Taleban Government Appoints Two New Ministers

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"I believe that all these ferocious campaigns against the mujahidin in the Islamic State of Iraq are staged because these mujahidin are deeply committed to righteousness and the Prophet's teachings, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, quoting Waraqah Bin-Nufal when he told the Prophet that 'no man has ever brought what the Prophet has brought, without being antagonized.' Amir Abu-Umar [al-Baghdadi] and his brothers are not of those who would bargain over their faith and accept half-solutions, or who would meet the enemies halfway. Rather, they come out openly with the truth and satisfy the Creator even if this were to result in angering the creatures. They do not heed the blames of others against them as long as they do their deeds for the sake of God. They refused to take by surprise, without exceptions, the governments of any of the Muslim world capitals. They refrained from being subjects to polytheists, because they were aware that religion is for God Almighty, Who supports whoever He wants of his slaves. He does not support the polytheists in order to strengthen His religion. Tyrant and polytheist rulers cannot strengthen the religion. What proves this is the Prophet's hadith, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, when he said: 'O boy, I am teaching you that you should worship God in order to keep yourself safe and that He would always be on your side. If you want to ask, ask God, and if you want to call for help, call for God's help; and know well that if the Ummah would do something good for you, it cannot do anything other than what God has written for you. If the Ummah would cause you harm, it cannot do anything other than what God has written against you.' This was narrated by Imam Ahmad.
"Had the leaders of the Islamic State of Iraq joined hands with any neighboring state so that the latter may provide it with backing and support, as some groups and parties have done, the situation would have been different. This is because they have budgets of 10 or 100 millions and their bounty is guarded by their spears. Had they known, this would be the best bounty, but they have lost their decisioinmaking and independence because they depend on the support of other countries. If the United States and its agent rulers exert pressure on the supporting state, the pressure would directly move on to the secretary of the party or amir of the group. The people have openly witnessed this thing happening in Lebanon. Following the resounding speeches about pride and dignity and about Palestine and its support, and following [Hizballah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah's] challenge that the entire world cannot impose its will on him, Resolution 1701 was accepted, which was adopted by the United Nation, the US tool. The core of this resolution is the entry of Crusader armies into Lebanese territory. Are people unaware that these armies are the other face of the US-Zionist alliance? Nonetheless, [Hizballah] Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah is deceiving people. He welcomed these armies in public and promised to facilitate their mission even though he knows that they were coming to protect the Jews and seal off the borders in the face of the honest mujahidin. He did so to accommodate the wishes of the states that are backing him - those states that possess honorable and decent money, about which he talked previously. Why then should [former Egyptian President Anwar] Al-Sadat and [late Jordanian King] Husayn Bin-Talal be considered traitors for accepting treaties that stipulate the closure of borders before the mujahidin to carry out operations against the Jews? On the other hand, why should the Hizballah secretary general be honored for accepting a similar resolution? How would the people understand Hizballah's accusation of the Lebanese deputies' majority of being agents for the United States, although they certainly are? Furthermore, how Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim, who collaborated with America to invade Iraq and prohibited the people from fighting it, has been described as a martyr hero by the Hizballah secretary general? Isn't it real hypocrisy? Another type of this category of people is those who force their army personnel to take six-month renewable vacations when they are pressured by their financing and backing state. Has anybody in this world ever heard that an army takes vacation while the enemy is deployed in its country? This is part of the characteristics of those who make their decisionmaking dependent on financing states.
"If we want to elaborate on this issue, it will take us too long. However, free Muslims, like Amir Abu-Umar al-Baghdadi and his brothers, find it easier for them to sacrifice their lives than place jihad for the sake of God in the hands of any ruler or ally with such rulers against their Ummah. Many people are unaware of the background and conduct of the amirs of the mujahidin in Iraq because of the circumstances and security requirements of the war. However, I reckon that ignorance about the affairs of the amirs of the mujahidin in Iraq is harmless ignorance if they have been recommended by trusted, fair persons, such as Amir Abu-Umar [al-Baghdadi], who has been recommended by trusted, fair mujahidin. He was also recommended by Amir Abu-Mus'ab [al-Zarqawi], may God have mercy on him, and War Minister Abu-Hamzah al-Muhajir, who all were recommended for their patience and steadfastness under the thunderbolts of air raids in the Hindu Kosh Mountains. They are well known by your brothers in Afghanistan, and I trust God that they are as such. Refraining from pledging allegiance to one of the amirs of mujahidin in Iraq after their recommendation by trusted, fair persons under the pretext of not knowing their conduct leads to great evils, one of the gravest of which is obstructing the establishment of the great Muslim nation under one imam, which is a nullifier.
