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Because Zenni is online only, it has the opportunity to incorporate technologies that conventional optical retailers do not have the means to develop. Zenni doesn’t have the benefit of interacting face-to-face with consumers, so it must connect with them using the most advanced technologies and social media. In fact, it must do this in order to ward off threats from other optical e-tailers.

For instance, pioneering a platform where opticians can digitally input eyeglass prescriptions would benefit the customers. They would no longer have to physically keep up with their prescription and worry about entering it correctly online.

Additionally, Zenni has the opportunity to develop its website to incorporate richer content to appeal to a greater audience. Currently, it uses some infographics to sell its story and a handful of “how to” videos for ordering glasses, measuring your PD, how to replace lenses, etc. While written customer testimonials are posted on the site, there are no videos of customer testimonials. What a wasted opportunity! What about an interview with an optician? Having a trusted authority or a social media influencer on the record about how Zenni Optical can be trusted with your eyewear needs? What about an ex-optical insurance executive who speaks to how Zenni has revolutionized the industry? Zenni has not collaborated with any of the obvious- high-end designers, brand advocates, celebrities, etc.

Figure 4. Sharing Socially on Zenni Optical

Zenni has the opportunity to enhance its social media integration online. Currently, it only allows customers to share their images on Facebook. Given that most consumers have multiple social media accounts, Zenni could develop its image-sharing platforms to include Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, etc. so vote-for-which-pair-you-think-I-look-good-in customers could have that need satisfied.

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