Study Guides for bio308/508 – Comparative Anatomy

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Study Guides for BIO308/508 – Comparative Anatomy

Lecture 14

Skull – Chondrocranium (Neurocranium) and Dermatocranium

  1. Know the three basic divisions of the vertebrate skull.

  2. Know the basic developmental pattern of the chondrocranium and any ossifications discussed in lecture.

  3. Know the six basic regions of the dermatocranium.

  4. Be able to discuss and illustrate the major evolutionary trends of the dermatocranium.

  5. Understand the structure and evolutionary origin of the secondary palate in mammals.

Text Reading:

Chapter 7 (pgs. 233-264)

Read the handout in the course packet on Mineralized Tissue. You are responsible for all terms in bold in this handout.

chondrocranium, splanchnocranium, neurocranium, visceral cranium, trabeculae, prechordal cartilages, parachordal cartilages, occipital cartilages, olfactory capsule, orbital cartilage, sclerotic ring, otic capsule, dermatocranium, maxilla, palatine, squamosal, quadrate, dentary, articular, temporal fenestrae, secondary palate, anapsid, diapsid, synapsid.

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