"In conclusion, I assure Muslims in general and our people in the neighboring states in particular, that they will see nothing from the mujahidin but all that is good, God willing. We are your sons. We are defending the religion of the nation, and we are defending its sons. The Muslim victims who fall during the operations against the infidel Crusaders or their usurper agents are not the intended targets. God knows that we are deeply saddened when some Muslims fall victim. Yet, we hold ourselves responsible and seek God's forgiveness for that. We beseech God to have mercy on them and let Paradise be their final abode and to compensate their families and relatives. You must be aware that the enemy deliberately takes its positions among the Muslims to let them serve as human shields for it. I would like to emphasize to our mujahidin brothers to be cautious not to expand in taking unilateral stands and to be keen about their operations in terms of targeting the enemy within legitimized discipline and far away from Muslims as much as they can without hampering jihad for the sake of God.
"In fact, our enmity is with the agent rulers, to whom we give no assurances. Rather, we are seeking to topple them and to refer them to the Islamic judiciary. How can we assure them while they have befriended the enemies of the nation and have done this nation great harm? How can we assure them while they have mixed the law of humans with the law of God Almighty? How can we assure them while the path to the broadest front for the liberation of Palestine passes through the lands that are under their control? I assure our kinfolk in Palestine in particular that we will expand our jihad, God willing, and we will not recognize the Sykes-Picot borders or the rulers appointed by the colonialists. By God, we have not forgotten you after the 9/11 events. Will anyone forget his own family? However, after those blessed raids, which hit the head and heart of global infidelity, the biggest ally of the Zionist entity, America, we are now busy fighting it and its agents, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, Islamic Magreb, and Somalia. If it is defeated along with its agents in Iraq, God willing, then soon will the legions of mujahidin march, in successive brigades, from Baghdad, Al-Anbar, Mosul, Diyala, and Salah al-Din to restore Hittin to us, God willing. We will not recognize a state for the Jews, not even on one inch of the land of Palestine, as did all the rulers of the Arabs when they adopted the initiative of the ruler of Riyadh years ago.
"They were not sufficed by committing this great calamity, but the people have recently witnessed the sponsor of the subdued being dragged to Annapolis to exercise on them what the Americans did to her ancestors before; but not to be sold, rather to sell. What are the things they are selling? They are selling Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the blood of the martyrs. There is neither power nor strength except from God, Whom we pray to give them what they deserve. Thus, the people have become surer now of who are the trustworthy and who the traitors are, and also who are the ones that are being toyed with by the Zionists' hands. [Bin Ladin cites two lines of poetry that focus on anguish by the fall of Jerusalem and emphasize betrayal of God by states, not individuals.] Nor will we respect the international conventions recognizing the Zionist entity over the land of Palestine, as the HAMAS leadership did, or as stated by some Muslim Brotherhood leaders. It will be a jihad for the liberation of entire Palestine, from the river to the sea, God willing, joining hands with the sincere mujahidin there from the cadres of HAMAS and other factions, who denounced their leaders for deviating from righteousness. Blood calls for more blood and demolishing calls for further demolishing. I will repeat my swearing by saying: 'By God, we will support you even if we creep on our knees or taste what Hamzah Bin-Abd-al-Muttalib tasted, may God be pleased with him.'
