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  1. Community Tidbits

1. Homestead Exemption 1

2. Check Cashing 1

  1. Voting 1

  2. License Tags 1

  3. Driver’s License and Automobile Insurance 1

  1. City Transportation 1

  1. Jatran 1

  2. Greyhound Bus Lines 1

  3. Amtrak 1

  4. Jackson International Airport 1

  1. Shopping 1

  1. Groceries 1

  2. International Markets 2

  3. Department Stores/Home Improvement Stores 2

  4. Fabrics/Crafts 2

  5. Thrift/Consignment Stores, Flea Markets and Discount Shopping 2

  6. Malls 3

  1. Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons, Dentists 3

  1. Pediatricians 3

  2. Obstetrics/Gynecology 3

  3. Family Practice 4

  4. Dermatologists 4

  5. Optometrists 4

  6. Ophthalmologists 4

  7. Dentists 4

  8. Orthodontist 4

  9. Chiropractor 4

  10. Ear, Nose and Throat 4

  11. Neurosurgery 4

  12. Gastrointestinal 4

  1. Medical Services 4

  1. Clinics 4

  2. Hospitals 5

  3. Pharmacies 5

  4. Veterinarians 5

  1. Barber and Beauty Shops 5

  2. Dry Cleaning 6

  3. Financial Services (Banking) 6

  4. Schools 6

  5. Automobiles 7

  6. Recreation 7

  7. Sightseeing 8

Off the Beaten Path

  1. Bookstore 9

  2. Coobler 9

  3. Coffee Houses 9

  4. Flowers 9

  5. Restaurants 9

  6. Shops 11

  7. Whole Food Grocery 11

Utility & School Security Information 11-12

Belonging to the RTS family means you are part of the larger community of Jackson and its suburbs. Get to know the community. Cultivate your contacts as a witness for Christ. In the broader community, you are first a Christian and secondarily a seminarian. We hope the following information helps you settle into the larger community.


  1. Homestead Exemption

If you purchase a home while a student, homestead exemption is an important method by which you may reduce your property taxes. Before April 1, take your deed, mortgage amount, interest rate, purchase price, and Mississippi auto tag number to the Hinds County Courthouse to file a claim. Call the Tax Assessor's Office for more details. (601-857-8787) After the first year's filing, only the blue copy of the previous exemption and your tag information is needed.

  1. Voting

After 30 days residence, you may register to vote at the Courthouse in downtown Jackson. Since voting is by precinct, ask the location of your precinct-polling place, when you register. Voter registration for Clinton residents is at City Hall, 300 Jefferson Street.

  1. License Tags

Mississippi tags are required to claim a Homestead Exemption. Tags may be purchased at the Hinds County Courthouse downtown Jackson or at the Raymond Courthouse (601-857-5574). Students who do not maintain a Mississippi residence and are not employed in the state of Mississippi may drive with home state tags but should always have a student ID and home state driver’s license with them in case they are stopped. Students who obtain a Mississippi driver’s license must also get a Mississippi tag.

  1. Driver’s License and Automobile Insurance

Mississippi tags require a Mississippi driver's license. Unlicensed drivers must pass a driving and written test. Examinations may be taken at the Exam Center at Jackson Square on Terry Road. Study booklets for the license examination may be secured at the Exam Center. Automobile insurance can be obtained locally. Your present insurance agent can make a recommendation for you. For additional information about this, call 601- 987-1287.

Liability Insurance is required by Mississippi State Law for all car owners and drivers.

B. City Transportation

  1. Jatran, the city bus services, travels through the Queens area and also stops at the South Campus on Clinton Boulevard. A $1.50 fare will take you anywhere. Call 601-948.3840 for information on routes and schedules.

2. Greyhound Bus Lines, 300 W. Capitol Street, Jackson, 800-231-2222

3. Amtrak Railroad, 300 W. Capitol Street, Jackson, 601-355-6350 or 800-872-7245

4. Jackson International Airport – 601-939-563
C. Shopping

1. Groceries

Brookshires, 2861 Terry Rd., Jackson, 601-372-8577, often times their prices are less than Kroger.

