Surah AlTeen 95 ٱلتِّين }وَٱلتِّينِ وَٱلزَّيْتُونِ

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Surah AlTeen 95 ٱلتِّين

}وَٱلتِّينِ وَٱلزَّيْتُونِ } * { وَطُورِ سِينِينَ } * { وَهَـٰذَا ٱلْبَلَدِ ٱلأَمِينِ } * { لَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا ٱلإِنسَانَ فِيۤ أَحْسَنِ تَقْوِيمٍ } *{ ثُمَّ رَدَدْنَاهُ أَسْفَلَ سَافِلِينَ } * { إِلاَّ ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ وَعَمِلُواْ ٱلصَّٰلِحَٰتِ فَلَهُمْ أَجْرٌ غَيْرُ مَمْنُونٍ } * { فَمَا يُكَذِّبُكَ بَعْدُ بِٱلدِّينِ } * { أَلَيْسَ ٱللَّهُ بِأَحْكَمِ ٱلْحَاكِمِينَ {

Pickthall: By the fig and the olive, (1) By Mount Sinai, (2) And by this land made safe; (3) Surely We created man of the best stature (4) Then we reduced him to the lowest of the low, (5) Save those who believe and do good works, and theirs is a reward unfailing. (6) So who henceforth will give the lie to thee about the judgment? (7) Is not Allah the most conclusive of all judges? (8)

1) The Truth swt, says: by the fig and the olive! Allah affirms, pledges by those two fruits because of their immense benefits. It is said that the prophet saw was gifted a plate of figs and he ate from it and mentioned to his friends, eat from it, because if I said there is a fruit that came from heaven then it is this one. Eat it as it stops/cures hemorrhoids and protects from Gout. It is also a delicious fruit, simple and easily digestible, with plenty of benefits, a laxative and releases/eases the sputum, detoxifies the kidneys and dislodges the stones/sand from the bladder. It is a fattening fruit that supports the liver and spleen. Ali bin Mousa, said that the Fig cleanses the palate of the mouth, helps to lengthen the hair, and is a protection from stroke.

As for Olives, it is a very beneficial fruit and a medicine, and even if it had no other benefit except for its abundant valuable oil, then that would have sufficed. Its tree is a blessed one, and is mentioned in the Quran. Mu'adh bin jabal, passed by an olive tree and took a small branch and used it as a toothpick, and said I heard the messenger saw to say: The olive is a blessed tree, a good toothpick (miswak), refreshes the mouth and protects from cavities. and said that it is his miswak and the miswak of the previous prophets. Ibn Abbas said, this fig of yours and olive of yours is said to be two mountains in Syria where those two fruits grow.

2) By the mount of Sinai (spot), it is the mountain that the prophet Mousa (AS) conversed directly with Allah swt, and it is refered to it as Sinai or Sinin. And this peaceful/secure place, i.e. Mecca, the honoured place by Allah that has peace and security for anyone entering into the city as similar to the safeguarding of a trust the safekeeping of an amaneh. And the pledge by these two cities/blessed spots, which are spiritually charged is needless of an explanation.

4) And the reply to the pledge, is: We created/fashioned Human being (its race) in the best possible way, in terms of standing erect, in form and meaning. Allah has made humans erect, well proportioned, and they have attributes of the Bari the Maker; Bariyah is creation. He endowed human beings with attributes of ability, will, knowledge, life, hearing, seeing and speech. This is the meaning of the hadith “God created Adam is His form”. And to elaborate on the miracles of Human beings is very lengthy.

5) Then we abased humans, meaning we made them the people of the fire, which are the ugliest and the lowliest of all creation, because they did not follow the prescribed path as per their attributes, which if they used these attributes for their designated purpose, then they would be elevated to the highest station. Then we returned them to feeble old age after youth, and weakness after strength. Meaning his frame will become bent with age, his hair will go grey, his skin wrinkled and his hearing and sight will weaken.

