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Linear Viscoelastic Properties Of Steel-Polymer Composites At High Frequencies

Yun-Che WANG, Chun-Yi Wu, Chih-Chieh Lu, Chung-Yu Yu (Nat. Cheng Kung U., Tainan) Fri

An Analytical Study on Quasi- Static 3-Points Bending Response of Multi-Layered Sandwich Panel

Iliyas RAZA, Hemang Gorasia, Stephanie Benedikt Günther, Joerg Feldhusen (Aachen U., Germany) Farshid Khosravi Maleki, M. Evren TOYGAR (Dokuz Eylul U., Izmir, Turkey)

Linear Viscoelastic Properties Of Steel-Polymer Composites At High Frequencies

Yun-Che WANG, Chun-Yi Wu, Chih-Chieh Lu, Chung-Yu Yu (Nat. Cheng Kung U., Tainan) Fri

An Analytical Study on Quasi- Static 3-Points Bending Response of Multi-Layered Sandwich Panel

Iliyas RAZA, Hemang Gorasia, Stephanie Benedikt Günther, Joerg Feldhusen (Aachen U., Germany)

Session 3d GENERAL 3

Tuesday 2:00PM-4:00PM small room Chairs: Daniela S. Mainardi, Luciano M.G. Vieira, co-chair Yong Ge

Characterization Of Physical Properties Of A Newly Discovered Bhimal Fibre Kishor Kalauni, K.M. GUPTA (Motilal Nehru Nat.Inst., Allahabad, India)

Flexural Behaviour Of Hybrid Sustainable Composites Reinforced With Silica Nanoparticles Luciano M.G.VIEIRA, J.C. Santos, A.L. Christoforo,

Tulio H. Panzera (UFSJ. Sao Joao del Rei, Brazil), J.C.C. Rubio (UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil), F. Scarpa (U. Bristol, UK)

Fabrication Of A Hierarchical Gecko-Inspired Microarray By A Three-Dimensional Porous Nickeloxide Template

Enshuang ZHANG, Yuyan Liu, Youshan Wang, Zhimin Xie (Harbin Inst.Tech., China)

Formation Of Micro/Nano-Scale Patterns Atop Shape Memory Polymers

Tong LV, Yuyan Liu, Zhimin Wan,Hongjun Kang,Huifeng Tan (Harbin Inst Tech., China)

Sensitivity Of Carbon Fibre/Silicon Rubber Composites For Concrete Structural Health Monitoring In Bending

Yong GE, Yongquan Zhang, Lili Yang (Harbin Inst.Tech., China)

Acoustic Emission Monitoring Of Damage Initiation In Flexural Tests Of GFRP Composites Tomasz Spodaryk (Anga, Poland), Maciej Panek

(Wroclaw U.T., Poland), Krzysztof J. KONSZTOWICZ (U. Bielsko-Biala, Poland)

Nano-Engineered Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts for Synfuel Production Fernando A. Soto, Suraj Gyawali, Purnima Karidehal, Daniela S. MAINARDI(Louisiana Tech)

Effect of Structural Integrity on Electron Transport in Nanocomposites Taylor Tarlton , Joshua Brown, Benjamin Beach (Louisiana Tech., Ruston),

Pedro Derosa (Louisiana Tech., and Grambling State U.)

Session 4a METAL 1

Tuesday 4:10PM-6:10PM Room A Chair: Song Jeng Huang, co-chairs: W. Weglewski, B. Ballokova

Mechanical Properties Enhancement of Hot Extruded Tubes Made from Particle Reinforced AM60/Nano-Al2O3p Magnesium Matrix

Composites Song-Jeng HUANG (Nat. Taiwan U.Sci.Tech.), Jong-Ning Aoh, Yang-Chen Liu (Nat.Chung Cheng U.), Reshef Tenne

(Weizmann Inst., Israel)

On Thermal Residual Stress In Metal/Intermetallic-Matrix Composites – Numerical Prediction And Experimental Verification