"Finally, I would like to remind my precious Islamic Ummah by saying: O people, you have gained many experiences in the events that passed, so stop the passing of time and playing. Listen, realize, wake up, and take the lessons because the issue is enormous and grave. Where would you go, and what do you expect? The heat of the battle is increasing and it is only a little that separates you from what has been plotted against you. Our only rescue is by responding to God Almighty's orders and avoiding His prohibitions. Among His greatest orders is performing jihad for His sake in order to overcome the overt evil and subdue the covert one. Slaves of God, pay your debts and rush to perform your duties, particularly in the fields of jihad where your brothers have opened the road and secured the needs, taking into account that yourselves, honor, land, money, and whatever you possess are threatened, topped by the threats against your religion. [Bin Ladin cites two lines of poetry stressing that money cannot redeem religion.] The issue is serious, not ludicrous, and it was said before that 'I was eaten when the white ox was eaten.' Today is Baghdad, and tomorrow will be Damascus, Amman, and Riyadh. Fear God like His trusted people, and do not heed the blames of others for fearing Him. Your mujahidin brothers need little money for the ammunition and weapons by which they fight for God's sake - amounts which one merchant among you can afford that will lead, God willing, to defeating the head of the global infidelity. Until when will you continue to fear America and its agents? Don't you have a daring merchant who will free himself from submission and the cuffs of slavery and who will remember death and poverty so that he will prepare himself for the day when he meets God? The person was born without money and will leave this world without it. He should fear God and mange his days and money in a manner that benefit him in the other life; run his affairs with confidentiality; and use our prophet as a model.
"He disappeared from Quraysh in a cave and migrated secretly to Al-Ansar, may God be pleased with them. He makes his security preparations and he immigrates when the situation requires, remembering the reward that he will get and his active efforts in support of religion, and in rescuing the Ummah of Muhammad the Trustworthy, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, at a time enemies have gathered around it from all places. What a trust and honor have been bestowed by God on him, similarly as He did to Uthman, may God be pleased with him, when he solely equipped an army to fight the Romans. Prophet Muhammad, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, said at the time that Uthman would not be harmed after what he had done that day.
"God Almighty says: 'And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for Allah loveth those who do good.' [Koranic verse; Al-Baqara 2:195] He also says: 'Not equal among you are those who spent (freely) and fought, before the Victory, (with those who did so later). Those are higher in rank than those who spent (freely) and fought afterwards. But to all has Allah promised a goodly (reward). And Allah is well acquainted with all that ye do.' [Koranic verse; Al-Hadid 57:10] It was said that one should behave like the generous if he cannot be one of them, because it is a good thing to do.
"The support of true mujahidin, particularly in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Islamic Maghreb, and Somalia is the main project for the entire Ummah and its first line of defense against all its enemies who harbor ambitions on it and by which it will find its righteous course in its earthly world and religion. Through this support, the Ummah will achieve its pride and safety as well as its security in all fields. Yes, they are the fields of your military, social, food, and economic security so that your oil and wealth will be preserved as well as your money, which is being robbed from you because of its unjust linkage to the dollar. The support of Mujahidin is the project of the entire Ummah for the sake of liberating all Palestine, which would make the Al-Aqsa Mosque smile and would free female and male prisoners, God willing. Believers will then rejoice God's victory. God is triumphant, but the majority of people do not know. My last prayer is to thank God."

Asia Times: 'Pakistan Wrestles With a Soldier of Peace'

CPP20080110721011 Hong Kong Asia Times Online WWW-Text in English 1018 GMT 10 Jan 08
[Report by Imtiaz Ali : "Pakistan Wrestles With a 'Soldier of Peace' "; headline as provided by source]
Baitullah Mehsud, the most feared and dangerous militant commander in Pakistan's tribal region, has not only become the public face of militancy in the country, but is now also openly posing a serious threat to the US's efforts to bring stability to neighboring war-torn Afghanistan.
Mehsud leads the recently formed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (Taliban Movement of Pakistan), a joint group of various local Taliban outfits sharing the common objectives of implementing sharia (Islamic law) and waging jihad against US-led forces in Afghanistan.
Mehsud - who is suspected of having close ties with al-Qaeda - has been in the headlines of local newspapers for more than three years because of his prominent role in spearheading the insurgency against Pakistan's armed forces, who are currently hunting al-Qaeda and Taliban militants in the tribal areas.