6) Except for those who believe and perform good deeds. This exception is related to the first part and disconnected from the second part. Meaning we abased human beings except for those who believe. Or those who believe and remained performing good deeds in their old age, then they have endless blessings, because they show obedience and patience in their old age and the challenges that face them, and to persist in performing their worship as they age. A story reported by Ins about the prophet (saw) he said “if a believer reached 50 years of age, then Allah lightens/reduces his account, and if he reaches 60 years of age they become God’s agent. When they reach 70 years, they become loved by the residents of heaven, when they reach 80, their good deeds are noted and exceed their wrong deeds! If they reach 90, then their bad deeds are forgiven and they may intercede for their family and became Allah’s prisoner in his earth. If a believer reaches 100 years of age, and does not have any activity or work, then the blessings of his work during his youth and good health will be written again for him.

7) Then after all this , why do you deny/lie after this decisive statement and the brilliant evident proof, meaning that human beings were created from a clot and then formed into a human being fully erect and they grow until reach their youth and maturity, then become aged. You don’t see a better and more evident proof about the capability/ability of the power and majesty of Allah swt. And the one who can create this miraculous form of a human being, do you still doubt that he is not capable of returning them back to life?

8) This is a promise and chastisement for the ones who are covering the truth, the unbelievers. He will judge them according to what is required for them. Meaning: Allah can best separate, differentiate conclusively between right and wrong, truth and false. Can distinguish and separate the believers from the liars. Isn’t the creator who created this human being in the best form, the best judge and the wisest? The prophet used to say whenever he read this ayah: “Bela (yes indeed), and I am a witness (that Allah is the best Judge)!”

Ishara: The sum of what is mentioned in this surah is what Qushairi describes: God the exalted, refers to four things, because of their honorable places. First, the fig tree of the heart, fruitful with pure inner knowledge, devoid of any pip/stones of mind/intellectual doubt or false illusions. Second, the tree of the soul, lit from the perfect (secret) Light because it is ever ready/alert. Surah Nur: 35 “Its oil is alight without being touched by fire”. Third, The tree of the secret, which is the abode/place of the witnessing, dialogue and salvation. Fourth, the safe abode, which is a state of disappearance, after being enabled and the return to the cause, having the courtesy of wisdom, and reflection on its slavery, a place of perfection. The ayah “Surely We created man of the best stature” Qushairi says: meaning in the perfect fashioning, the highest station, and humans carry the Divine Light/ our soul (amana), and have the attributes of the merciful/creator, the soul, mind and full comprehension.

The poet said:

Oh you who is lost and bewildered in your actions from your soul, look inside you and you will find the whole existence.

You are perfection in path and truth, who contain the whole secret of Allah in its entirety.

Shaikh Abi Alabbas al Mursi said: one night I recited surah Alteen, and reflected on ayahs 4 & 5 and Allah lifted the veil and showed me the eternal tablet/main book/Divine knowledge, and it was written that Surely We created man of the best stature - soul and mind, Then we reduced him to the lowest of the low – ego and whimsical desires. Save those who believe and perform good deeds – they are the people with soul and mind who are steadfast in their good conduct and actions and the rest are the people controlled by their ego and whims. And Allah knows best. We ask Allah swt to send His blessings upon the Prophet and his family.

تَقْوِيمٍ evaluation, assessment, determination, intention, = قام يَقُومُ قائم to stand firm

الرجال قوّامون على النساء، وقوله تعالى: إلا ما دمت عليه قائماً؛ أي ملازماً محافظاً. Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, and says: but as long as it exists; any lieutenant governor.

المقام: موضع القدمين

رَدَدْنَاهُ : reverted , returned رَدَ reply response

أَسْفَلَ سَافِلِينَ objectionable, troublesome , imbalanced والسُّفْلُ: نقيض العُلْوِ في التَّسَفُّل والتَّعَلِّي

Vicious, morally degenerate, indecent, shameless, impolite, not clean, immoral, disrespectful

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