Subject: Chronology of the presentation to the Public of the Thermal Generation Facility (tec) of Vlora

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Nr. ______ Prot. Tirane, me _________________ 2006
Subject: Chronology of the presentation to the Public of the Thermal Generation Facility (TEC) of Vlora:

  1. Identification of the most suitable site for the construction of TGF of Vlora

This stage was completed during the period April – September 2002. Seven potential sites were identified and studied according to the criteria established by the Methodology of the World Bank. Based on this evaluation, as the most suitable site was selected Vlora B (in the vicinity of the new port). In the introductory meeting of the First Stage carried out by the Ministry of Energy and Industry participated representatives of:

- National Agency of Energy

- Albanian Corporate of Electro-energy

- Ministry of Territorial Adjustment and Tourism

- Ministry of Environment

- Local authorities of Vlora (Municipality, Center Commune, District and Prefecture)

- Intellectuals and NGO of Vlora

The Meeting took place in Vlora on 31 October 2002 and all participants were very positive in their statements and for the arguments for establishment of the TGF in the area of VLORA B.

  1. the accomplishment of the study of the economic benefits of the TGF

This stage commenced on 25 September and continued until 30 November 2002. The Ministry of Energy and industry based on all procedures of the Law on Urban planning to take the permission on for the construction site for the TGF, presented the complete file at the Council of Territorial Adjustment of the District of Vlora, including an Evaluation on Environmental Impact Assessment. This evaluation was initially delivered to the Regional Environmental office of Vlora (on 23 November 2002). The meeting of the Council of Territory Adjustment of the District of Vlora approved the Site proposed for the construction of the TGF on 21 December 2002 and forwarded the file to the Council of Territorial Adjustment of hat Republic of Albania. The scheduled meeting of 16 February 2003 of the Council of territorial Adjustment of the Republic of Albania approved this site following procedures. In the above mentioned three meetings participated;

- Ministry of Industry and Energy

- National Agency of Energy

- Ministry of territorial Adjustment and Tourism

- Ministry of Environment

- Local Authorities of Vlora (Municipality, Commune Center, District, Prefecture),

- Intellectuals and NGO from Vlora.

  1. Third phase of Study: Complete EIA (Environmental impact Assessment)

Duration of this phase was 02 April 2003 until 31 July 2003. Based on law “For the Protection of Environment” and directives and orientations of WB, EBI, and EBRD it was indispensable that a meeting with all actors be conducted before the Complete EIA. Possible participators in this meeting were identified - Ministry of Environment

  • Ministry of Territory Adjustment and Tourism

  • Albanian Electro-Energy Corporate

  • National Agency of Energy

  • Local Authorities, municipality, district, communes

  • NGO of the Environmental area

- NGo-s of the public information
  • Intellectuals

  • Ngo of Economic development

(NGOs present in teh meeting were local and national)

This meeting was organized on 02 April 2003, based on the requirements of the local legislation and requiremetns and framework of Aarhus Convention. Based on the obligations and requirement from teh local legislation and the Aarhuc Convention the parameters and the terms of reference prepared by the ME and National Agency of Energy. All sugestions and objections by teh participants were kept notive and refleceted in the ToR for the company during the drafting of the EIA.

The draft study of teh EIA was received from teh consulting company on 23 July 2003. The Ministry of industry and Energy through Albanian Electro-Energy Corporate and National Agency of Energy delivered this draft to Vlora local authorities on 23 July 2003, 3 full originals in English adn 20 Albanian versions. This copies (in both languages) were displayed at the Library of the City of Vlora at the District of Vlora for a time fraem of 2 months. Ful copies were made available for the iterested and general public at the premises of teh Electro-Energy Corporate adn National Agency of Energy. To make it open for the public and ensure that the results of the EIA were accessible from everybody a press release was published in 5 main newspapers of the Country. On 02 September 2003, the American Company MWH presented the Full Study of the EIA in the city of Vlora. In this meeting participants from the Ministry of Energy and Industry, EE Corporate, NAE, Ministry of Territorial Adjustment and Tourism, Ministry of Environment, Local Authorities, Municipality, District of Vlora, NGO’s took part. The conclusion of the meeting form all the participants was that the TGF fulfils the environmental requirements of the district of Vlora and of the whole country as well as the conditions set forth by WB, BEI, EBRD, and recommends that this project is financed by the banks. WB, BEI, EBRD commented the study and the EIA of the project. The comments were that the construction of the TGF fulfills the national and international requirements.

Based on Order of the Prime Minister Nr. 151, date 11/10/2005, the Ad Hoc Commission “For the consideration of the economic, and environmental aspects of the energy park project of Vlora” together with all groups involved in this project, in three separate meetings, the advantages and disadvantages of this project.
The first meeting was conducted on 22 October 05 in Tirana. In this meeting representatives of the Ministry of Economy, trade and Energy, National Agency of Energy presented the complete study of the TGF and all the concrete steps that had been followed for public participation and information.
The Second meeting was organized on 29 October 05 in Tirana. Technical details and the values of the discharges in the atmosphere were analyzed in this meeting; the conclusion was that the discharges are within the norms and parameters.
The third meeting was organized on 11 November 05 in Vlora. The Ad Hoc Commission visited the site. A meeting with the students of the technologic University of Vlora was organized were all the details of the project were discussed.

As a conclusion we would like to point out that the procedures have been according to the requiremtns of the local and itnernational law, and have been monitored by the three banks that will finance the project. The EIA has been conducted according to regulations and requirements of the Albanian and international law by taking particular care to inform the public for all the steps taken.

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