Lately, Mehsud has become a menacing presence in Pakistan due to the widespread belief of his involvement in the deadly wave of suicide bombings - mostly targeted against security forces - that has shaken the whole nation. A United Nations report released in September last year blamed Mehsud for almost 80% of suicide bombings in Afghanistan.
According to some reports, Mehsud has compiled his own hit list of political leaders and high-profile government officials, and has formed special squads for carrying out such terrorist acts.
Already a household name in Pakistan, Mehsud rose to global notoriety two weeks ago when officials named him as the prime suspect and alleged mastermind behind the killing of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, which was the most high-profile political assassination in the recent history of the country.
Pakistani authorities have released the text of a Pashto-language telephone conversation allegedly intercepted by Pakistan's Interior Ministry, in which Mehsud congratulates "brave boys" for accomplishing a "mission", which - according to officials - refers to the assassination of Bhutto.
At 34 years old, Mehsud is a warlord based in the restive South Waziristan tribal agency and is said to be much revered by militants on both sides of the Pakistani-Afghan border. Locals say that he has more than 20,000 fighters, mostly from his Mehsud clan. Officials as well as his aides claim that he also has hundreds of trained fidayeen (men of sacrifice) ready to lay down their lives as suicide bombers upon his instructions.
According to his aides, Mehsud has taken an oath of allegiance to the Taliban supreme leader, Mullah Omar. Apart from sharing the same ideologies on sharia and jihad, Mehsud also shares with his spiritual leader an aversion to publicity and photographs. As a guerrilla fighter, Mehsud sharpened his skills under the guidance of legendary Pashtun commander Maulana Jalaluddin Haqqani, who is widely believed to have helped Osama bin Laden escape targeted bombing by the US in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan in early 2002.
Known as amir (commander) among his followers, Mehsud was an unknown figure on the tribal scene until late 2004, when he filled the vacuum left by the famous tribal militant leader, Nek Muhammad Wazir, who was killed in a missile attack in June 2004. In February 2005, the Pakistani government brokered a deal with Mehsud in a bid to bring normalcy and peace to violence-stricken South Waziristan.
In return for amnesty, Mehsud promised not to attack security posts or cross into Afghanistan for jihad, but backed out of the deal in late August 2007 following the Red Mosque military operation in Islamabad. Local journalists from Waziristan say that the so-called peace deal raised his stature and allowed him to further strengthen his support base.
As a result, the government's writ is confined to the compounds of its security forces while gun-brandishing fighters control the countryside in the South Waziristan agency. Mehsud had his moment of glory when the government conceded to his demand to free militant prisoners in return for releasing more than 250 Pakistan i soldiers, seized by his fighters and held hostage for two and half months. Among the released militants were presumably a number of would-be suicide bombers.
The rising popularity of this young and committed jihadi on both sides of the border has made him a bridge linking the Pakistani Taliban with the Afghan Taliban on the other side of the frontier. Many believe that Mehsud has already been involved in the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan by dispatching his men to fight against the US-led coalition forces. A close aide of Mehsud, Hakimullah Mehsud, was captured by North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces in the border region while trying to cross into Afghanistan with five foreign fighters.
Once described as a "soldier of peace" by a top Pakistani military general, Mehsud is now not only defying Islamabad, but has emerged as a major irritant in the global "war on terror". Some of the latest reports from the frontier may be right in citing him as the new triggerman for al-Qaeda in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan - an area which carries immense strategic importance for the terrorist network.
Imtiaz Ali is a Pakistan-based journalist working as a special correspondent for the Washington Post.

