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Figure 10. Richard Gere, incognito as a homeless man prior to a movie shoot, went unnoticed by New York city passersby.
Additionally, Zenni will recruit other willing celebrities (NYC residents who represent various sectors- sports, entertainment and government) to do a homeless photo shoot. The celebrity is transformed to an almost unrecognizable homeless person and photographed. The photographs are posted on Zenni’s Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat accounts. The hashtag, #TakeaSecondLook, will accompany posts and will challenge followers to (1) try to identify the celebrity in the photo, (2) recognize we are all the same and (3) see homelessness differently. The implication in the copy will be that Zenni is doing the same and is now outfitting homeless individuals with glasses. A press release will ensue and hopefully the campaign will generate additional impressions via mainstream media coverage.
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