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According to a foreign news agency, the US drone fired two missiles on a house in Dandey Darpa Khel area near Miram Shah. Four people were killed and five injured in the attack.

[Description of Source: Karachi ARY News Television in Urdu -- Dubai-based 24-hour news channel launched in early 2004. It is a subsidiary of the larger ARY Digital Network.]

Pakistan: TTP Confirms Death of Haqqani's Son in North Waziristan Drone Strike
SAP20100219081001 Karachi Dawn News in English 19 Feb 10
Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan [TTP] has now confirmed that Muhammad Haqqani son of Sirajuddin Haqqani, the infamous leader of the Haqqani network was killed in yesterday's drone strike that took place in North Waziristan. Four other suspected militants were also killed in this strike, two of whom are said to be Arab nationals. And joining us from Peshawar is our bureau chief Zahir Shah Sherazi for more details on this story.
[Begin live relay] [Anchorperson Zarar Khoro] Now Zahir exactly when did the Taliban confirm that these people were killed?
Alright, we are trying to get through to our Peshawar Bureau Chief Zahir Shah Sherazi but just to recap for you, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has now confirmed that Muhammad Haqqani, who is the seventh son of veteran Afghan leader Sirajuddin Haqqani, was killed in yesterday's [ 18 February] drone strike in North Waziristan. The Haqqani network is said to be centered in North Waziristan and is considered to be the most lethal of the Afghan Taliban groups currently fighting against ISAF in Afghanistan. Now if this news coming in is significant as it comes just a few days after the reports of the arrest of Mullah Berader from Pakistan.
Mullah Berader is of course affiliated with the so-called Quetta Shura led by former ruler of Afghanistan Mullah Omar. Mullah Berader was considered to be the second-in-command of the Afghan Taliban's faction of Mullah Omar, the faction of the Afghan Taliban rather and was also said to be the top military commander. The drone strikes in North Waziristan have of course been stepped up in recent days. The frequency of drone strikes has increased largely because of the Khost suicide bombing in which a number of CIA officials were killed. That bombing was of course linked to Hakimullah Mehsud who in turn was also killed in a drone strike in recent days.
Now joining us is our Peshawar Bureau Chief Zahir Shah Sherazi. Now Zahir exactly when did the Taliban, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, confirmed the death of Muhammad Haqqani?
[Sherazi] Well Zarar, we have just spoken to the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban commander in North Waziristan Agency and he has confirmed that Muhammad Haqqani who is the believed to be the seventh son of veteran Taliban commander Jalaluddin Haqqani, he has been killed in a suspected US drone strike in Dandey Darpa Khel area of Miram Shah in North Waziristan Agency and also the official sources are confirming that two other main commanders, who they believe are of Arab origin, they have also been killed in that strike along with a local tribesman. And the information is also coming that apparently Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is the main Taliban commander, led by Sirajuddin Haqqani in that area, the Haqqani network's in charge, [as heard] apparently we can say the operational commander, he was perhaps the target of this suspected US drone strike but apparently he missed that strike and he escaped that area when the strike took place.
Also earlier, there were rumors that perhaps some key Arab commanders have also been killed but there is no confirmation about that. I must mention again that this is the major blow to the Haqqani network, who is operating under Jalaluddin Haqqani and apparently Sirajuddin Haqqani who is the elder son of veteran Taliban commander Jalaluddin Haqqani.
And about Jalaluddin Haqqani we know that he rose to prominence during the Soviet era and led the Taliban against Soviet invasion also he is considered to be the second largest and dangerous group after Mullah Omar-led Taliban, who are fighting the NATO-led US forces inside Afghanistan. And it is also believed that Jalaluddin Haqqani has also visited White House during the reign of President Ronald Regan. So it means that he is most important for the NATO and US-led ISAF forces in Afghanistan because he is considered to be a major threat.
Also the US authorities have been accusing the Pakistani intelligence agencies of having links to Haqqani network so it means that perhaps the intelligence network of the US-led NATO forces inside the tribal areas of Pakistan is strengthening and this strike shows that they are now after the Haqqani network and perhaps the Pakistani authorities are also likely to be cooperating with them as the arrest of Abdul Salam and Mullah Berader also shows that these two intelligence agencies as well as the security agencies are cooperating with each other in targeting the Taliban leadership and obviously the reason, which is put forth by the experts is that perhaps before departure from Afghanistan the US wanted to minimize the threat of Taliban and wanted to force them to come to the negotiation table before any peaceful settlement of Afghan crisis is, you can say, finalized.
[Khoro] Alright Zahir we thank you very much for that update. [end of live relay]
Well reports of Muhammad Haqqani being killed, clearly a significant blow for the Afghan Taliban. The latest in fact in a series of blows that the Afghan Taliban have suffered beginning with the arrest of Mullah Berader right here in Pakistan. That is all for now.