Witold WEGLEWSKI, Michal Basista (IPPT, Warsaw, Poland)

Influence Of Sand Particles On The Corrosion Of Steel In Concrete

Raja Rizwan HUSSAIN, Abdulrahman Alhozaimy, Abdulaziz Al Negheimish (King Saud U., Riyadh, S. Arabia)

Development and Characterization of AA6061 Matrix Composites Reinforced With Halloysite Nanoparticles

Blazej Tomiczek, Leszek A. DOBRZANSKI, Lukasz Reimann, Wojciech Pakieła (Silesian U.T., Gliwice, Poland)

Failure Mechanism Of Cu-Al2O3 Micro And Nanomaterials Observed by "In-Situ Tensile Test In SEM" Michal BESTERCIA,

Oksana Velgosova (Inst.Mat.Res., Kosice, Slovak Rep.), Jozef Ivan (Bratislava, Slovak Rep.), Katarína Sülleiova (Kosice, Slovak Rep.)

Microstructure, Mechanical Properties And Fracture Of Mg-Al2o3 Nano Composites Beata BALLOKOVA, Martin Balog, Michal Besterci,

Katarina Sulleiova (Slovakia Acad Sci,Slovakia), Song-Jeng Huang (Nat. Taiwan U., Taipei)

Manufacture and Properties of MMCs based on TaC and Al, Cu or Au O. Kish, Nathalia FROUMIN, M. Aizenshtein, N. Frage (BGU, Israel)
Session 4b NOVEL MAG 1 (organized by THO)

Tuesday 4:10PM-6:10PM Room B Chair: K. Tanaka, S. Nakashima Chair: Paolo Mele

Nanostructure and Pinning Performance of YBa2Cu3Ox Thin Films Added With Y2O3 Nanoparticulate Paolo MELE (Hiroshima U., Japan) ,

R. Guzman, J. Gazquez, T. Puig, X. Obradors (ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain), S. Saini (Hiroshima U., Japan), Y. Yoshida

(Nagoya U., Japan), M. Mukaida (Kyushu U., Japan), A. Ichinose (CRIEPI, Japan), K. Matsumoto (Kyushu I. T., Japan) invited

Electromechanical Analysis Of The Nb3Sn Wires And Cables For The ITER Project M. Breschi, P.L. Ribani (U. Bologna, Italy)

Magnetic Fluorescent Nanoparticles For Biomedical Applications

Fabio CANEPA, P. Riani, M.A. Lucchini (Genova U., Italy)

The Potential for Development of Super-Strong Nanocomposite Magnets George C. HADJIPANAYIS (U. Delaware)

Exchange Interactions In Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) Grown Magnetic Nanostructures L. Tomasz Baczewski (IFPAN, Warsaw, Poland),

K. Mergia (NCSR Athens, Greece), A. Petroutchik, A.Wawro (IFPAN, Warsaw, Poland), J. Kisielewski, A. Maziewski (U. Bialystok, Poland),

F. Ott (CAE, Saclay, France) invited

Recent Progress in Modeling Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy of Topological Insulators and Novel Superconductors

Arun BANSIL (Northeastern U., Boston, MA)

Are ZnMnO and ZnCoO Samples Really Ferromagnetic? Marek GODLEWSKI, M.I. Lukasiewicz, A. Wojcik-Głodowska, B.S. Witkowski,

W. Knoff (Inst.Physics, Polish Acad Sci, Warsaw)

Session 4c MATH 4

Tuesday 4:10PM-6:10PM Room C Chair: Samuel I. Ibekwe

A New Hybrid Impact Tolerant Sandwich Core

Samuel I. IBEKWE (Southern Univ Baton Rouge, LA), Gefu Ji (Louisiana St.U.), Guoqiang Li (LSU and SUBR)

Polymer Matrix Composites: Performance Enhancement Through Viscoelastically Generated Prestress Adnan FAZAL, Kevin Fancey

(U. Hull, UK)

