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Take a look.

Zenni Optical.

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SWOT Analysis 3

Strengths 3

Weaknesses 4

Opportunities 6

Threats 7

Target Market 8

Creative Strategy Statement 9

Creative Brief 10

A Day in the Life 11

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Figure 1. Zenni Logo

Experts estimate that the global eyewear market (frames, contact lenses, sunglasses, etc.) is worth $90 billion (Mellery-Pratt, 2015). Zenni Optical wants a piece of that pie and has its sights set on being the eyewear powerhouse of the Internet. Building momentum in the optical e-tailer space, Zenni’s competitive advantage lies in its low-cost frames and lenses coupled with enormous selection. A pair of glasses can be delivered (all in- frames, lenses and shipping) for as low as $11.90. Customers can purchase a la carte features like anti-reflective, super- hydrophobic or oleophobic coatings as well as polarized or gradient clip-on sunshades for an additional charge ($3.95- $14.95). At only a fraction of the cost of traditional optical retailers, Zenni has a clearly defined niche with the budget crowd.
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