Sweden A. General Information about Sweden

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A. General Information about Sweden:

A webpage run by the Swedish Institute that contains the things you need to know about the rules and regulations for moving to Sweden for work from anywhere in the world. It contains information on the following topics:

  1. General Information

  2. Arriving in Sweden

  3. Living Conditions

  4. Social Benefits

  5. Healthcare

  6. How to get involved in Society

  7. Where you can find and apply for a job in Sweden

  8. Rules and regulations depending from which country you are

B. Migrating to Sweden:
At the webpage of The Migration Board you will find all the neccessary information concerning migrating to Sweden. It contains infomation on the following topics:

1. Types of migration

2. Living and Working in Austria

3. How to register your right of resindence

4. How to become a Swedish citizen
C. Looking for a job in Sweden:
A great site in English for finding jobpositions in Sweden is The local - http://www.thelocal.se/jobs/

You can also find a lot of information on the english part of the Swedish Employment Services webpage - http://www.arbetsformedlingen.se/Globalmeny/Other-languages/Languages/English-engelska.html

D. Representation of Employees:

Nearly 70% of all employees in Sweden are members of a trade union. The most important thing the trade unions do are to negotiate collective agreements. There is no minimum wage legislation in Sweden, instead it’s regulated in the collective agreements. The unions also help their members with questions about their rights and with representing them in negotiations with the employer.

There are three big confederations in Sweden, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) is the biggest one and represents around 1,5 million members. The Swedish Confederation of Employees (TCO) represents 1,2 million members and The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations represents around 600 000. Find out more about the federations and the unions in them below:

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) – www.lo.se/english/this_is_lo
LO contains of 14 trade unions

  • The Building Workers Union (Byggnads) – www.byggnads.se/Om-Byggnads/Equal-pay-for-equal-work/Equal-pay-for-equal-work/

  • The Electricians Union (Elektrikerna) - www.sef.se

  • The Building Maintenance Workers Union (Fastighets) – www.fastighets.se/home/fast2/home.nsf/pages/B325E5A95C47B6D0C1256C57003052B9

  • GS – the union of workers in the forestry, woodworking and graphic industries – www.gsfacket.se/home/gs/content.nsf/aget?openagent&key=gs_information_in_english_1347279144113

  • The Commercial Employees Union (Handels) – www.handels.se/om-handels/in-english/

  • The Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union (HRF) – www.hrf.net

  • The Municipal Workers Union (Kommunal) - www.kommunal.se/Kommunal/Globala-lankar/Languages/languages/English/

  • The Food Workers Union (Livs) – www.livs.se

  • IF Metall - www.ifmetall.se/ifmetall/home/content.nsf/aget?openagent&key=in_english_1298303750531

  • The Musicians Union (Musikerna) - www.musikerforbundet.se

  • The Painters Union (Målarna) - www.malareforbundet.se/home/mf2/home.nsf/unidview/F687AD1138A9E3F3C12572E200403465

  • The Paper Workers Union (Pappers) - www.pappers.se/home/da/content.nsf/aget?openagent&key=swedish_paper_workers_union_1296047313140

  • The Union for Service and Communications Employees (SEKO) - http://portia.seko.se/trycksaksbutiken/index.asp?cat=17

  • The Transport Workers Union (Transport) - www.transport.se/Languages/English/

The Swedish Confederation of Employees (TCO) –www.tco.se/Om-TCO/Detta-ar-TCO/This-is-TCO/
TCO contains of 14 affiliated unions

  • Unionen - www.unionen.se/in-english

  • The Swedish Teachers’ Union (Lärarförbundet) - www.lararforbundet.se/web/ws.nsf/documents/00299829?OpenDocument

  • The Swedish Union of Local Government Officers (Vision) – www.vision.se

  • The Swedish Association of Health Professionals (Vårdförbundet) - www.vardforbundet.se/In-English/

  • The Union of Civil Servants (ST) - www.st.org/st-in-english/

  • The Union of Financial Sector Employees (Finansförbundet) - www.finansforbundet.se/In-English/

  • The Union of Swedish Policemen (Polisförbundet) - www.polisforbundet.se/in-english/

  • The Swedish Union of Journalists (Journalistförbundet) - www.sjf.se/about

  • The Union of Insurance Employees (FTF) – www.ftf.se

  • The Swedish Union of Theatrical Employees (Teaterförbundet) - www.teaterforbundet.se/web/In_English.aspx

  • The Union of Civilian Employees in the Defence Forces (Försvarsförbundet) - www.forsvarsforbundet.se

  • The Swedish Union of Customs’ and Coastguards Officers (Tull-Kust) – www.tullkust.se

  • The Swedish Federation of Professional Musicians (Symf) - www.symf.se

  • The Association of Forestal and Agricultural Employees (SLF) – www.slf-facket.se

The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (SACO) - www.saco.se/en
SACO have 22 affiliated associations

  • Akademikerförbundet SSR - www.akademssr.se/in-english

  • Civilekonomerna - www.civilekonomerna.se

  • JUSEK - www.jusek.se/templates/JK_SimplePage.aspx?id=48947

  • National Union of Teachers in Sweden – LR - www.lr.se/inenglish

  • SRAT - www.srat.se/about_srat/Sidor/default.aspx

  • Swedish Association of Architects (Sveriges Arkitekter) - www.arkitekt.se/english

  • Swedish Association of Military Officers (Officersförbundet) - www.officersforbundet.se

  • Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists (FSA) - www.fsa.se/Om-forbundet/Other-languages/English/

  • Swedish Association of Professional Scientists (Naturvetarna) - www.naturvetarna.se/sv/English/

  • Swedish Association of University Teachers (SULF) - www.sulf.se/In-English/

  • Swedish Medical Association (Läkarförbundet) - www.slf.se/Info-in-English/

  • Swedish Pharmacists Association (Farmacevtförbundet) - www.farmacevtforbundet.se/forbundet/english/Sidor/english.aspx

  • Swedish Psychological Association (Psykologförbundet) - www.psykologforbundet.se/omforbundet2/Internationellt/Sidor/English.aspx

  • The Church’s Graduate Association (KyrkA) – www.kyrka.se

  • The DIK Association (DIK) – www.dik.se

  • The Reserve Officer´s association (Reservofficerarna) – www.reservofficerarna.se

  • The Saco Transport and Railway Association’ (TJ) – www.tj.nu

  • The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer) - www.sverigesingenjorer.se/aboutus/Sidor/default.aspx

  • The Swedish Association of Registered Physiotherapists (Fysioterapeuterna) - www.fysioterapeuterna.se/In-English/

  • The Swedish Association of School Principals and Directors of Education (Skolledarna) - www.skolledarna.se/InEnglish/Sidor/inenglish.aspx

  • The Swedish Dental Association – SDA (Tandläkareförbundet) - www.tandlakarforbundet.se/In-English/

  • The Swedish Veterinary Association (SVF) – www.svf.se

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