Free Vibration Of Thin Walled Composite Beams With Arbitrary Closed Cross-Section

M. Gökhan GÜNAY, Taner Timarci (Trakya U., Edirne, Turkey)

Characterization Of Stochastic Honeycombs Megan Hostetter, Glenn HIBBARD (U. Toronto, Canada) invited

Mechanical Properties of Sandwich Plate

Ali TIAN, Rechuan Ye, Chaoming Shen (Jiangsu U. Sci.Tech., Zhenjiang, China)

Nonlinear Responses Of Supported Nanotubes Conveying Fluid Based On Nonlocal Elasticity Theory

HuLiang Dai, Qiao NI, Qin Qian, Lin Wang (Huazhong U. Sci.Tech., Wuhan, China)

Two Locally Resonant Band Gaps Of A Periodic Tube Induced By Different Mechanisms

Hongping HU, Ziyang Lian, Yuantai Hu (Huazhong U.Sci.Tech., Wuhan, China)

Session 4d GENERAL 4

Tuesday 4:10PM-6:10PM small room Chair: Myung Chul Kang, co-chairs: C. Friedrich, I. Chirica

Alumina Nanofibers Obtained From Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)/Boehmite Nanocomposites And Their Uses

Koji NAKANE, Nobuo Ogata (U. Fukui, Japan)

Failure Relevance And Determination Of Preload Relaxation In Bolted Joints Using Composite Materials

Christoph FRIEDRICH, H. Hubbertz (U. Siegen, Germany)

Omnidirectional Light Absorption by Large Scale Hierarchical Structures on Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cell

Yu-Lun Chueh (Nat. Tsinghua U., Hsinchu)

Synthesis Of Gold Nanostructures And Its Electroanalytical Applications

Ashok Kumar DAS, Rama K. Layek, Nam Hoon Kim, Joong Hee Lee (Chonbuk Nat U., S. Korea)

Enhanced Hydrogen Gas Barrier Property Of Polyethyleneimine Modified Graphene Oxide Coated

Film Woong Bi PARK, Nam Hoon Kim, Joong Hee Lee (Chonbuk Nat U., S. Korea)

Essential Work Of Fracture Toughness And Mechanical Properties of Recycled PA 6

Okan GUL , Sinan Yilmaz, Taner Yilmaz (Kocaeli U., Turkey)

Grounding Simulations Of Ship Hull Sandwich Structure

Ionel CHIRICA, Ionel Gavrilescu, Elena-Felicia Beznea (U. Dunarea Galati, Romania), Vasile Giuglea (Galati, Romania)

The Role Of Electric Charge And Self-Polarization For The Formation And Behaviour Of Non-Spherical Nanoparticles

Nikunjkumar Visaveliya, Andrea Knauer, J. Michael KOEHLER (TU Ilmenau, Germany)

Session 5a BIO 2

Tuesday 6:20PM-8:20PM Room A Chair: Mariana Ionita, co-chairs: G. Slawinski, M. Patila, H. Iovu

Numerical Simulations Of The Influence Of Blast Wave On Human Body

Tadeusz Niezgoda, Grzegorz SLAWINSKI (Military U.T., Warsaw, Poland)

Spectroscopic And Thermal Contributions Regarding The Synthesis Of Betulonic Acid By Selective Oxidation Of Betulin

Adriana FULIAS (U. Medicine & Pharm, Timisoara, Romania), Vasile Bercean (Politeh. U. Timisoara, Romania), Gabriela Vlase, Titus Vlase

(West U. Timisoara), Ionuţ Ledeti (U. Medicine & Pharm,, Timisoara, Romania)

Amino Acid-Based Bioresorbable Poly(Ester Amide)S: Promising Materials For Constructing Drugdelivering Nanocarriers

Sophia KOBAURI (Agricultural Univ., Tbilisi, Georgia), Vladimir P.Torchilin (Northeastern U., Boston, MA), David Tugushi,