Grocery Depot, 822 E. Northside Dr., Clinton 601-925-8092
Dolly Madison Bakery, 324 Raymond Rd., Jackson 601-373-4425
Earthgrains Discount Bakery, 635 Hwy 49, South Ridgeland, 601-932-8502
Farmer's Market, 929 High St., Jackson 601-354.6573: corner of Woodrow Wilson Dr. and North West Street
Kroger 107 Hwy. 80 in Clinton, 601-924.7420 (double coupons) and 3520

Terry Road in Jackson, 601-371-5065, 115 Colony Crossing in Madison 601-605-5020

Landrum's Produce, 6031 Clinton Blvd. (between RTS and the Townhouses) fresh

produce; good prices. 601-922-2227

Sam's Club, 6360 Ridgewood Ct. Dr., off County Line Rd., Jackson: membership required, 601-977-0139
Super Wal-Mart, 950 Hwy 80 E., Clinton, 601-924-9096 and 2711 Greenway Dr., 601-922-3406

2. International Markets

International Groceries, 6800 Old Canton Rd., 601-952-0332

Sweet & Sour, 307-C Clinton Blvd., Clinton, 601-924-1800
Mediterranean Grocery, 6554 Old Canton Rd., Ridgeland, 601-956-0082

Rainbow Whole Foods Cooperative Grocery has bulk spices, herbs, grains, legumes, organic produce, etc. 2807 Old Canton Rd., 601-366-1602

  1. Department Stores/Home Improvement Stores

Family Dollar Store, 222 Clinton Blvd., 601-925-0535
Fred's, Clinton Plaza on Clinton Blvd., 601-924-3342
Home Depot, 4704 Robinson Road, Jackson, 601-922-4660 and 6325 I-55N, off County Line, 601-952-0740, 5000 Hamptsead St. Clinton, Ms 601-924-1332
Mills True Value Hardware, 205 Clinton Blvd., 601-924-2424
Revell Hardware, 120 E. Northside Dr. 601-924-4510

Super Wal-Mart, 950 Hwy 80 E., Clinton, 601-924-9096 and 2711 Greenway Dr., 601-922-3406

Target, 6365 I-55 N, 601-956-1150

4. Fabrics/Crafts

Fads 'n Frames, 941 Hwy.. 80, Clinton, 601-924-0237

Hancock's Fabrics, 5740 E Hwy 80, 601-932-3750; 6540 Old Canton Rd. 601-957-0507, east end of County Line Rd.

Interior Fabrics Inc, 314 Newpoint Dr., Ridgeland, 601-898-7462

Michael's, 1189E County Line Rd., across from NorthPark Mall

Neblett's Frame Outlet, 5711 Hwy 80 W., Clinton, 601-922-6305

Polk Decorative Center, 6710 Old Canton Rd., 601-957-1193
SteinMart, 5250 I-55N at Deville Plaza, 601-957-2270
5. Thrift/Consignment Stores, Flea Markets and Discount Shopping

The Butter Churn, 319 Clinton Blvd., Jackson: housewares/furniture, 601-924-7971

Clinton Community Christian Corporation Thrift Shop, 2001 W Northside Dr.., 601-924-9436
Gateway Rescue Mission, Inc., 216-B Clinton Blvd, Clinton, 601-924-8426: cash & checks, no layaway, clothes for men, women, children, shoes, books, furniture (old & new), housewares, small & large appliances, toys, baby items. This location does not have the space to accept drop-in donations.
Goodwill, 426 N Bierdeman Rd, Pearl, 601-939-8726: clothing, housewares, and furniture
Joyce’s Bric-a-Brac, 5814 Clinton Blvd., Jackson, 601-922-6499: housewares/furniture. They have 30-day layaway.
Salvation Army, 426 W. Pascagoula St., Jackson, 601-948-2346: clothing, housewares, furniture

SteinMart, 5250 I-55N at Deville Plaza, 601-957-2270

T J Maxx, 6384 Ridgewood Ct., 601-956-2202
6. Malls

Highland Village 4500 I-55N, 601-982-5861

MetroCenter Mall, 3645 Hwy. 80 W., 601-354-7800
NorthPark Mall, 1200 E. County Line Rd., 601-957-3744

D. Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons, Dentists

Some practitioners are special friends of RTS. A * indicates that these physicians may give discounts AT THEIR DISCRETION. Some dentists will give a discount on a case by case basis. You need to ask the dentist to be considered. If you are given a discount, please write a prompt thank you note. The notation after the address indicates which hospital(s) the physician uses. The following abbreviations are used: Methodist Medical Center (MMC), Mississippi Baptist Medical Center (BMC), River Oaks (RO), St. Dominic (SD), University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMC), Woman's Hospital (WH).

