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Take a Second Look: At You

The last digital component of this campaign would involve having millennial customers identify with homelessness in a more personal way and having Zenni’s cause resonate with them. Zenni will show customers what they would look like if they were homeless. Using photo capturing software and digital filters, Zenni would transform any photograph uploaded by past or potential customers to show wrinkles, dirt, blemishes, facial hair, puffy eyes, etc. This would be accompanied by the tagline of the campaign, #TakeaSecondLook, and an appeal to customers to help Zenni put glasses on those who are homeless in America. The images would be easily sharable on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) and would direct viewers to a Zenni landing page showcasing how Zenni is putting glasses on homeless Americans with each customer purchase of corrective eyewear.

Figure 12. Example of transformation to homeless.

Zenni’s campaign seeks to incorporate interactive marketing components to engage millennials in Zenni’s cause. By reaching millennials with creative marketing techniques, Zenni will not fall victim to marketing clutter in the city. Additionally, the campaign will be more authentic and sincere; none of these interactive components sounds like a shameless appeal to buy Zenni glasses. The tone of this campaign should be genuine interest in helping homeless to get eyewear. Zenni will reach millennials who have a desire to adopt Zenni’s cause and will decide to purchase eyeglasses online through Zenni because the message resonates with them.


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