Ramaz Katsarava (Agricultural Univ., Tbilisi, Georgia),

Composites Of Live Cells: Cell Adhesion , Attachment And Properties Dan Davidov (Hebrew U. Jerusalem, Israel)

Continuous Hydrothermal Synthesis Of Functional-Hydroxyapatite Rods And Plates For Biomedical Applications Miquel GIMENO-Fabra

(U. Nottingham, UK), Selina V. Tang (Nottingham, UK), Edward H. Lester, David M. Grant (U. Nottingham, UK)

Porous Chitosan/Graphene Oxide Biomaterials With Potential Application In Bone Regeneration

Mariana IONITA, Andreea Madalina PANDELE, Horia IOVU (U. Politeh Bucharest, Romania) chair

Camelina Oil-Based Hydrophilic Monomers For Novel Polymeric Materials Brindusa BALANUCA, Raluca Stan, Anamaria Hanganu, Adriana Lungu,

Horia Iovu (U. Politeh. Bucharest, Romania)

Immobilization Of Enzymes On Carbon-Based Hybrid Nanomaterials For The Development Of Effective Nanobiocatalytic Systems

Michaela PATILA, George Orfanakis, Petros Katapodis, Angeliki Polydera, Dimitris Gournis, Alkiviadis S. Paipetis, Haralambos Stamatis (U. Ioannina, Greece)

Session 5b TEXTILE 1

Tuesday 6:20PM-8:20PM Room B Chairs: Mizi Fan, K. Salasinska

Impact Properties Of Newly Developed Multistitched Woven Preform/Nano Composites Kadir BILISIK, Gaye Kaya (Erciyes U., Turkey)

Properties And Dimensional Stability Of Natural Fiber Composites With Sunflower Husk

Kamila SALASINSKA, Joanna Ryszkowska (Warsaw U.T., Poland)

Characterisation of Fire Resistance of Natural Fibre Composites Mizi FAN, Alex Naughton (Brunel U., UK)

Experimental Investigation Of The Mechanical Parameters Of Fibers And Matrixes Of Bamboo

Baolu SHENG , Dongsheng Huang (Nanjing Forestry U, China)

A Novel Model To Predict The Bending Performances Of PSL Beams

Yuling Bian (Nanjing Forestry U., China), Dongmei Huang (Suzhou, China), Baolu Sheng, Dongsheng HUANG (Nanjing Forestry U.)

The Energy Absorption Of Environmentally-Friendly Structures Based On Bamboo Tubes Mohd Zuhri MOHAMED-Yusoff, Zhongwei Guan

(U. Liverpool, UK), Wesley J. Cantwell (U. Liverpool, UK and Khalifa U.Sc.Tech., UAE)

Characterization Cellulose Micro Particles From Cotton Waste Magdi El-MESSIRY (Alexandria U., Egypt)

Nanoindentation Properties Of Polylactic Acid Composite Films Reinforced With Jute Fibers Of Different Size

Vijay BAHETI, Jiri Militky, Rajesh Mishra, Blanka Tomkova (TU Liberec, Czech Rep.)

Session 5c MATH 5

Tuesday 6:20PM-8:20PM Room C Chair: Marino Quaresimin, G. R. Baran

A Model For The Prediction Of The Crack Density Evolution In Multidirectional Laminates Under Fatigue Loading

Marino QUARESIMIN, Paolo Andrea Carraro (U. Padova, Italy)

Molecular-Dynamic Research Of Free Surfaces And Interfaces Influence On The Nanostructure Deformation Process

Elena GOLOVNEVA, Igor Golovnev, Vasily Fomin (Novosibirsk, Russia),

Molecular Dynamics Simulation Of High Frequency Electric Polarization Of Carbon Nanotube Array Based Polymer Nanocomposites

Viatcheslav V. BARKALINE, A. Pletezhov (Belarusian Nat.T.U., Belarus)

A Fracture Mechanics-Based Micromechanical Model For The Fatigue Behavior Of Fibre Reinforced Materials

