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Academic Alignments
Academic alignments, where appropriate in Math, Reading, Writing and Communication, Science and Social Studies (including Personal Financial Literacy) were defined by CTE and academic subject matter experts using the following criteria:
• It was a point where technical and academic content naturally collided;
• The student must demonstrate adequate proficiency with the academic standard to perform the technical skill; and
• It could be assessed for both academic and technical understanding.
Colorado’s CTE programs have had academic alignments dating back to the early 1990’s. While these alignments resulted in an increase in academic focus in CTE programs, the reality is that a true transformation in intentional teaching toward the academic standard was limited.
With these alignments comes a new expectation: If a CTE instructor is teaching a CTE concept that has an identified alignment, they must also be intentional about their instruction of the academic standard. CCCS will be providing professional development and instructional resources to assist with the successful implementation of this new expectation. In addition, this expanded expectation will require increased collaboration between CTE and academic instructors to transform teaching and learning throughout each school.
For each set of Cluster and Pathway standards, the academic alignments have been included and are separated by academic area. CCCS chose to align at the “Evidence Outcome” level. The aligned academic evidence outcome follows the CTE evidence outcome to which it has been aligned. For a sample, see Illustration A.

The academic standard number used in the alignments matches the Colorado Department of Education standards numbering convention.

Content Standards- CCCS Health Occupations – Sports Medicine

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