Taleban Government Appoints Two New Ministers

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"Amir Ahmad al-Khalayilah, Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, may God have mercy on him and on his brothers, was the first to hoist the banner of exposing these criminals, fighting them, and stopping their expansion. Instead of supporting them you have betrayed them, prevented the mujahidin from fighting them, and divided fighting into two parts; fighting the Americans only is an honest resistance, but for you, fighting these apostate militias and members of the army and the police, who are the supporters of America and its tools in occupying Iraq and killing its free people is a dishonest resistance of whose advocates you wash your hands of. God has nothing to do with these divisions. God's Messenger, may God's peace and blessing be upon him, used to fight his cousins from Quraysh [the tribe of the prophet]. It is religion that preserves blood, not race or homeland. Scores of your companions, of those loyal to and the unofficial scholars of the rulers in the land of the two holy mosques and elsewhere have shared you this twisted approach. This has given a great chance to these militias to go too far in destroying the land and killing the people.
"You wish to save your life but you have not followed the right path to do so, the ship cannot sail on land. [Verse of poetry]
"Furthermore, if it was your concern about deterring the evil of these sides that urged you to be loyal to the infidels and the apostate governments, then was it not your duty to be frank with your brothers who trusted you and obeyed you in order to establish an Islamic state? Was it not your duty to inform them that you have failed to achieve the agreed-upon goal and accepted a national unity state, whose truth is a pagan unity state in which the exalted word is not for Almighty God, but for the homeland and its priest? I call on the misguided ones to fear God in themselves and in their nation, not to waste the fruit of this chaste and pure blood that was shed for the sake of consolidating religion and entrenching the state of Muslims, and to resort to the truth, especially since resorting to the truth is better than indulging in falsehood.
"Brother mujahidin: What is our duty to foil these serious plots, which seek to foil jihad in the land of Iraq and prevent the establishment of an Islamic state on the entire land of the two rivers to serve as support for and assistance to the people of Islam everywhere, foil America's plan to partition Iraq, and serve as the first line of defense for our nation? I say and stress that one of the greatest duties is to pool the efforts of all honest mujahidin to be able to stand as one rank and to fight for the sake of upholding the word of God and to work persistently to foil all their plots. It would be useful here to recall an effort in the past to unify the leaders of Afghan mujahidin, which incl udes important lessons that are related to our topic. We had made these efforts with Shaykh Abdallah Azzam, may God have mercy on him. After months of seeking to achieve unity among them and removing the obstacles that some of them used to claim that they obstruct unity, after removing these obstacles, and after they claim that there was another obstacle, and so on and so forth until we had reached the conclusion, which Shaykh Abdallah [Azzam], may God have mercy on him, summarized in a few words to explain how difficult the mission was and how the amirs [leaders of jihad] were attached to the emirate. He said: 'Will the ruler of Riyadh abdicate in favor of the ruler of Jordan or vice versa for the sake of the nation's unity?' The answer of the brothers was that this is not possible. He said: 'And so, [Abdul Rasul] Sayyaf will not abdicate in favor of [former Afghan President Burhanuddin] Rabbani or [Islamic Party Leader Gulbuddin] Hekmatyar and vice versa.' One of the mujahidin had a strong opinion about these leaders. He was an old wise person who had a long experience in life with people. At the time, we used to reject his strong-worded statement about them. I will try to convey to you some of what he said. The conclusion is that those leaders are tradesmen who care about their leadership and give priority to their personal interests over the cause. We used not to believe what he said about them. This has delayed our realization of the sound conception of persons and events. The harmful consequences of this are no secret. With the passage of days and succession of facts, things began to become clear and to prove what he said about some of them. In fact, developments have come to confirm things that we had never expected due to the fact that we were young and lacked experience at the time. Today, however, you have learned that the Northern Alliance, led by Rabbani and Sayyaf, became supporters for America against the mujahidin in Afghanistan.
