Suzy Startwell Keeps her teeth healthy Instruction sheet for Practitioners Listen and respond

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Suzy Startwell Keeps her teeth healthy

Instruction sheet for Practitioners
Listen and respond

Ask the children what they do to keep their teeth healthy, strong and white?

  • When do they brush their teeth?

  • What do they put on their tooth brush to clean their teeth?

  • What does their tooth paste taste like?

  • Have they visited the dentist?

Have a go

Use a ‘feely bag’ containing a range of healthy and unhealthy foods and drinks and ask each child to pick out an item from the bag and place it on the happy tooth image if it makes teeth healthy, or the unhappy tooth if it makes teeth unhealthy. Use food and drink flashcards in the feely bag instead of actual packets if easier.


  1. Show the children the Suzy Startwell looks after her Teeth worksheet and explain that too many sugary foods and drinks can make ‘holes’ in our teeth. Ask the children to draw a circle around the pictures of foods and drinks that can make our teeth unhealthy.

  1. Read a story about visiting the dentist to the children. Use this as an opportunity to explore other Health Professionals with the children -

  • Has anybody ever visited the Doctor? What happened?

  • Did the doctor make you feel better? How?

  • Has anybody visited the Optician (‘doctor for our eyes’)? What happened?

  1. Using toothbrushes and paste (parents could be asked to supply or pay for the brushes or you may have set aside funding for purchasing tooth brushes) , set-up a tooth brushing activity whereby the children brush their teeth for 2 minutes. When the children are brushing, encourage them using a hand-puppet or another member of staff could brush alongside the children.

  1. Arrange a ‘Healthy Smiles Week’ – the children can brush their teeth at nursery everyday during the week and you could set-up oral health activities such as fruit and veg taster sessions and making fruit smoothies (high in calcium and therefore, good for teeth). Invite children who are over 12 months and still have a bottle to give their bottle to the ‘Bottle Fairy’.

Physical Development Activities

  1. Sing the ‘5 toothbrushes’ song with the children and do the actions.

  2. Set up a dentist role play area – e.g. include plastic dentist tool toys, make some appointment cards, have a dentist mask

Practitioner Tips

Don’t forget to use your Startwell stickers to encourage those children who have worked well on this activity. You could use these in conjunction with a reward chart.

Suzy Startwell keeps Her Teeth Healthy

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