[Description of Source: Hong Kong Asia Times Online WWW-Text in English - - Hong Kong-based online newspaper with a Bangkok branch office focusing on political and economic issues from an "Asian perspective," with over 50 contributors in 17 Asian countries, the United States, and Europe. Successor of the Hong Kong/Bangkok based print daily Asia Times that closed in 1997, it claims an average of 100,000 daily site visitors as of Feb 2006, with 65% of the audience based in North America, and 22% in the Asia-Pacific region. Root URL on filing date: http://www.atimes.com]

Pakistan Police Claim Arresting Al-Qa'ida Terrorists in Guise of Defunct Outfits
SAP20080120101001 Islamabad The News (Internet Version-WWW) in English 20 Jan 08
[Report by Salis bin Perwaiz: "Plot to bomb Muharram processions foiled"]
[Text disseminated as received without OSC editorial intervention]
KARACHI: The intelligence agencies and the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Sindh Police have nabbed eight terrorists allegedly affiliated with al-Qaeda after a grand operation in the province. A huge quantity of C-4 explosive material and other items used in launching suicide attacks was recovered from their possession.
Five suspects were arrested in Karachi, while three were rounded up in Hyderabad, the sources said.
The sources said eight al-Qaeda militants were arrested by the CID in active collaboration with the intelligence agencies on Friday night. The militants planned to attack the main mourning processions in Karachi on the ninth and tenth of Muharram as well as military installations in the city.
Intelligence sources said the plan of staging suicide attacks was prepared by al-Qaeda but it had assigned the task to several banned militant outfits, including Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Karachi, Harkat-ul-Jihad Islami, Azad Kashmir and Multan and Jaish-i-Mohammad.
The sources added al-Qaeda did it to deceive the intelligence agencies that were mainly concentrating on the major al-Qaeda affiliated outfits like Lashkar-i-Jhangvi and the local Taliban-led maverick Baitullah Mehsud who is accused of masterminding the assassination of ex-premier Benazir Bhutto at Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi. However, the intelligence sleuths got wind of the plan and moved quickly to thwart it.
The police recovered 500 grams of cyanide from the possession of the arrested militants. Sources revealed that the said militant outfits had planned to mix the deadly cyanide poison in Sabeels established for the mourners. This could have resulted in huge fatalities to the mourners had the plan been implemented. Experts believe that a single drop of cyanide can cause death within a few seconds.
Provincial Police Officer Sindh Azhar Ali Farooqi told the media on Saturday that five terrorists belonging to various outlawed outfits, including a suspected suicide bomber, having links with banned outfits, were nabbed from North Karachi, foiling a big terrorist plot.
Farooqi said they had leads about entry of terrorists and surveillance was being maintained in the city. He added that Jamil Ahmed alias Wazir Akber -- a terrorist hailing from Multan -- had some months back rented a house in North Karachi to be used as a hideout for terrorist activities and store weapons and explosives with the help of his local associate, Syed Wasim Ahmed alias Imran.
A few days before Eid-ul-Azha, Jamil alias Wazir allegedly brought explosives, hand grenades and suicide jackets from southern Punjab and stored them in their New Karachi hideout.
On Jan 11, suspected gang leader Mohammed Aijaz alias Abdul Rehman along with his close associate Mohammed Hamid alias Qasim and suspected suicide bomber Aziz Ahmed alias Mohammed Khan -- a resident of Lodhran -- arrived in the city, he said. Farooqi added after surveillance, the CID and intelligence agency personnel arrested the terrorists after an encounter, who were on a mission to commit terrorist strike.
The arrested suspects include Syed Mohammed Nasim alias Imran (affiliated to banned outfit Harkatul Mujahideen, Karachi), Mohammed Ejaz alias Abdur Rehman (associated with Harkatul Jihad outfit based in Bhimbhar, Azad Kashmir), Jamil Ahmed alias Wazir Akbar (working for Multan-based Harkat-ul-Jihad-ul Islami outfit), suicide bomber Aziz Ahmed alias Mohammed Khan (associated with Lodhran-based Jaish-e-Mohammed outfit), and Mohammed Hamid alias Qasim (a militant of Harkat-ul-Jihad-ul-Islami).
Six-kilogrammes of C-4 explosives, suicide bomb blast jackets, three home-made bombs, six detonators, 15 metres of detonating wire, 500 grams of cyanide, sodium cyanide, frequency generator used for remote control, two TT pistols with 20 rounds, two kilogrammes of ball bearings and one kilogramme of nails were recovered from their possession, he added.
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