"The same thing applies to Iraq today. The Islamic Party and some fighting groups support America against Muslims. This is a clear infidelity and an open apostasy. We seek strength from Almighty God. Members of the Islamic Party and those fighting factions should disavow their leaders and correct the course of their parties and groups. If this is not possible, they should leave those hypocrite leaders and join honest mujahidin in the Land of the Two Rivers. America exerted great efforts in the past to convince Afghan leaders through the governments of Riyadh and Islamabad to join a national unity government with communists and secularists who came from the west. The government of Riyadh sought the help of its men of the unofficial scholars to infiltrate the ranks of the mujahidin. These were influential speakers who incite the people to perform jihad and collect huge funds to the leaders of the mujahidin. On the set time, they asked the Afghan leaders to unite with the communists and secularists under the so-called national unity state. At this point, their true nature was exposed to the effect that they are evil scholars and men of the tyrant. They obstructed the plan to achieve unity among the leaders of the mujahidin when they tempted one of them with a big amount of money and promised him to be the president of Afghanistan. However, they have not fulfilled their promise, but for the sake of this promise of the chair of president he procrastinated with us for a long time on the issue of unity. Eventually, it became clear to us that he had mortgaged his decision with the Riyadh intelligence chief, who personally arrived in Peshawar to follow up on the issue in cooperation with the Pakistani intelligence. His envoys to this leader were two well-known of the unofficial scholars, taking into consideration that most of the leaders had agreed on this as a result of the pressures exerted by Riyadh and Islamabad. At this point, efforts were made to foil this issue. We do not have much time here for more details. So, the current situation is similar to the past one. The governme nt of Riyadh continues until this day to carry out the same malicious roles with many Islamic action leaders and commanders of mujahidin in our nation. God suffices us against them.
"Among the reasons behind the Afghan leaders' failure to achieve unity is that the decision to achieve unity was in their hand. So, it is difficult for many people to appreciate the interests of jihad and the nation if they are parties to that equation. Thus, the leader or the amir will then mix the personal with the public and believe that he and his party are the best to lead all the mujahidin groups in support of the religion. In light of this, he will cling further to the emirate and exaggerate the mistakes of the other sides of the leaders and the parties. Furthermore, he does not see his own mistakes or those of his party. In such a case, he will be the defendant and the judge at the same time. So, he cannot pass a sentence against himself to quit the emirate and abdicate in favor of another amir on whom most of Muslims might be unanimous. Their case in this tragedy is like the case of the kings and presidents in our countries. When examining their objections and excuses it becomes clear that they are baseless due to delaying unity and most of them revolve around issues to improve the emirate. However, their insistence on this has led to wasting necessitates, the most important of which are the religion, the soul, and honor. Infidelity has emerged in Kabul, corruption has prevailed, roads were cut off, blood was shed, honor was violated, money was plundered, and the mujahidin became weak. The exalted word was really for former President Najib [Mohammad Najibullah] while leaders of the parties were misleading members of their parties into believing that they are the rulers of Kabul and that they will establish the shari'ah of Islam. Many members of their parties used to accept these lies. However, a number of the honest ones refused to sell their religion in return for worthless worldly things. They also refused to cancel their brains or to be driven like cattle. Everyone of the brother mujahidin should examine things, use his brain and not cancel it, and distinguish between his good intention about the leaders and being intelligent and smart who weighs things and men with the scale of Islam. He should not be an opinionated person who follows his leaders blindly. Those who remained with the leaders in Kabul, like Sayyaf and Rabbani, supporting them against Muslims after all that happened, have backed the infidels against Muslims. This is one of the nullifiers of religion. Their good intention about their leaders is not an excuse for them. They have to watch their hearts, should disavow polytheism and polytheists, and embrace Islam once again, for how many people were misguided from the right path as a result of their fanaticism to their leaders and seniors aimlessly? They should consider God's saying: 'Our Lord! We obeyed our chiefs and our great ones, and they misled us as to the right path.' [Koranic verse, Al-Ahzab (The Confederates), 33:67)
