaeda militants who have taken shelter in the Waziristan region alone on the Pak-Afghan tribal belt. According to them, there are three primary targets of the ongoing American drone strikes -- key al-Qaeda and its allied commanders; al-Qaeda's external operations network; and al-Qaeda, Taliban and their allied Afghan and Pakistani militant groups which are conducting cross border ambushes against the US-led allied forces across the border in Afghanistan.
The following is the list of 24 non-Pakistani high-value al-Qaeda and Taliban-linked terrorists who are the potential targets of the CIA-run American drone programme:
Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, his deputy Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's No3 Sheikh Yunis al-Mauretani, the ameer of the Afghan Taliban, Mulla Mohammad Omar, al-Qaeda's chief operational commander for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Saif Al Adal, al-Qaeda's chief military strategists for terror operations in the West, Commander Ilyas Kashmiri, the chief of the Haqqani militant network, Jalaluddin Haqqani, the operational commander of the Haqqani network, Sirajuddin Haqqani, the official spokesman for al-Qaeda, Sulaiman Abu Ghath, the spiritual leader of al-Qaeda, Abu Hafs al-Mauritani, al-Qaeda's field commander for operations in Afghanistan, Abu Yahya al-Libi, al-Qaeda's operational chief for North America, Adnan Al-Shukri Juma, Osama bin Laden's son, Saad bin Laden, the commander of Turkish jehadis in North Waziristan, Abu Hanifah, the commander of the Chinese jehadis in North Waziristan, Abu Nasir, the commander of Uzbek and Tajik militants in North Waziristan, Abu Akash, two German brothers, Mouneer Chouka alias Abu Adam and Yaseen Chouka alias Abu Ibrahim, who comma nd German militants, three American jehadis, Abu Ibrahim al Amriki, Sayfullah al Amriki and Anwar al-Awlaki, two Yemeni militants, Nasir al-Wahishi and Qassim al-Raimi, a Saudi militant Said al-Shiri, and an Algerian jehadi Abdelmalek Droukdel.
The CIA hit list also carries the names of six key al-Qaeda and Taliban-linked jehadi leaders from Pakistan who are involved in targeting the Pakistani and Nato forces and are considered common enemies by Washington and Islamabad. They include the ameer of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Hakimullah Mahsud, his fellow commanders, Maulvi Faqeer Mohammad and Waliur Rehman Mahsud, Taliban renegades in Waziristan, Hafiz Gul Buhadar and Maulvi Nazir, and the fugitive ameer of the Swat chapter of TTP, Maulana Fazlullah.
According to sources in the security establishment, despite public protests against violations of their national sovereignty by the drones, the Pakistani authorities are sharing vital intelligence information with their American counterparts to nip the evil of al-Qaeda and Taliban in the bud which equally threatens Pakistan. To substantiate their claim, they referred to the September 16, 2010 statement of US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, wherein the late senior official had stated that the drone attacks against terrorists in Pakistan's northern tribal region were being conducted in close collaboration with Pakistan's civil as well as military leadership. "Everything we do is in close collaboration with Pakistan government and the GHQ," The News had quoted Holbrooke, as saying.

[Description of Source: Islamabad The News Online in English -- Website of a widely read, influential English daily, member of the Jang publishing group. Neutral editorial policy, good coverage of domestic and international issues. Usually offers leading news and analysis on issues related to war against terrorism. Circulation estimated at 55,000; URL: http://www.thenews.com.pk/]

Jihadist Video on US Soldier in Captivity, Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan
SAP20101220093001 Shumukh al-Islam Network in Arabic 28 Nov 10
[Following is the full text of the Pashto-language video, titled "New Video of Killing Americans in Afghanistan." A participant posted this Pashto-language video on Shumukh al-Islam Network with download links on 28 November 2010. The video is a Manba al-Jihad production. Words, passages within double slantlines are in English.]
[Video slide] In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
[Video slide] Warning: It is prohibited to disseminate video and anthem of this jihadi film with music.
[Video shows verse from Koran in Arabic followed by Pashto translation] And fight the infidels until persecution is no more, and religion is all for God. But if they cease, then lo! God is Seer of what they do.
[Video slide] Manba al-Jihad Cultural Affairs' Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
[Video slide] Caravan of Ghazis 9 [Islamic holy warriors; part 9].
[Video shows Taliban fighters riding vehicles with jihadi anthems and songs and chants of "God is Great" made with rattle of guns in the background; coalition forces positions, vehicles, and tanks being blown with bombs; two NATO planes taking off and bombing militant positions; US flag at a military parade]
[ 00:03:03 Voiceover] Following the attack by the United States and its allies on Afghanistan on 7 October 2001, they deployed their savage forces across Afghanistan at major military bases particularly in southern, southwestern, and southeastern provinces of the country. In keeping with their character, these cruel forces trampled down the religion, culture, and human rights of Afghans [footage shows coalition forces searching and handling two veiled women]. They proclaimed their policy of either capturing or eliminating the Taliban [footage shows former President Bush and US military commander], bringing about democracy and political stability, and eliminating all those opposing them.
