Standard Operating Procedure (sop) Funding Professional Credentials and Certification Examinations

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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Funding Professional Credentials and Certification Examinations

  • The following information and funding procedures are related to professional credentials, certification and recertification examinations for all Navy Medical Department Officers (Active Duty and Reserve).

  • Contingent upon available funds, Navy Medicine Professional Development Center (NMPDC) may pay expenses for members to obtain professional credentials, including expenses for accreditation, professional certification/recertification, and examinations to obtain such credentials.

  • NMPDC may not fund examinations that are a prerequisite for initial appointment into the armed forces.

  • If funding is not available, individuals are personally responsible for obtaining and maintaining a current unrestricted state professional license.

  • The Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (AFHPSP) reimburses parts of the national licensing examinations required for participant’s graduation. Examinations required for State and Federal licensing taken after completion of the AFHPSP are not reimbursable.

  • NMPDC may fund requests for Navy Medical Department officers for certification examinations, maintenance for certification examinations, or recertification examinations within the individual’s specialty or subspecialty that lead to a subspecialty code suffix denoting board certification/board equivalency certification or assignment as an Additional Qualification Designator (AQD).

  • NMPDC will only consider funding requests from Navy Medical Corps officer for Medical Specialty Board Examinations approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) or the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). Dual certification (both ABMS and AOA) funding requests in the same specialty will not be approved.

  • NMPDC will not fund requests from Navy Medical Corps officers for practice or experience based (i.e., grandfathered) certification.

  • NMPDC funding priorities

    • 1. Active Component Navy Medical Department personnel

    • 2. Reserve Component Navy Medical Department personnel activated to duty for periods of 1 year or more

  • Funding WILL NOT be approved for individuals who:

  • Navy Medical Department personnel applying for certification/recertification in a program or specialty MUST communicate directly with the examining or certifying agency to determine eligibility.

  • Candidates requesting funding from NMPDC must send a request for sponsorship to the Commanding Officer, NMPDC via their chain of command at least 6 weeks prior to the examination date.

  • If the examination date is not available 6 weeks prior to the examination, the candidate must advise NMPDC of the date as soon as it becomes available.

  • Funding request can be located on the NMPDC Webpage at and the document must contain all required information or processing delays/disapproval may result.

  • Funding requests are to be directed to the appropriate NMPDC code:

    • Medical Corps (Code 1WGPMC)

    • Dental Corps (Code 1WGPDC)

    • Medical Service Corps (Code 1WGPMSC)

    • Nurse Corps (Code 1WGPNC)

  • If funding is approved, NMPDC will authorize the candidate to pay examination fees and fees incidental to the examination from personal funds pending reimbursement.

  • The requesting individual is responsible for making travel and lodging arrangements through the Commercial Travel Office.

  • NMPDC command approval for participants will include a funding citation and instructions for obtaining reimbursement…..reimbursement WILL NOT be made until after the individual completes the board examination.

  • When examinations are offered at more than one location, either simultaneously or intervals during the year, candidates MUST request the nearest site. If an inordinate delay would result from this policy, individual determinations will be made by NMPDC.

  • Eligible candidates MUST have command endorsement stating absence from their duty station for the time required to take the examination will not cause significant interruption of service and care. A sample command endorsement is available.

  • If approved, NMPDC will provide the individual with a funding citation for the individual’s local command to issue appropriate temporary additional duty (TAD) orders. If not utilizing the Defense Travel System (DTS), the activity receiving the funding citation must provide NMPDC (Code 08F) a copy of the individual’s travel claim and travel voucher summary, or DTS equivalent, within 10 days of travel completion.

  • Within 5 business days after completion of TAD, the member must submit a travel claim to their respective Personnel Support Detachment, local TAD officer or through DTS for liquidation.

  • Successful board certification candidates must forward a copy of the examining agency’s official results and certification documentation to the appropriate Corps Planner at the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED).

*A copy of necessary forms is available by accessing the NMPDC website at or by contacting one of the Program Specialists*

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