Methodist Medical Center has a physician referral service: call 601-376-2273. Woman's Hospital also has a referral service: call 601-932-8293, Monday through Friday from 8:00 until 5:00. There is also a Dental Referral Service: call 601-355-1543.
1. Pediatricians

Children's Medical Clinic, 10 physicians on staff, 800 Carlyle St., Jackson, 601-362-8776; 539 Hwy 80 W., Clinton, 601-924-7489

Drs. Dennis W. Rowlen and Associates, 1405 Crossgates Blvd., Suite 2500, Brandon (RO and Rankin), 601-825-0925

Madison-Ridgeland Children's Clinic, Drs. Jones, Payne, Owen, Perry, 297 Hwy 51, Suite B, 601-856-2598

2. Obstetrics/Gynecology

Drs. Donna G. Breeland, Freda M. Bush, Beverly A. McMillan and Rhonda Sullivan-Ford, 1020 River Oaks Dr., Suite 320, Jackson, 601.936.1400

Dr. John W. Cook, Jackson Healthcare for Women, 1030 N. Flowood, Jackson, 601.932.2230
Drs. Bryan Cowan, Steve Linkin and Cecil Long, Reproductive Specialists, 2500 N. State St., Jackson (UMC), 601.984.5330
Dr. G. Rodney Meeks, University Medical Center Pavillion, Jackson, 601.984.5325
Drs. William Bush and William K. Sutherland, Suite 100, 1020 River Oaks Dr., Flowood, 601.939.7117
3. Family Practice

Dr. Richard C. Randolph, 348 Crossgates Blvd., Suite 2200, Brandon (RO and Rankin), 601-825-2466

Dr. David Wheat, 309 A Morrison Dr., Clinton, 601-924-1877

4. Dermatologists

Dr. Gary Bolton 764 Lakeland Dr. Suite 408, Jackson. 601-982-3011

5. Optometrists

Dr. Bobby Pankey 815 Highway 80 E, Clinton, 601-924-4444

6. Ophthalmologists

Dr. John McVey, 1190 N. State St., Jackson, 601-353-2020

Dr. Terrell Williams, 764 Lakeland Dr., Suite 310, Jackson, 601-981-1550
7. Dentists

*Drs. John Buchanan and Daniel Story, 5800 Ridgewood Rd., Suite 101, Jackson, 601-956-9850

Dr. Lee Cope, 5315 Hwy 18 W., Jackson; specializes in pediatrics (infants to high school), 601-922-0066.
Dr. Chantel C. Everett, 380 Hwy 80 E., Suite A, Clinton, 601-925-4727
Dr. Martha Lewis, 315 Morrison Dr., Clinton, 601-925-5163
Dr. George May Jr., 1020 River Oaks Dr., Suite 460, 601-932-3607

Dr. Woody Osborn, 539-B Hwy 80 W., Clinton, 601-924-4751

*Drs. Noel Toler, Jr. and Noel Toler, III, 2600 River Ridge Rd., Suite 104, Jackson, 601-981-3020 (50% discount to RTS students)
Dr. Mike Tramel, 2525 Lakeward Dr. suite 102, Jackson, 601-982-7212
8. Orthodontist

Dr. Kenneth Walley, 2174 Henry Hill Dr., Jackson, 601-922-3888

9. Chiropractor

Dr. Betty Mathews, 2964 Terry Rd., Jackson 601-372-0280

  1. Ear, Nose, Throat

Dr. William F. Sneed, Jackson Ear Nose and Throat Clinic

Watkins Medical Building, Suite 402, 1421 North State Street, Jackson 601-352-7655

11. Neurosurgery

Dr. W. Lynn Stringer, One Layfair Dr., Flowood, 601-936-0400

12. Gastrointestinal

Dr. Paul B. Milner, 1421 North State Street, Watkins Med. Building, Suite 203, 601-355-1234

E. Medical Services

1. Clinics

Clinton Health Clinic, 408 E. Cynthia St., Clinton, 601-924-6012 (low cost immunizations for children)

Dental Hygiene Clinic (UMC), 787 Lakeland Dr., Jackson, 601-984-6340 (40-50% off)
MEA Medical Clinic, South, 1777 Ellis Ave., Jackson, 601-371-0400; 498 Hwy 80 E., Clinton, 601-924-4000
University of Miss. Medical Center School of Dentistry, 601-984-6138