[Description of Source: Karachi Dawn News in English -- Pakistan's first 24-hour English language TV channel owned by the Dawn Group of Newspapers.]

Al-Jazirah: Haqqani's Son Dead; Pakistani Strategy Toward Afghan Taliban Changed
GMP20100219643002 Doha Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel Television in Arabic 1003 GMT 19 Feb 10
[Satellite interview with Ahmad Zaydan, chief of Al-Jazirah Bureau in Islamabad, by anchor Wasilah Awlami, from Doha studio -- live. For assistance with multimedia elements, contact OSC at 1-800-205-8615 or oscinfo@rccb.osis.gov.]
[Awlami] Al-Jazirah correspondent in Pakistan has cited Pakistani security sources saying that Mohammad Haqqani, son of well-known Afghan leader Jalaluddin Haqqani who is wanted by the Americans, was killed yesterday in a missile attack launched by a US drone against an area in northern Waziristan. The missile targeted a car in which he was riding along with two Arab companions.
We are joined from Islamabad by chief of Al-Jazirah Bureau, Ahmad Zaydan for more details. Ahmad, do you have any more details about the attack and the death of Haqqani's son?
[Zaydan] A US drone fired a missile yesterday against an area in northern Waziristan, near Miran Shah, adjacent to the Afghan borders. The missile directly hit a car that was about to enter the home of or the family home of Jalaluddin Haqqani in northern Waziristan. Inside the car was 22-year-old Mohammad Haqqani, son of well known Afghan leader and one of the heroes of the Afghan war against the Soviet occupation, Jalaluddin Haqqani, who is wanted by the Americans and suffers currently from illness. Two Arabs, whose identities are still unknown, were in the car with Mohammad. Informed sources in the area said that the two Arabs are in their twenties, but did not identify their nationalities, locations, or positions in the Al-Qa'ida Organization, which stays in that region under the protection of Jalaluddin or Sirajuddin Haqqani.
This is on the one hand, on the other, some security sources are saying that Pakistan seems to have asked the network of Jalaluddin Haqqani, known to have close ties to the Pakistani security agencies, to transfer their activities from the Pakistani tribal areas to inside Afghanistan. Actually, all this represents a grave and serious strategic transformation in the Pakistani strategy toward Afghanistan and the Taliban-Afghanistan Movement. Few days ago, we saw the arrest of Taliban military official Mullah Abdul Ghani Berader in Baluchistan and the governors of the provinces of Kunduz and Baghlan, who were appointed by the Afghan Taliban Movement. Now we see a serious move by the Pakistani Government against Haqqani's network. This might be understood within the context of what has been said about US promises with billions of dollars to Pakistan in return for this cooperation, which the Americans see as a big change in the Pakistani strategy toward Taliban.

[Description of Source: Doha Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel Television in Arabic -- Independent Television station financed by the Qatari Government]