"Among the lessons also is that the brothers should not be deceived by the names of the parties or their leaders. Sayyaf was one of the most prominent leaders of the mujahidin. He was very well-known. The name of his party was the Islamic Unity Party. However, he later helped America against Muslims. This is clear infidelity. The same thing applies to Rabbani, whose party is the Islamic Afghan Association. This is also the case of Ahmed Shah Masoud, who went to the Crusaders in Europe, offering himself openly as a tool to topple the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Some misled ones claim that he is a martyr. Although some of the Afghan leaders made mistakes, praise be to God, others remained firm, honest, and sincere. This is what we believe and God is their judge. Among these were Shaykh Yunis Khalis [leader of the Islamic Party-Khalis], may God have mercy on him, and Shaykh Jalaluddin Haqqani, may God watch over him. They both issued fatwa [formal religious ruling] on the necessity to perform jihad against the American invasion of Afghanistan and contributed to it. The whole world has never seen the sincerity and firmness of mujahid amir, Mulla Mohammad Omar, in fighting the alliance of global infidelity and in refusing to submit to them for this will make him lose the trust. He refused to abandon the shari'ah or extradite those who sought his support of the muhajirin [immigrant] Arabs because they are his brothers in religion even if the emirate and its chair disappear. These are great positions that show great men. This is what we believe and God is their judge. There is a great difference between the position of a Muslim ruler and the positions of the hypocrite rulers who cooperated with America in the global war against Islam. The first sacrificed his rule for the sake of his religion, and the others are sacrificing their religion for their rule. The difference between them is the same difference between faith and infidelity. There is a great difference between the positions of the faithful men and the positions of the hypocrites who look like men.
"Some people might say that some of the leaders of jihad in Afghanistan, who made mistakes, had a precedent because they had hoisted the flag of jihad at an early time against the Russians, and so, we should give them the excuse. However, I say that we should distinguish between the mistake that should be corrected for those who possess good qualities and the crossing of hudud [boundaries], which should be applied to everyone. The woman who stole during the time of the prophet, may God's peace and blessing be upon him, had a precedent in Islam and hegira. Despite this, she was punished in order to save the nation from the way of perdition. So, one should think of this. I have mentioned these leaders out of this, for they have committed one of the nullifiers of Islam, which is helping the infidels against Muslims. The approach of appeasing masters and leaders is common among many Muslims. This is why the advocates of this approach have deviated from the right path. It was said that 'the wound will open again later if it is not treated well.' [Verse of poetry] We should beware this. Applying hudud [punishment for committing a sin] is a religious duty through which the one who commits it can be cleansed and the Muslim society can become pure. Otherwise, this will be the road to perdition. The prophet, may God's peace and blessing be upon him, said: 'The thing that ruined peoples before you was that if a dignitary steals they will not punish him and if a weak person steals they will punish him. By God, if Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad, steals, I will amputate her hand.' The conclusion on this issue is that the brother mujahidin, especially in the shura councils, should not yield to the excuses of the amirs of groups by obstructing unity and accord. They might have real excuses, but they should not prevent the achievement of unity and adherence to the rope of God. The wise and intelligent ones should not insist on clinging to the branch even this will lead to the loss of the origin, especially since everyone will be lost. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn-Taymiyah, may God have mercy on him, said: 'When people abandon some of what God ordered them to do, enmity and hatred will spread among them, and if the people become disunited they will become corrupt and vanish, and if they are united, they will be good and have mastery. Unity is mercy and disunity is torture.' So, how would the case be at a time when you see parties, factions, and committees, which include great preachers who are affiliated withy our nation, are being tempted and fall at the doors of the rulers of Najd [Saudi Arabia]? One of the reasons for this is the delay of unity. Some amirs might have a hidden desire for the emirate, which is the real reason that prevents unity. We should not have fanatical enthusiasm about men, parties, or groups, but about the truth. We should help the one who adheres to the truth and if he orders us we will obey him.