Roberto Brighenti, Andrea Carpinteri, Daniela SCORZA (U. Parma, Italy)

Studies On Dynamic Constitutive Behavior and Damage Evolution Of Polymer Composites By SHPB Combining With Other Techniques

Lili WANG (Ningbo U., China)

Multiscale Modeling of a Nacre-Inspired Polymer-Matrix Composite

W. Wang, K. Kistler, Keya SADEGHIPOUR, S. Sieburth, George R. BARAN (Temple U., Philadelphia, PA)

On The Fracture Mechanics and Nanocomposite Applications Refat El-SHEIKHY, Mosleh Al-Shamrany (KSU, S. Arabia)

Thermal And Mechanical Properties Of Ureaurethane Elastomer Composites With Hollow Glass Spheres

Kamila PIETRZAK, Michał Chrzaszcz, Joanna Ryszkowska (Warsaw U.T., Poland)

Session 5d GENERAL 5

Tuesday 6:20PM-8:20PM small room Chairs: Ladislav Celko, N. Seetala

Influence Of Technological Parameters On A Quality Of Atmospheric Plasma SprayedAl2O3+13% TiO2 and Cr2O3 Coatings

D. JECH, Ladislav Celko, L. Klakurkova, K. Slamecka (Brno T.U., Czech Rep.), E. Dvoracek (Brno), J. Svejcar (Brno T.U., Czech Rep.)

Formation Of Aluminide Diffusion Coatings By Powder Mixture CVD Process

Miroslava HORYNOVA, Celko Ladislav, Jech David, Klurkova Lenka, Svejcar Jiri (Brno T.U., Czech Rep.)

Formation And Growth Of Thermally Grown Oxide In Two Different Atmospheric Plasma Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coating Systems

Ladislav CELKO, David Jech (Brno U.T., Czech Rep.), Tomas Chraska (ASCR, Prague, Czech Rep.), Lenka Klakurkova, Karel Slámecka, Zdenek Spotz

(Brno U.T.), Jiri Dubsky (ASCR), Jiri Svejcar (Brno U.T.)

Spark Plasma Heat Treated Coarse and Nano-Powder ZrB2-SiC and HfB2-SiC Composites for Ultra High Temperature Aerospace Applications

Naidu V. Seetala, Marquavious T. Webb (Grambling State U., LA), Lawrence E Matson (Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio), HeeDong Lee

(UES, Dayton, Ohio), Carmen M. Carney (WPAFB, Ohio), Thomas Key (UES, Dayton) chair

Structure And Properties Of Gasdynamic Coverings

Maxim PUGACHEV, Gennady Moskvitin, Vladimir Arhipov, Anatoly Londarsky , Melshanov Askold (Russian Acad Sci, Moscow)

Mechanical Characteristics Of Gasdynamic Coverings

Gennadii MOSKVITIN, Vladimir Arhipov, Anatoly Londarsky , Melshanov Askold, Maxim Pugachev (Russian Acad Sci, Moscow)

Structural And Morphological Characterization Of The Interphase Region Between Two Thermoset Resins

Wael BALLOUT, B. Coulon, D. Magnin, P. Lipnik, Q. Voleppe, P. Van Velthem, C. Bailly, M. Sclavons (U. Cath. Louvain, Belgium)

Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Effectiveness of Hybrid Fillers-reinforced Epoxy Matrix Composites Woong Han, Woong-Ki Choi,

Won-Seok Kim (Korean Inst Carbon, Jeonju, S. Korea), Lee-Ku Kwac, Hong-Gun Kim (Jeonju U., S. Korea), Byung-Joo Kim,

Kay-Hyeok An (Jeonju, S. Korea)

Electrochemical Performance of Polymer-based Activated Carbons for EDLCs Hye-Min Lee, Byung-Joo Kim, Woong-Ki Choi, Won-Seok Kim