[ 00:03:45 Former US President George W. Bush] //One by one the terrorists are learning the meaning of American justice//.
[ 00:03:55 Video of Iraqi journalist throwing shoes on former President Bush]
[ 00:04:02 Afghan President Hamid Karzai] //While the Afghans are too sad, as sad as the Americans, they are grateful to the American people for making us win our war against terrorism. And we will continue to do that till we finish them all and put them on trial. I want the people in New York to see the faces of those people on trial on TV and to see that they received justice. That we will do, that is a promise and we will deliver on that//.
[ 00:04:34 Karzai] Neither can we check terrorism emanating from Pakistan nor can we prevent the coalition forces from carrying out bombing against terrorism [preceding word as heard] in which our children are being killed [Karzai bursts into tears]. Cruelty has crossed its limits.
[Voiceover with video showing a photo of former US Vice President Dick Cheney and clips of the Afghan lower house of parliament in session] Dick CheThese beasts in human guise initiated savage acts against real Muslims throughout Afghanistan and gave a constitution to their mean slaves for their political activities, so that they could frame laws and structure the administration and its functions according to their [US] wishes. The clique of Karzai and the lords of the groups of mischief-mongers were made players in this bloody process. Americans did not want real Muslims to again become the owners of power, nor did they want Afghanistan to remain a real Islamic state. Americans will not want it even in the future. [footage shows Taliban militants attacking coalition forces and their vehicles]
The faithful and mujahid people of Afghanistan, who do not accept the supremacy of any one save God, and who love freedom and independence, and who consider the proud Shari'ah of Prophet Muhammad as the source of their decisions in all fields, raised the banner of jihad in accordance with the commandment of almighty God. They considered sacrifice of their lives for the sake of upholding Kalimatullah [proclamation of faith: "There is no god but God; Muhammad in the Messenger of God"] and complete freedom of the country as a great pride in front of their God and the nation. Adopting adequate planning, they jumped into the battleground, starting deadly gueril la attacks against the aggressive infidels and their faithless slaves that are constantly intensifying with each passing day. Using the tactics of fidayee [suicide] attacks, live landmines, and guerilla attacks, the mujahidin razed the 200-year pride of Americans to the ground and removed the concept of the United States being the super power. The commanders of the invading forces and their politicians made boasting claims in 2006 and 2007 and refused to accept their defeat.
However, much water had flown under the bridges by then. The American and NATO forces fled away, suffering a defeat in front of the forces of righteousness.
The governments and nations of the aggressors realized that their forces were not capable of facing the attacks of the holy warriors of Islam and their worldwide pride and prestige had lost its glitter.
To restore their past pride and prestige, they, instead of the Red Satan [video slide shows President Bush] provided a chance to the Black Satan [video slide shows President Obama] to evolve some strategy of deceit and cheating.
In his news strategy, the Black Satan, [President] Obama, evolved the policy of reconciliation by using dollars. For peace, he increased the number of forces; and for reconciliation, he placed his demands written on paper to his puppets. The result was the big war activities, holding of Kabul peace jirga, and the establishment of the peace commission. They thought that in this way they would break the holy warriors of Islam and achieve their nefarious objectives. [footage shows Kabul peace jirga in session, Taliban militants in action]
And as the holy warriors of Islam prefer their sacred jihad to every thing else, they presented thousands of their children as offering in this path. With a high morale and at the cost of their heads, they are crossing the rivers of fire and blood, making more and more progress with each passing day, making gains, and killing the invading soldiers. They are not to recede from their commitment to freedom and the supremacy of Islam.
Karzai and his conscienceless supporters should open their eyes, see the reality, and must not dance to the tunes of Jews and polytheists.
Rabbani, Sayyaf, and Hazrat Sibghatullah Mujaddedi [Afghan leaders] even know the meanings of the Koran. They should pay heed as to what are the injunctions of the Koran about making friends with infidels
[Video slide shows the Koranic verse] O you who have believed, do not take Jews and Christians as allies. They are allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you then indeed he is one of them. Indeed, God guides not the wrongdoing people.

And what is the responsibility of a faithful Muslim against an infidel? Although we do not believe in your faith but we know that you have been born to an Afghan family. So, for the sake of the pride and prestige of infidels, does Afghaniyat [Afghan values] allow you to destroy the pride of mujahid Afghans, their achievements, and their sacrifices? Should you create hurdles in the way of Islamic Shari'ah [to pave way] for the infidel system of democracy, for the sake of pleasing infidels; and should you help infidels achieve all those objectives, which they could not win through war and now want to achieve through the peace commission?