Pakistan: Key Al-Qa'ida Leader Sheikh Mansur Said Killed in 17 Feb Drone Strike

SAP20100220093002 Karachi Dawn News in English 1400 GMT 20 Feb 10
In a drone strike in North Waziristan, the report suggests that the strike has killed a very important Al-Qa'ida leader named Sheikh (?Manzor) [sentence as heard]. And for that we are joined by our correspondent and our Peshawar bureau chief, Zahir Shah Sherazi, for more details:
[Begin live relay] [Anchorperson Aftab Borka] Zahir, what more details can you give us on this latest drone strike?
[Shah] Well Aftab, the intelligence officials as well as administration officials have confirmed that a top Al-Qa'ida leader of Egyptian origin, Sheikh Mansur, has been killed in a suspected US drone strike on 17th of this month [February] in Toll Khel area of Miram Shah, 2 km from Miram Shah, the agency headquarters of North Waziristan Agency [sentence as heard].
Also there are reports that the son of veteran Taliban commander Jalaluddin Haqqani, Muhammad Haqqani, who was killed also in a drone strike on a 18th of this month. He was also visiting Sheikh Mansur's residence to offer fateha [prayers] when he was targeted by another drone and he was also killed.
Here, I must mention that Sheikh Mansur's father Sheikh Abdur Rehman Kanady [as heard] was a Canadian national and he was also killed in 2003 in a military operation and in a gun battle with the security forces in [word indistinct] area in Baghar in South Waziristan Agency along with the Chinese Taliban leader Hasan Masum.
And that is very important development, we can say that Sheikh Mansur was considered a key Al-Qa'ida operative who was to some extent also the commander of the forces who were operating against the NATO-led ISAF forces inside Afghanistan.
And also there are reports that two more key important figures have also been killed in that strike but there is no confirmation about the names of those people. Sheikh Mansur, an Egyptian, has been killed in a suspected US drone strike on 17 February in North Waziristan Agency.
[Borka] Alright Zahir Shah Sherazi thank you very much for these details about the drone strike in North Waziristan. [end live relay]

[Description of Source: Karachi Dawn News in English -- Pakistan's first 24-hour English language TV channel owned by the Dawn Group of Newspapers.]

Pakistan: US Drone Strike Kills 3 Taliban in Miranshah
SAP20100224617008 Kandahar Benawa.com in Pashto 24 Feb 10
[Report by Faryadullah: US Drone Strike Kill 3 People]
US drones once again carried out an air strike on a house, killing three militants, in Miranshah, Pakistan. The killed people were reportedly Taliban cadres.
The local police said that the attack was carried out on the morning of 24 February in the Darpa Khel Area, Miranshah.
Earlier, Jalaluddin Haqqani's brother Muhammad Haqqani was also killed in this area.

[Description of Source: An independent Afghan website publishing reports and articles about different aspects of the Afghan society. Besides news reports, it also publishes articles about religious and other matters. ]

Pakistan: Alleged Taliban Member Arrested in Joint Raid by Agencies, Police
SAP20100225098031 Lahore Daily Times Online in English 25 Feb 10
[Report by Faraz Khan: Alleged TTP man arrested in Lasbela]
[Text disseminated as received without OSC editorial intervention]
KARACHI: Alleged Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan militant Omer Abdul Rehman alias Sailaab was arrested in a joint raid by intelligence agencies and the police from the Lasbela area in the wee hours of Wednesday.
According to official sources, Jihadi literature, CDs and two incomplete suicide jackets were also recovered from his possession.
The sources also claimed the accused was the TTP commander of Khyber Agency.
However, according to information received from Khyber Agency, there was no record of a TTP commander by that name in that region.
In a previous raid, Amanullah Mehsud, allegedly associated with the Jalaluddin Haqqani network, was apprehended from the Clifton area in the wee hours of Tuesday.
According to intelligence sources, the accused's name was listed as third in the top 10 commanders of the Haqqani network.
The arrested suspects have been shifted to an undisclosed location for further investigation.
The sudden crackdown in Karachi against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the last few days and the arrests of some top militant leaders has justified the apprehensions regarding the presence of such elements in the city.
The hypothesis of the United States and its allies about the presence of chains of command of Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the city turned out to be correct after the arrest of Taliban's second-in-command Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and three of his associates, who were later identified as top Al Qaeda commanders.
It is pertinent to mention here that the foreign media had been publishing hypothetical stories leaked by the foreign agencies about the presence of top militant leaderships in Karachi.
Following the information, operations in collaboration with the foreign agencies were initiated in the city and at least a dozen operatives of the highest level were arrested in the last week alone from different areas.
The operation continues as intelligence agencies alongside the city's police increase the span of raids.
It should be noted here that the Pakistani intelligence agencies in cooperation with the American security and intelligence agencies had arrested Afghan Taliban's deputy Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and after his arrest, about nine others militants - eight of whom are foreigners - were arrested from different parts of the city during the night in separate raids.
According to reports, some other militants were also arrested during various raids in different parts of the city, but their arrests have not been disclosed.