"We will correct the one who deviat es from the right path and order him to adhere to the truth, for the most truthful thing is to adhere to the truth. One should follow the example of those who died of the exemplary ones. A living person cannot be saved from temptation. Know the truth and you will know its advocates. The truth is not known by men but men are known by the truth. Here, we should mention the people who were the first on the issue of unity and accord due to the credit they deserve. Muslims were pleased when a number of the amirs of groups, which are fighting for the sake of God, and a number of chiefs of steadfast and mujahid tribes unified their stand under the banner of monotheism and pledged allegiance to honorable Shaykh Abu-Umar al-Baghdadi as amir of the Islamic State of Iraq [ISI]. The abdication of these amirs out of adherence to the rope of God is a sign of their truthfulness, justice, fairness, impartiality, and concern about the interests of Muslims. This is what we believe and God is their judge. May God reward them in the best way. Their accord is a blessed and great step toward unifying the other efforts to form the major group of Muslims.
"Muslims have heard that some brother amirs and scholars in some mujahidin groups have not been able to be where the decision was made. I say that the annoyance of these brothers is not embarrassing, and restraining themselves from anger is the right path to take. This was due to the difficult security situation, which makes it hard for the brothers to move around or communicate. Nonetheless, the brothers have noted that they had sent you letters and waited for almost two months for your arrival, so that no final decision would be made in your absence. So when will you be able to arrive? Some of Prophet Muhammad's closest companions were agitated when they found that a decision was made under the shed of the Bani Sa'idah tribe without them, may God be pleased with them, being consulted. At the same time, Abu-Bakr, Umar, Abu-Ubaydah, and those who were with them at the time, may God be pleased with them, had no intention to ridicule the concerned parties, but made the decision because the situation and complications at the time forced them to rush to make it before consulting with the rest of the concerned parties, for fear of sedition and disunity. The agitated group later pledged allegiance to Abu-Bakr and later their allegiance was confirmed. What is meant here as a prerequisite by the shari'ah is the unity of Muslims under God's banner and their allegiance to one amir in order to establish and support God's religion. This matter should be accomplished expeditiously, because it is a great duty toward God. God Almighty says: 'And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves;' [Koranic verse; Al-Imran 3:103] The states that call themselves Muslim states are many. However, those with discerning know that they all lack the prerequisites that are regarded as the most important prerequisites of Muslim states, chief among which is upholding God's shari'ah, not to mention that the sovereignty of all of them is flawed, and that they all, without exception, cooperated, in one way or another, with America in the world war on Islam, which is a nullifier of one's Islam. Nonetheless, many people treat these states as if they were sovereign Muslim states. This treatment is religiously impermissible, given all that has been said.
"I would like to say that those who were agitated for not being consulted should not be embarrassed, as it was mentioned above, because their desire was to unify Muslims' ranks. However, had they believed that the time was not appropriate and had they had the intention to delay God's will and the Prophet's desire, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, for the opinions they had accumulated throughout the past years, their agitation would be unjustified, because it is impermissible to wait and hamper religious matters. But when the people were raised and lived far away from the Islami c state, most of them were sluggish and felt unembarrassed by the delay in establishing this state. Accordingly, the brothers should be advised in this matter.
"Despite the significance of shura in the emirate, which is very clearly confirmed by many texts; such as Caliph Umar's statement in which he said that the decision of the amir should be final, being the person who represents the unity of Muslims' ranks, should the conditions prevent the concerned parties from adopting a united stand. What would have happened had the same situation of the Bani Sa'idah shed been repeated, and what would also happen had the emirate not been established, unless after consulting all the concerned parties? Umar then would have not pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr without waiting for the consultation to take place, Abu-Bakr would have not accepted Muslims' pledge of allegiance to him, and the companions, may God be pleased with them, would have not also paid allegiance to Abu-Bakr.
"Had complete empowerment been a prerequisite of the establishment of an Islamic state at present, Islam would not have seen a state of its own. This is because everybody knows that given the huge military superiority of the adversaries, the latter can invade any country and topple its government, as happened in Afghanistan. They toppled the Ba'thist Iraqi Government. Nonetheless, the fall of the state is not the end of the world, nor does it mean that the Islamic community and the Islamic imam collapsed. As a matter of fact, jihad against the infidels should continue, as is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia.