2. Hospitals

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, 1225 N. State St., Jackson, 601-968-1000

Mississippi Methodist Rehab Center, 1350 E. Woodrow Wilson, Jackson, 601-981-2611
River Oaks Hospital, 1030 River Oaks Dr., Jackson, 601-932-1030
River Oaks East-Woman’s Pavilion, 1026 N. Flowood Dr., Flowood, 601-932-1000

St. Dominic Hospital, 969 Lakeland Dr., Jackson, 601-200-6792

University of Mississippi Medical Center, 2500 N. State St., Jackson, 601-984-1000
3. Pharmacies

CVS Pharmacy, 5070 I-55 North, Jackson (open 24 hours), 601-956-5143

Kroger Pharmacy, Springridge Shopping Center, Clinton, 601-924-7422
Medicap, 821 E. Northside Dr., Clinton, 601-924-8935
Mississippi Discount Drugs, 224 Clinton Blvd, Clinton, 601-924-5212
Walgreens, 204 Hwy 80 E., Clinton, 601-926-1179

Super Wal-Mart Pharmacy, 950 Hwy 80, Clinton, 601-924-9096

4. Veterinarians

Animal Hospital of Clinton, 497 Springdale Rd., Clinton, 601-924-4169

Dr. Michael Faris, 541 A. Hwy. 80 Clinton. 601-924-3368
Huntcliff Veterinary Clinic, 451 E. Northside Dr., Clinton, 601-924-4549
Pineview Animal Hospital, 4617 Robinson Rd., Jackson, 601-922-5656
F. Barber and Beauty Shops

Barnette's, Banner Hall, 4465 I-55N, 601-362-9550

Hair Station, Ellis Avenue next to Sack 'N Save, 601-939-6249: low rates and walk-ins are welcome
Hinds Community College Barber/Stylist School, HCC Raymond Campus, (8 mi. W. on Hwy 18 from Metrocenter): men, women and kids (50¢/haircut, $5/hi-light, $6/color, $15 color-weave, $15 perm--best hair care deal around!), 601-857-3500, by appt., 8-3 M-F when school is in session
Jillian’s, 759 Clinton Parkway., Clinton, 601-925-0336
Penney's, North Park Mall, 601-957-3020: special price on shampoo and set
Tangles, 402 Cynthia St., Clinton, 601-924-7090
Wave Lengths, 20 Northtown Dr., Jackson, 601-956-6224
G. Dry Cleaning

Batte Cleaners, Maywood Mart, 601-366-8942 and downtown, 601-352-6631

College Cleaners, New Prospect St., Clinton, 601-924-5373
Simon's Cleaners, 300 Clinton Blvd., Clinton, 601-924-6113
H. Financial Services (Banking)

AmSouth, 204 Clinton Blvd., 601-960-6400 and 823 Northside Dr., 601-987-1919

Bancorp South, 812 Hwy 80 W., 601-924-7711
BankPlus, 108 W. Cynthia St., 601-926-4415, 217 Clinton Blvd., 601-924-0081, 102 Johnston Pl. (off Springridge), 601-924-1975
Merchants & Farmers Bank, 411 Hwy 80 E, 601-924-8389
Regions Bank, 609 Hwy 80 E, 601-948-7481(Next to Dairy Queen)
I. Schools

Pre-school nurseries and kindergartens are operated in the area by many local

churches. Mrs. in Ministry can provide helpful advice about available options.
Jackson and Clinton have separate public school districts. Students need a certified birth certificate, proof of immunization, report card from the previous school attended and two documents with current address (a utility bill, housing lease, for example). Students are assigned by districts. If you live within the city limits of Jackson, call 601-960-8852 to find out your school district. If you live in Clinton, call 601-924-7533. Students should pre-register.
Two Christian day schools are operated by local Presbyterian Churches: First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, and Mt. Salus Presbyterian Church in Clinton. Both are highly recommended.

