Staff Accommodation Standards – ihf properties

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Staff Accommodation Standards – IHF Properties

This document is intended to set down basic minimum standards for those properties offering live in staff accommodation. It is in no way intended to supersede any rules or regulations currently in place in individual properties.

  • Single room accommodation or alternatively twin room accommodation to be provided allowing a maximum of two staff per room. Triple accommodation may be considered in some cases where there is a bedroom large enough to accommodate three single beds and have sufficient storage as outlined below.

  • Provision of en suite or shower and toilet facilities shared by no more than 6 staff.

  • Suitable furniture and fittings to be provided and maintained to a high standard. These to include wardrobe, chair, dressing table, mirror, beds, lampshade, curtains etc.

  • Bedding, bed linen and towels to be provided.

  • Staff accommodation to comply with Fire Regulations and Safety and Health Regulations.

  • Staff meals to be provided seven days per week at times outlined by the employer or alternatively provide meals in the hotel for the 5 working days with cooking facilities available in staff accommodation for the other 2 days.

  • A washing machine and a dryer to be provided within the staff accommodation, or alternatively should be made available to the employee in the hotel.

  • A TV lounge or recreation room should be accessible to all employees in staff accommodation.

  • The provision of a cleaning rota for all areas of staff accommodation to be provided and controlled by the employer.

  • Staff rooms to be inspected regularly by a senior member of management..

  • Keys should be issued and controlled by the manager responsible for personnel.

  • The employer may charge a security deposit to ensure that staff accommodation is well maintained by the employee, and if not may retain this deposit when the employee ceases employment. Employers may also make their own individual arrangements in this regard.

  • In addition to the above each property will have their own rules in relation for staff facilities and they will be notified to you at induction.

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Employer Employee


Staff responsibilities while using live in Staff Accommodation

I have read and understand the accommodation standards as set out above. I agree to maintain the room allocated to me for the duration of my employment to the highest standards possible, ensuring that the room is well maintained and that any damaged items are reported to management immediately.

I further agree to forfeit my deposit should the room be returned at the end of my employment in a less than satisfactory condition.

_______________________ _______________

Employee Date

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