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Non-traditional Media

The goal of the “Take a Second Look” campaign is to demonstrate that Zenni’s values align with those of urban millennials. Because millennials don’t respond to in-your-face marketing, the “Take a Second Look” campaign will introduce non-traditional marketing tactics that will inspire millennials rather than preach at them. Adding digital components will allow millennials to discover and share Zenni’s message, giving the campaign reach that would be hard to achieve via traditional media channels. Because urban millennials are inundated with print and broadcast media, these interactive components seek to emerge from the urban clutter in a way that causes these young city dwellers to see Zenni differently. This campaign is written for New York City. Should Zenni be successful, it could replicate these components in other urban cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami.

Take a Second Look: Celebrity

Figure 9. Claire Danes (on right) would look similar to the photo on the left if she were to dress down as a homeless person.
Zenni will collaborate with a NYC-based millennial celebrity like Claire Danes, Lady Gaga or Scarlett Johansson. A social media “Where’s Waldo”-like campaign will be rolled out with a charge to followers to find the celebrity who has gone incognito in the city of New York. She will be dressed to look like a homeless woman and will plant herself on a park bench or curb in a homeless-saturated area of the city. The only “clue” will be that she will be wearing a pair of red Zenni glasses. The person to find the celebrity gets a picture taken with her for social media postings and gets to have a park bench lunch with the celebrity. If possible, this can be timed in conjunction with World Homeless Day on October 10th or National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day on December 22nd. The premise is that all homeless people deserve a second look and Zenni is doing its part to draw awareness to homelessness.

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