There are many private schools, both Christian and secular, in the area:

Private Schools


Distance from RTS

Grade Levels

Mt. Salus Christian School

(meets at Parkway

Baptist Church)

802 N. Frontage Rd. Clinton, MS 39056: JR HS and HS, 601-924-6652

414E College St. Clinton, MS 39060: Elementary School, 601-924-5863 924.6652



First Baptist, Clinton

100 E. College Street Clinton, MS 39056

601-924-0444 924.0444

5 minutes

Pre K-K

First Presbyterian

1390 N. State Street Jackson, MS 39202


15 minutes


Hillcrest Christian

4060 S. Siwell Jackson,MS 39212 601- 372-0149

25 minutes


Jackson Academy

4908 Ridgewood Road Jackson, MS 39211 601-362-9676

25 minutes


Jackson Preparatory

3100 Lakeland Dr. Jackson, MS 39208 601-939-8611

25 minutes


Mt. Salus Presbyterian

414 E. College Street Clinton, MS 39056


5 minutes


St. Andrew's Episcopal

lower school 4120 Old Canton Road

Jackson, MS 39216 601-982-5065

upper school 370 Old Agency Rd.

Ridgeland, MS 39157 601-853-6000

25 minutes


The Veritas School

1202 Highland Colony Parkway Ridgeland, MS 39157 601-605-1306

15 minutes

1-6 homeschool enrich.; 7-12 full-time

Christ Covenant School

752 Pear Orchard Rd. Ridgeland, MS 39157 601-978-2272

20 minutes

Pre K-8

For more information, see the list in the Admissions Office.

J. Automobiles (Service, Tires and Accessories, Repairs)

Big 10 Tire Company with several city locations: good quality, reasonably priced tires.

They offer discounts to RTS students, so let them know your affiliation. 601-353-5461

(712 S. State St. Jackson)

John Davis Auto, 113 Indian Creek Dr., Florence, 601-845-1555
Morris & Son Import Auto, 1211 Browning Drive (near Shaw Rd and Hwy 80W), 601-922-6891
Obie’s Chevron, 600 Hwy 80 West, Clinton, 601-924-3523
K. Recreation (In addition to seminary facilities, recreation is offered in many forms.)

Bay Pointe Country Club, 800 Bay Pointe Dr., Brandon, 601-829-1862, golf course that gives a discount to seminary students.

Baptist Health Plex, 102 Clinton Parkway, Clinton, 601-925-7900, Workout center and pool facilities

Golf World of Jackson Driving Range, 5124 N. State St. 601-981-8889

Kids Town Playground, Old Vicksburg Rd. next to Clinton Park Elementary School. Free Admission. 601-924-6082
Lakeland Skating Center, 2929 Layfair Dr., Flowood, 601-932-5323. There is also a miniature golf course and go carting.
LeFleur's Bluff State Park, 2140 Riverside Dr., Jackson, near Belhaven College: tennis, children's playground, golf, a nature trail, and swimming, 601-987-3923
Malco Grandview, 221 Grandview Blvd. Madison, Ms. 601-607-7676

United Artist Theatre, 250 Ring Rd., Jackson, 601-957-1161

United Artist Theatre, Clinton 10 Theatre, 201 Clinton Center Dr., off Springridge Rd., 601-924-2911
Tinseltown Theatre, 411 Riverwind Dr., just off I-20, Pearl, 601-936-6611
Roller Skating at Funtime Skateland, 931 Hwy 80 E, $2 on Saturdays, 601-924-6500
Roosevelt State Park, near Morton, MS, 45 minutes east: camping, swimming, water slide, canoeing, tennis, and disc golf. 2149 Highway 13 South, 601-732-6316
Ross Barnett Reservoir, northeast Jackson, 115 Madison Landing Circle: swimming, fishing, skiing, disc golf and boating, 601-856-6574

YMCA - Clinton Branch, 400 Lindale Street, 601-924-5812

Swimming: May-September at the Clinton YMCA; annual membership is $125 per person or $150 per family
Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center, 155 Milner Rd., Florence, MS, an outreach ministry of First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS; overnight facilities include camping; canoeing, fishing, hiking, swimming (seasonal), and tennis. Use by reservation only. For more information, call 601-845-6858.
L. Sightseeing

Ballet Magnificat, 5496 I-55 North Jackson, 601-977-1001

Canton Flea Market: a biggie! Second Thursdays in October and May, 601-859-8055

Clinton Community Nature Center, 617 Dunton Rd., 601-926-1104, free admission

Davis Planetarium, 201 E. Pascagoula St., Jackson, 601-960-1550
Governor's Mansion, 300 E. Capitol St.: Tours available, 601-359-3175
Jackson Zoo, 2918 West Capitol St., family passes are available for reasonable cost, 601-352-2580
Medgar Evers Museum 2332 Margaret Walker Alexander, 601-981-2965

Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum, 1150 Lakeland Drive, 601-713-3365.