"Recalling how the situation of the first Islamic state was during the time of the Uhud and Al-Ahzab events; when the cries of war and the invading tribes were besieging Medina, the first capital of Islam; and how the conditions of Muslims were when only few people defected from Islam in the Arab Peninsula following the death of the Prophet, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, will emphasize that complete empowerment is not a prerequisite of making a pledge of allegiance to the imam, or of establishing an Islamic state. It is not right to say to the person that has been empowered to rule the Islamic emirate that he will neither be listened to nor be obeyed, because the enemy can topple his government.
"It is strange that we have not heard similar words from some of those who raise similar slogans and who live in the Gulf States, such as Kuwait, when the Ba'thists toppled their government. On the contrary, their eloquent orator was speaking loudly expressing support for legitimacy. That is, in support of the Al-Sabah rulers who do not follow God's shari'ah and who had not have the power, though little, to make decisions in Kuwait.
"Brother Muslims, since seeking unity of ranks under monotheism is one of the greatest duties, negligence of this duty is one of the deadly sins. Unless Muslims are brought together under one group and imam, the religion of God will not be applied, paths will not be safe, and seditions will not be repressed. Nor will security be achieved, conspiracies aborted, many of those of the common Islamic people who joined the mujahidin groups become disciplined, or other great matters be brought under control. God keeps order through [the power of] the sultan [ruler] more than He keeps order through [the power of] the Koran. A Muslim that delays the establishment of an Islamic state is more sinful than that who quits his group or abandons Islam, because by doing so he would be letting hundreds of millions of Muslims live under the tyrant and pagan regimes. Encroachment on religion has reached too far and it has become imperative to stop it, because this issue is very important and serious and should not be postponed. This is because on its bases the knowledge of Islam and Muslims' worldly victory and heavenly deliverance are founded, God willing.
"Brother Muslims in Iraq, repeated appeals were addressed to the mujahidin leaders urging them to get t ogether. However, some of them failed to heed these appeals while some others heeded the appeals. The amirs of the mujahidin groups and their shura councils' members took a serious move to set right what was wrongly done and sought to unify all the mujahidin under one banner to confront the campaign of Crusaders and renegades, because this is a righteous duty. God Almighty ordered us to be unified and prohibited us from taking unilateral stands. See how global and local infidelity, in all its forms, has united and the wolves of the tyrants are eating peaceful lambs on daily basis. All leaders should be united under one group and be committed to this group. This is a legitimate demand and a sacred duty at this present time. Prophet Muhammad, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, told Hudhayfah, may God be pleased with him, when he asked him about the action to be taken in a similar situation, that he should adhere to the Muslim group and its imam. If this was difficult to achieve, efforts should be directed to the establishment of the great Muslim group and this should become a duty to be performed by every Muslim and mujahidin, through pledging allegiance to the group that is the most committed to righteousness and truthfulness. God Almighty says: 'O ye who believe! Fear Allah and be with those who are true (in word and deed).' [Koranic verse; At-Tauba 9:119] He who follows the local and global campaigns of infidelity can see that they are primarily targeted against the Islamic State of Iraq. For America is repeatedly carrying out campaigns, one after another, against the same city. As a matter of fact, there has been an ongoing campaign against the whole of Diyala for the past six months. The same holds true for Mosul and Salah al-Din. Other campaigns are being carried out by the army, the National Guard, and the police, not to mention other campaigns carried out by the Al-Sadr and Al-Hakim militias. Besides, all neighboring countries without exception are targeting the Islamic State of Iraq, not to mention the awakening councils, parties, and groups of dissension led by Tariq al-Hashimi, who betrayed the faith and the Ummah. This is to be added to the media campaigns aimed at misrepresenting the Islamic State of Iraq for which the Riyadh rulers, their scholars, and their media outlets are to blame.
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