(Korea Inst. Carbon, Jeonju, S. Korea), Lee-Ku Kwac, Hong-Gun Kim (Jeonju U., S. Korea), Kay-Hyeok An (Jeonju, S. Korea)

Session 6a BIO 3

Wednesday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room A Chair: Dimitris S. Argyropoulos, A.M. Korsunsky, co-chairs Horia Iovu, M. Ionita

Human Dental Tissues As Hierarchical Natural Nanocomposites: Multi-Scale Modelling and X-Ray Scattering Analysis

Tan Sui, Michael A. Sandholzer, Nikolaos Baimpas, Alexander J.G. Lunt, Igor P. Dolbnya, Jianan Hu, Anthony D. Walmsley, Philip J. Lumley,

Gabriel Landini, Alexander M. KORSUNSKY (Oxford U., UK)

New Cryogel Nanomaterials Based On Polyvinyl Alcohol And Halloysite

Adi GHEBAUR, S.A. Garea, E. Vasile, H. Iovu (U. Politeh. Bucharest, Romania)

Improving The Thermal And Mechanical Properties Of Polysulfone By Incorporation Of GrapheneOxide

Mariana IONITA, Madalina Pandele, Livia Crica, Horia Iovu (U. Politeh Bucharest, Romania)

Epoxy Biocomposites Reinforced By Cellulose Microfibres Modified by Cold Plasma

Magdalena URBANIAK, Andrzej K. Bledzki (West Pomeranian U.T., Szczecin, Poland)

Directed Modification Of Chitin Derivatives For Control Drug Delivery Maria MUCHA, Iwona Socha Michalak (Lodz U.T., Poland)

The Use Of Cellulose Nanocrystals As Scaffolds For Nanodevices; Supramolecular Chemistry Using Nature’s Most Abundant Template

Dimitris S. ARGYROPOULOS, H. Sadeghfifar, I. Filpponen (North Carolina St.U., Raleigh) invited

Types And Applications Of Biosensors Elitsa GIEVA, Georgi Nikolov (TU Sofia, Bulgaria)

Development Of Technology For The Preparation Of Crystalline Nanostructured Forms Of Biologically Active Compounds

A.K. Nazarov, I.S. Levina, G.V. Nazarov, I.V. ZAVARZIN (Zelinsky Inst.Org.Chem., RAS, Moscow, Russia) ppp

Session 6b MAT CHEM 2 (organized by THO)

Wednesday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room B Chair: M. Miyao, R. Matsumura co-Chair: T. Endo T. Suzuki

Electron Beam Irradiated Adhesion Between Polyurethane And Aluminum Sheet

Masae KANDA, Yusuke Miyazawa, Masato Uyama, Yoshitake Nishi (Tokai U., Kitakaname, Japan)

Effects of Homogeneous EB-Irradiation Prior to Hot Press on Adhesion Force of PTFE/Medical Polymers

Chisato KUBO, Takumi Okada, Masato Uyama, Masae Kanda, Yoshitake Nishi (Tokai U., Kitakaname, Japan)

Cost Reduction by Sandwiching Inexpensive Cores between CFRP Laminate Plies Takumi OKADA, Junhua Quan, Naoya Tsuchikura,

Shinichiro Nanba, Tatsuya Yamamoto,Michael C. Faudree, Yoshitake Nishi (Tokai U., Hiratsuka, Japan) student

Carbon Fiber Volume Fraction Dependent Mechanical properties of Metal/CFRP Joint

Shigehito INUI, Syouta Torikai, Kazuma Shiraishi, Syou Ishii, Atushi Kasai, Noriyoshi Miwa,

Keisuke Iwata, Yoshitake Nishi (Tokai U., Kitakaname, Japan) student

Tailored Microstructure of Laminar Ceramics by Using Electric and Magnetic Fields

Tohru S. SUZUKI, Tetsuo Uchikoshi, Yoshio Sakka (NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan) invited

Recent Developed Surface and Bulk Strengthening of FRPs Yoshitake NISHI, Takumi Okada, Hiroaki Takei, Keisuke Takata, Mitsuru. Hirano,

Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Akihiro Mizutani, Keisuke Iwata (Tokai U., Hiratsuka, Japan) , Michell Salvia (Ecole Central Lyon, France), Michauel C. Faudree

(Tokai U., Hiratsuka, Japan) invited

Breaking Of Ether Bonding Of PET By Plasma Irradiation And Its Recovery By Heating Characterized By ATR-FTIR Miyoshi Yokura,

Toshiki Mori, Hiroyuki Takijiri, Hiroki Yamamoto, Kazuki Yamaji, Kenta Inagaki, Kazuya Hanada (Mie U., Japan), David Hui (U. New Orleans),

Abdalla Darwish (Dillard U., New Orleans), Mircea Chipara (U. Texas Pan Am., TX), Paolo Mele (U. Hiroshima, Japan), Kazuhiro Endo

(Kanazawa I.T., Japan), Tamio ENDO (Mie U., Japan) invited

Session 6c MATH 6

Wednesday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room C Chair: Marina Shitikova, Nicholas Fantuzzi

Experimental And Damage Analysis Of Filament Wound Pressure Vessel With Metal Liner Junqing ZHAO, Zhenqing Zhu (Harbin I.T.., China)

Constitutive Modeling Of Carbon Black Reinforced Rubber Composites

Mikhail ITSKOV, Roozbeh Dargazany, Khiêm Ngoc Vu (RWTH, Aachen U., Germany)

Design Considerations Of Next Generation Chemical Mechenical Planarization Equipment

Haedo JEONG (Pusan Nat. U., S. Korea), Hon-Zong Choi (KITECH, Ansan, S. Korea)

Transient Wave Velocities In Thin-Walled Beams Of Open Profile With Cosserat-Type Micro Structure

Yury Rossikhin, Marina SHITIKOVA (Voronezh GASU., Russia)

Mathematical Model of SWNT in the Framework Of The Gradient Theory Of Adhesion Petr A. BELOV (Yandex, Russia)

Supercritical Fluids For The Energy and Environmental Applications Vladimir I. Anikeev (NSK, Russia)

Mechanical Behavior Of Metal Foam Sandwich Structure Under Impact Xinzhu WANG (Chongqing U., China)

Dynamics Of The Funtionally Graded Material Bars: Spectral Element Modeling and Analysis

Minwoo Hong, Usik LEE (Inha U., Incheon, S. Korea)

Dynamic And Static Behavior Of Arbitrarily Shaped Laminated Composite Plates Via Strong Formulation Finite Element Method

Nicholas FANTUZZI, Francesco Tornabene, Erasmo Viola (U. Bologna, Italy)

Session 6d GENERAL 6

Wednesday 9:00AM-11:00AM small room Chair: Anna Sulkowska, A.S. Paipetis

On Characterizing Microscopically The Adhesion Interphase For The Adhesion Between Brass-Plated Steel Cords With Different Cu Content

And Rubber Compounds Containing Different Loading of Co Salt Gyung-Soo JEON (Jeonnam Prov. College, S. Korea)

Some Properties Of Polyurethane-Rubber Composites Obtained From Waste Polymeric Materials

Anna SULKOWSKA, Gabriela Bartecka, Wioletta Famulska, Wieslaw W. Sulkowski (U. Silesia, Poland)

Nanotechnology: Challenges to Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss Shahriar HOSSAIN (ESDO, Lalmatia, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

On The Utilization Of Some Unused Solid Waste Materials In Egypt: A Comparative and An Economic Study

EL-Sayed M.A.RASSOUL (Egypt)

Energetic Particle Induced Nanostructures Bernd RAUSCHENBACH (Leipzig, Germany)

Electrical Damage Assesment Of Nanocomposites: DC and AC Study

Dimitrios BEKAS, Christina Couimtzi, Aris Bousis, Alkiviadis S. Paipetis (U. Ioannina, Greece)

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