Mississippi Arts Center, 201 E. Pascagoula St., Jackson, including Davis Planetarium, art museum, and city auditorium, Pascagoula Street, downtown, 601-960-1500
Mississippi Children's Museum, 601-352-0200
Mistletoe Marketplace, 601-948-2357 (each November)

Municipal Art Gallery, 839 North State Street, downtown, 601-960-1582

Museum of Natural Science, 2148 Riverside Dr., Jackson, Le Fleur Bluff Park: exhibits of native fish, reptiles and birds, nature trails, 601-354-7303
Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience, 4915 I-55 N, 601-362-6357
Mynelle Gardens, Clinton Blvd. near RTS: admission is $2 for adults and 50¢ for children under 12, 4736 Clinton Blvd., 601-960-1894
Natchez Pilgrimage Tours, 401 High St., Natchez , 601-446-6631
Natchez Trace, scenic drive
New Stage Theatre, 1100 Carlisle Street, 601-948-3531 or 601-948-3533: The theatre produces a full professional season of play series.
Old Capitol Museum, 100 South State St., Jackson, the War Memorial Building is next door, 601-576-6920
Petrified Forest, Flora, MS: Picnic areas are available, 124 Forest Park Rd., 601-879-8189
Puppet Arts Theatre – 1927 Springridge Dr., Jackson 601-977-9840, 601-956-3414
Rocky Springs State Park - 32 miles S. of Clinton on Natchez Trace: Camping, hiking, trails, picnic areas, spring-fed creek
Smith Park, center of downtown: free
Thalia Mara Hall: houses arts events and small seminars., 255C Pascagoula St., Jackson601-960-1537
U.S. Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS: a complete miniature layout of the whole Mississippi

Basin. Group tours can be arranged.

Vicksburg National Military Park, 35 miles west on I-20: a cassette for a self guided tour is available for a

nominal fee.

Vicksburg Factory Outlets, 601-636-7434 4000 South Frontage Rd. #112 Vicksburg, Ms.
Off the Beaten Path

A. Bookstore

Lemuria, 4465 I-55 N in Banner Hall, 601-366-7619

B. Cobbler

Soles and Heels, 1655 W. Government Cove., Brandon, 601-825-8320, resole Birkenstocks

C. Coffee Houses

Cups, five locations: 2757 Old Canton Rd., 601-362-7422; 1855 Lakeland Dr., 601-981-9088; Northpark

Mall, 601-952-0036; 210 E. Capitol, 601-352-0514; 165 Moore St., Ridgeland, 601-853-4333
Gravity, 104 W. Leake St., Clinton, 601-925-9808

D. Flowers

Flowers by Mary, 395 Crossgates Blvd. Brandon, 601-825-0071

Greenbrook Flowers, two locations, 705 N. State St.; 6655 Old Canton Rd., 601-957-1951, cash and carry

roses, $9.95 a dozen (excluding holidays)

E. Restaurants (vary in prices, call ahead for more information)

Applebee's, 900 E County Line Rd, 111 Clinton Center Dr., 2390 Lakeland Dr. in Flowood

Amerigo, 6592 Old Canton Rd., 601-977-0563
Beagle Bagle, 898 Avery Blvd. (off County Line), 601-956-1773

Blue Cafe, 436 E. Capitol St., 601-949-2583

Bravo, 244 Highland Village, 601-982-8111
Broad St. Baking Co., 101 Banner Hall, 601-362-2900
Brent's Drugs, 655 Duling Ave., 601-366-3427
Cherokee Inn, 5020 N. State St., 601-362-6388
Collins Dream Kitchen, 1439 Terry Rd., 601-353-3845
El Dorado Steak House, 653 El Dorado Rd, Brandon, 601-936-9413
Elite Restaurant, 141 E. Capitol St., 601-352-5606
El Sombrero, 509 Springridge Rd., Clinton, 601-925-8282

Farmer's Market Restaurant, 352 E. Woodrow Wilson Dr., 601-353-4735

Fenian's, 901 E. Fortification St. 601-948-0055
Fernando's, 412 Hwy. 80 E, Clinton, 601-925-5505
Frank's Biscuits, 219 N. President St., 601-354-5357
Great Harvest Bread Company, 5006 Parkway Dr., 601-956-4406

Hal & Mal's, 200 Commerce St., 601-948-0888

Keifer's, two locations, 705 Poplar Blvd., 601-355-6825; 120 N. Congress St., 601-353-4976