[Description of Source: Lahore Daily Times Online in English -- Website of the independent, moderate daily, run by Media Times (Private) Ltd., owned by Salman Taseer, the incumbent governor of Punjab province. Veteran journalist Najam Sethi is the editor-in-chief. The same group owns and publishes weekly newspaper The Friday Times and Urdu daily Aaj Kal. Strong critic of radical and jihadi elements. Provides extensive coverage of activities of jihadi/militant groups. Caters to the educated middle class, with an estimated circulation of 20,000.; URL: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk]

Pakistan: Members of Haqqani Network Snatch 2 Government Vehicles in Karachi
SAP20100225100008 Islamabad Aaj Kal in Urdu 24 Feb 10 p 12
["Member of Haqqani Network, Two Agents of RAW Nabbed" -- NNI headline]
Karachi -- Sensitive agency, acting on secret information, raided a flat in Clifton area and arrested Amanullah Mehsud, an important member of Jalaluddin Haqqani network. After the operation launched against the Taliban in Afghanistan, Amanullah Mehsud had escaped and had arrived in Karachi and had set up his network in Karachi. He had also established contacts with other Taliban members; however, police have not confirmed his arrest.
Unidentified suspects stole an official jeep bearing registration number GS-4149 of the Health Department from an area near Mumtaz Squire. Armed men snatched a Water and Power Development Authority double cabin official vehicle bearing registration number GP-8342 near Ghausia Mosque in north Nazimabad. The armed men escaped after snatching the vehicle.
Police have registered the first information report. Fearing that the vehicle could be used for terrorism, the police have sealed all entry and exit points of the city.
Sensitive agency has arrested two people, including a woman, from the border area of Narang Mandi. It is assumed that these two are the agents of India's secret agency Research and Analysis Wing [RAW] and are involved in subversive activities in Pakistan. The woman was arrested in Mandiali area and the bearded man was nabbed in Mohalla Muzaffarabad.

[Description of Source: Islamabad Aaj Kal in Urdu -- Newspaper published by Media Times (Private) Ltd., which also publishes the independent moderate newspaper Daily Times in English. The paper provides exhaustive coverage of terrorism issues. Editorials strongly oppose religious extremism and Talibanization. In 2008 the paper received threats from the Red Mosque activists for its criticism of Islamic extremism and militancy. The Taliban in Khyber Agency had imposed a ban on sale of Aaj Kal for some time. Salman Taseer, the incumbent governor of Punjab province, is publisher/owner of Aaj Kal and Daily Times. Aaj Kal is published simultaneously from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.]

Pakistan: Intel Reportedly Arrests Terrorist Wanted by US in Karachi
SAP20100225105012 Islamabad Khabrain in Urdu 24 Feb 10 pp 4, 8
["Haqqani Network Commander Ammanullah Mehsud Arrested from Karachi" -- GNI headline]
Karachi -- Haqqani network's commander Amanullah Mehsud was arrested from Clifton area of Karachi. According to sources, intelligence agencies of Sind and the federal government took action for Maulvi Ammanullah Mehsud's arrest from an apartment. Amanullah Mehsud is on the US list of 10 most wanted fugitives. The United States has been claiming Mehsud's death for the past two years.
According to the US claim, Amanullah Mehsud was killed two years ago in a drone attack at Jalaluddin Haqqani's seminary in North Waziristan.
The accused was hiding with the apartment's watchman at the time of the arrest. Amanullah Mehsud is a top commander in Jalaluddin Haqqani's network. He is third in rank among the top 10 commanders of this network.

