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Target Market

Figure 8. Zenni Optical Blog

Having developed an economy of scale, the retailer pushes its 3,000+ pairs of glasses on any warm-blooded, weak-eyed, computer-wielding consumer it can. The typical Zenni customer is budget-conscious, Internet-savvy, under 65 and American. Zenni’s blog reveals some psychographics of the customer it is trying to reach. Its customer might love to travel, enjoy the coast or work on DIY (budget) projects. She might be a mom or into teen trends. She might love fashion and follow celebrity looks and want to mimic them. He (or she) might be frugal and want to know how to stretch every penny.

Zenni Optical has a solid online customer base who appreciates the money-saving benefits the e-tailer offers. The enormous selection, ease of online purchase and low-cost glasses are a value proposition that keeps it in business. With any online business, there are limitations that can cause frustration with consumers. Not having access to a real live human in a brick-and-mortar who can provide service when-I-want-it-and-I-want-it-now can lead to backlash. This backlash emerges in the form of negative online reviews, some of which have damaged Zenni’s reputation. Zenni has a real opportunity with social media to balance negative online reviews and engage with customers on platforms they are using. Zenni must be on the lookout for other optical retailers, especially Warby Parker, who seem to be emerging as serious competition on the eyewear front. Using cause marketing and brand personality to win market share, Zenni must confront the threat with a creative marketing solution.

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