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, 1625 E. County Line, 601-957-7672 & 751 Clinton Parkway, 601-924-0005

Mazzios Pizza, 301 Hwy 80, Clinton, 601-925-8009
Mayflower Cafe, 123 W. Capitol St., 601-355-4122
McAlister’s Deli, 620 Hwy 80 E, Clinton, 601-924-9222
Monroe's, 803 E. Northside Drive., Clinton, 601-925-8045

Old Venice Pizza Company, 1428 Old Square Rd., 601-366-6872

Olive Garden, 6347 I-55 N, 601-978-3407
Outback Steakhouse, 6030 I-55 N, 601-977-9040
Pan Asia, 720 Harbor Pt. Crossing (Off County Line), 601-956-2686
Sal and Phil's Po Boy- Seafood, 6660 Old Canton Rd., 601-957-1188
Shapley's, 868 Centre St., 601-957-3753
Cool Al’s, 4654 McWillie Dr., 601-713-3020
Two Sisters, 707 N. Congress St., 601-353-1180
Walker's Drive-In, 3016 N. State St., 601-982-2633
F. Shops
Cupboard Gifts & Interiors, 751 Clinton Parkway, Clinton, 601-924-5245
The Early Settler, Highland Village, 601-366-2715

Everyday Gardener, 2905 Old Canton Rd., 601-981-0273

Everyday Gourmet, two locations, 2905 Old Canton Rd., 601-362-0723; 1625 E. County Line Rd., 601-977- 9258
Gail Pittman Second's Shop, 290 S. Perkins St., Ridgeland, 601-856-7120
The Gift Cottage, 102 E. Leake St., Clinton, 601-924-7242
Paper Place, two locations, 2941 Old Canton Rd., 601-366-3675; 1060 E. County Line Rd., 601-957-1984
Pineland Treasures 4220 Lakeland Dr., Flowood, 601-936-6690
G. Whole Foods Grocery

Rainbow Whole Foods Cooperative Grocery, 2807 Old Canton Rd., 601-366-1602


BellSouth Telephone: 888-757-6500


  1. Social Security Number (or picture ID and passport)

  2. $100 deposit (The deposit can be waived if they determine the candidate is eligible. Note: If the deposit is waived, then the person can not receive long distance service, but can purchase a pre-paid long distance calling card in order to make long distance calls.

  3. $46 connection charge—can be paid in 4 monthly payments of $11.50 per month plus a finance charge.

Campus Married Apartments: Applications for electric service are taken by phone.

Entergy: 1-800-368-3749


  1. Social Security Number

  2. The seminary address: 5422 Clinton Blvd. Jackson, MS 39209

  3. Apartment Number

  4. Date your service is to begin

  5. Two (2) working days advance notice

  6. $150 deposit

Off Campus Townhouses: Applications for electric and gas service are taken by phone. Applications for water must be done in person.


  1. Name

  2. Social Security Number

  3. Correct Address

  4. Date when service is to begin

Entergy: 1-800-368-3749

Additional Requirements:

  1. Two (2) working days advance notice

  2. $150 deposit

Atmos Energy (Gas)


Additional Requirements:

  1. Three (3) working day advance notice

  2. $85 deposit

City of Clinton Water Department: 601-924-5462


  1. One (1) working day advance notice

  2. $100 deposit

Time Warner Cable: 601-982-0922

Securitas Security Service

(for the campus and townhomes)

4:30 p.m.-7:30 a.m.

Monday - Friday

24 hours a day on weekends and holidays
Directory: Site
Site -> Ucsf school of Dentistry
Site -> Southern California Regional Dentistry Post-Baccalaureate Program ucla & Loma Linda, Schools of Dentistry
Site -> The university of michigan school of dentistry honor system policy for students enrolled in advanced dental education programs
Site -> Curriculum vitae laurie k. Mccauley
Site -> Minimum Requirements of Educational Programmes for the Acquisition of the Professional Qualification of Dentist, Pharmacist, Nurse and Midwife
Site -> Application for limited license to practice dentistry
Site -> 55 Wade Avenue / Tulip Drive Catonsville, Maryland 21228 (410) 402-8511 application for dental hygiene licensure by examination notice For Mailing List
Site -> Chapter 17: Digestive System I. Introduction
Site -> Chapter 1: Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
Site -> Human Anatomy & Physiology: Latin and Greek Word-Part List

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