[Video shows coalition commanders, Afghan government leaders, and Taliban fighters alternatively with jihadi song in the background]
We have reached the conclusion that this politics of the slavish Karzai regime is nothing but human waste thrown into the commode, which only needs to be washed away.
We once again announce publicly that we will fight until our last breath, until complete freedom of the country and establishment of the supremacy of Islam. We are sure that, God willing, the final victory will be that of the holy warriors of Islam fighting in the battlefield for Truth.
[ 00:10:35 Video shows jihadi leader Jalaluddin Haqqani addressing the Taliban Shura, while the scre en caption says the video is from "1991," also reading: "Address of Al-Haj Maulawi Jalaluddin Haqqani"] I swear and I believe that 100 percent of those in this gathering will agree with me that the political solution that Americans are envisaging is not aimed at empowering Islam strengthen jihad in Afghanistan. [Americans do not wish that] mujahidin remain firm on Islam and remain safe from civil war, insincerity, and obscenity are not deprived of beating back Jews and crusaders, Russians. [Americans also do not wish that mujahdin] should possess the might that, as they defeated Russians, they should also suppress Americans, the British, crusaders, and Jews in the future. By God, they do not want political solution for this purpose.
By God, out of hundred it is not even one of their objectives that Islam should remain alive for mujahidin and Afghans, that Islam is not wasted, civil war does not break out among them, ∧ their blood is not shed, so that they [Afghans] do not go to hell and do not fall into obscenities. The political solution should be for these things.
So, it is obvious that they want a political solution for us for the sake of destroying Islam. We Afghans know the political solution they want to introduce. If we hit a tank, Americans do not teach it to us. If we read the Koran, Americans do not teach it to us. If we offer the obligatory prayers, Americans do not teach them to us. If we hit a heavy gun, they do not teach it to us. If we build a trench, they do not teach it to us. The British did not teach it to us. Russians did not teach it to us.
If we are independent in all these things, what is the loss for us in building Afghanistan? What is the fault? If we determine a destiny for Afghanistan, should the United Nations, Perez de Cuellar, Benon Sevan, determine it for us? Should the United States, Pakistan, and others determine it for us?
We should know among ourselves as to what is the reason. Do we have we full belief in the fact that not even a single infidel from the above states and the renegade Muslims, who are their colonies, none of them, do these things for Islam? Then what is the purpose of our giving power in their hands? Then who are our and your enemies in the present time?
Those who consider God as one and unrivaled, sincerely follow the religion of Prophet Muhammad and the injunctions of that Book [Koran] are under obligation to wage jihad against infidels and renegades until mischief and infidels are eliminated, until mujahidin have freed every inch of the land and every mosque from the occupation of infidels. Those who consider this problem, they consider jihad against hypocrites and renegades to be fard-e-ain [absolutely obligatory]. They consider setting up a joint government with them as much forbidden today as they considered it in the beginning. Those people are brothers and friends of ours and yours.
The rest of the other, who say that now it is blood-shedding, not jihad, and jihad has now lost its meaning that there are no infidels left in Afghanistan as Russians have withdrawn. If we look from the point of view of the Koran and Hadith [Sayings of Prophet Muhammad] and respected religious scholars, all these people are enemies, whether they are in the garb of the United States, whether they are boasting in the garb of Saudi Arabia and in the garb of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and in the garb of a mujahid. They are not our and your friends, because we and you have fought against these infidels under the teachings of the Koran of God, the commandments of God, and the injunctions of the Prophet. And we have known these infidels with those teachings and that book. Their rule over us is forbidden. Being subservient to them is forbidden for us.
[Video slide reads: "Attack of the heroic mujahidin on the invading forces in Sato Gorge area in Shwak District of Paktiya Province." Other footage shows Taliban armed with guns, rocket-launchers, and communication devices moving in vehicles, offering prayers, mounting an attack with light and heavy arms targeting several vehicles from a higher mountainous position. Jihadi songs eulogizing the Taliban and their battles against coalition forces are played in the background, with guns and mortars rattling and the chanting of "God is Great."]
[Video slide reads: "The attack of the courageous mujahidin on the joint forces of the slave regime near Wazi District of Paktiya Province." Other footage shows armed Taliban fighters proceeding in a column, taking positions on a mountain, targeting a convoy of coalition forces comprising several vehicles; a helicopter hovering in the air as the Taliban move back after the attack; a fighter jet taking off; Taliban marching]
[Voiceover] Against the onslaught of the United States and the infidel world, the holy warriors of Islam came out in every nook and corner of the country under the banner of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to resist the infidel forces. They started successful guerilla strikes against the invaders.
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