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Take a Second Look: Around You

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Take a Second Look: Around You

Figure 11. Example of a viewfinder in Manhattan.
This portion of the campaign would seek to cut through print clutter in the city by installing a few strategically placed viewfinders (outfitted with special filters) in the city to show images of homeless people with glasses. The viewfinders would be similar to the coin operated viewfinders found at Battery Park overlooking Lady Liberty or those overlooking the city from the Empire State Building. These viewfinders would not require coins and would have the Zenni logo on them with a plaque that explained how Zenni was seeing things differently and wanted the city to see things differently, too. The appeal would be to really see homelessness. The viewfinders would be placed near architecturally interesting building (perhaps The Ansonia on Broadway at 73rd and 74th or the Flatiron Building on 175th between 22nd and 23rd) with a filter installed to place Zenni-wearing homeless people on the periphery of the building. Hopefully urban dwellers would bring their curiosity to the new viewfinder was and be willing to “take a second look”. This technique would seek to pull rather than push Zenni’s marketing message to those millennial city dwellers.

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