[Description of Source: Islamabad Khabrain in Urdu  News, a sensationalist daily, published by Liberty Papers Ltd., generally critical of Pakistan People's Party; known for its access to government and military sources of information. The same group owns The Post in English, Naya Akhbar in Urdu and Channel 5 TV. Circulation of 30,000]

Indian News Website Report Provides 'Insight' Into Haqqani Network
SAP20100311378014 Mumbai rediff.com in English 22 Feb 10 - 11 Mar 10
[Report by Tahir Ali: "Haqqani Network: Chasing the Shadows"]
The Haqqani Network -- the 'good Taliban' for Pakistan and the 'bad Taliban' for the Americans and its allies -- is considered to be one of the most dangerous terror organisations in the world. Tahir Ali gives an insight:
The Haqqani network, having more than 12,000 well-trained fighters, including a good number of suicide bombers, is well equipped with sophisticated weapons of guerilla warfare.
Previously the headquarters of the Haqqani network was located at Dande Darpakhel village in North Waziristan agency, but after a series of US drone attacks, it has been moved to some other part of the agency.
The Haqqani network is very strong in Khost, Paktika, Paktia, Logar and Ghazni provinces of Afghanistan, while in Pakistan, North Waziristan is considered to be its stronghold.
Apart from North Waziristan, the network also has many militants in South Waziristan, Bajuar, Mehmand, Kurram and some of the settled areas like Bannu, Lakki Marwat and Tank of Pakistan.
The head of the Haqqani Network is Maulavi Jalaluddin Haqqani. The veteran jihadist, in his early 60s, belongs to Zadran tribe that lives on both sides of the Durand line and is included in Taliban main shura.
He has married twice; one of his wives belonged to Zadran tribe in Khost, who was killed in September 2008 in a US drone attack, while his second wife is an Arab woman.
During the same attack where his wife was killed, Haqqani also lost his sister, sister-in-law and eight of his grandchildren. Haqqani has 13 sons, out of which one Mohammed was killed during a US drone attack in North Waziristan on February 19.
In July 2008, Muhammad Omer Haqqani, his other son, was also killed during fighting at Satto Kandao area in Paktika province. Amongst his 11 remaining sons, Sirajuddin Haqqani, known as Khalifa, is more popular amongst the militants while Badruddin, Naseeruddin and Baseeruddin are commanders at a lower level.
Maulvi Jalaluddin rose to prominence during Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. He remained affiliated with Maulvi Yunas Khales Hezb-e Islami and fought the Soviets in Paktia and Paktika provinces.
The defeat of communist's forces in Khost in early nineties is considered to be a 'big success' in his career as jihadi. During this period he became close to the Arab Mujahedeen and developed good relations with Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden [Usama Bin Ladin] as well.
Jalaluddin Haqqani is popular in North Waziristan, as he has spent a good period of his life in Dandi Darpakhel village, where he also established a seminary in 1980. Almost all students of this Madrassa are staunch followers of Haqqani.
In 1995, when the Taliban captured Kabul, Haqqani was initially not affiliated with them. But soon he joined them and became minister for tribal affairs in the Mullah Omar [ Images ] regime.
After the 9/11 attacks when the US toppled the Taliban regime, Haqqani went into hiding in the border areas of Pakistan-Afghanistan and started preparations for fighting against the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Orgnaistaion forces; very soon he emerged as the most dangerous enemy for the coalition forces.
Omar appointed him as commander-in-chief of the Taliban armed forces, as it was time that Al Qaeda was on the run. Haqqani not only provided shelter to the Arabs and foreigners on both sides of the border, but also presented Al Qaeda with an opportunity to regroup in areas in his control .
Though Dadullah Lung, a dreaded Taliban commander, introduced the training and indoctrination of suicide bombers in Afghanistan, but it was Haqqani network which further promoted the trend in the country.
Jalaluddin Haqqani appeared in propaganda movies of the Taliban and talked about jihad and suicide bombing. The Haqqani group specialises in suicide car bombings.
Though the network is behind a large number of attacks in Afghanistan, but two major attacks that go to the group's account is attack on the Indian embassy and a five-star hotel in Kabul.
Jalaluddin Haqqani is old now, so the operational command of the network is in the hands of his elder son Sirajuddin Haqqani.
Sirajuddin, 33, studied at his father's seminary in Dandi Darpakhel Waziristan. Sirajuddin is considered to be a skilled militant commander -- he is included in the list of most wanted people by the US.
After Sirajuddin Haqqani, another important commander of the Haqqani network is Maulvi Sangeen Zadran. Currently he is the operational head of Taliban fighters in Khost, Paktia and Paktika provinces of Afghanistan; but also has good relations with the Pakistani Taliban -- both with the Tehrike Taliban Pakistan and Hafiz Gul Bahadar, the head of all Taliban in North Waziristan.
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