Sponsors: University of Malta, Msida, Malta Malta Chamber of Scientists Key Lab of Advanced Technologies of Materials

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Final Program

July 13-19, 2014 Saint Julian’s, Malta

Maltese spelling is, San Ġiljan


University of Malta, Msida, Malta

Malta Chamber of Scientists

Key Lab of Advanced Technologies of Materials (Ministry of Education), Southwest Jiaotong University, China

Chengdu Green Energy and Green Manufacturing Technology R&D Center. China


Bio composites, Chemistry of composites, Materials Chemistry, Oxide Nanomaterials and Heterostructures , General applications and Processing,

Infrastructure Composites, Physics of Materials, Novel Magnetism and Superconductivity, Mathematical modelling, Metals, Nanoprocessing, Textile composites (natural fibres)
Technical co-chairs

Gianluca Cicala

Kazuhiro Endo

Tamio Endo

Luciano Feo

Paolo Mele

T.C. Rousakis

Gary Tsui

Liu Yu

Jianren Zhou

Zuowan Zhou

ICCE-22 Scientific Committee and Review Board

Gagik Ayvazyan

Ramon Artiaga

Abdalla Darwish

Mizi Fan

Ramaz Gakhokidze

Joseph N. Grima

Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier

Hongping Hu

Yuantai Hu

Jinsong Leng

Paolo Lonetti

Antonio Pantano

Guoqiang Yuan

Bernardo Zuccarello

ICCE-22 Editorial Advisory Board

Debes Bhattacharyya

Victor Birman

Philippe Boisse

Richard Degenhardt

Jean Ebothe

K. Endo

Tamio Endo

Mizi Fan

Wei Gao

A. Munoz Gonzalez

Jihua Gou

Nikhil Gupta

Lubomir Lapcik

Alan K.T. Lau

Joong-Hee Lee

Chaoyang Li

Guoqiang Li

Jiri Militky

Ayman Mosallam

Carlos Navarro

Y. Nakamura

J.M. Park

M.J. Pindera

Rosa Penna

Kyong Y. Rhee

T.C. Rousakis

Jag Sankar

C.M.M.Mota Soares

A.H. Sofiyev

Gary Tsui


Shiren Wang

Gunnar Westin

Zuowan Zhou

Sunday night dinner, July 13, 2014 REGISTRATION and dinner, at Golden Tulip Vivaldi hotel, Saint Julian’s, Malta

(early registration begins Saturday July 12, 2014, 3PM-6PM)

(Monday July 14, 2014, at Golden Tulip Vivaldi hotel)

Monday 8:00AM-8:30AM Opening ceremony: speakers from Univ of Malta, Malta Chamber of Scientists, and Malta government representatives

Chair: Kendall Harris (Prairie View A&M U., Texas)
Monday 8:30AM-9:00AM Globalization in Education and Research Kendall HARRIS (Prairie View A&M U., TX)

Monday 9:00AM-9:40AM Salt and Alkoxide Based Routes to Thin and Ultra Thin Composite and Oxide Films

Gunnar WESTIN (Uppsala U., Sweden)

9:40AM-10:20AM Carbon Nanomaterial Based Multifunctional Composites and Energy Storage Devices

Tsu-Wei CHOU (U. Delaware)

10:20AM-11:00AM The Third Law of Thermodynamics: Local Activity Principle Leon CHUA (UC Berkeley, Calif. ,TU Munchen)

11:00AM-11:40AM Smart and Multifunctional Nanocomposites: Recent Progress and Future Applications Jinsong LENG (Harbin I.T.,China)

11:40AM-12:20AM Recent Developments in the Virtual Testing of Carbon-Fibre Composite Structures Brian FALZON (Queen's U.Belfast, UK) 12:20AM-1:00PM Complex Oxide Thin Film Heterostructures and Superlattices – a Plethora of Research Opportunities And Applications
Hanns-Ulrich HABERMEIER (Max Planck Inst, Stuttgart, Germany)
Monday 1:00PM-2:00PM Lunch on your own. Work in progress session
2:00PM-2:40PM Ferroelectric Composite Nano-Devices James F. SCOTT (Cambridge U., UK) FRS
2:40PM-3:20PM Low-Cost Water Splitting Oxide Heteronanostructures Lionel VAYSSIERES (Xi’an Jiaotong U., China)

3:20PM-4:00PM Synthesis Of Graphene and its Applications in Electromagnetic Interference Shielding and Flexible Transparent Conductive

Film Nyan-Hwa TAI (Nat. Tsinghua U., Hsinchu)

4:00PM-4:40PM Oxide Composites for Electronics Yoshinobu NAKAMURA (Tokyo, Japan)

4:40PM-5:20PM Biometals towards Commercialization Jag SANKAR (N.Carolina A&T State U., Greensboro) NSF-Engrg. Res. Center
5:20PM-6:00PM State-Of-The-Art Review On Codes, Standards And Design Guides For Composites Connections

Ayman S. Mosallam (UC Irvine, Calif.)

6:00PM-6:40PM Composite- And Nano-Technologies In Advanced Printing And 3D Printing Yu LIU (Chengdu, China)

6:40PM-7:20PM Auxetic Behaviour at the Nanoscale Joseph N. GRIMA (U. Malta)

7:20PM-8:00PM Cement-Based Composites Durability and their NANO Structures Mileva RADONJIC (Louisiana St.U.)

work in progress session Monday 1:00PM-2:00PM, Lunch time, Student presentations

Rotating Rigid Units With A Magnetic Insertion Joseph N. Grima, Roberto Caruana-Gauci (U. Malta), Mirosław R. Dudek (Zielona Gora U., Poland),

Krzysztof W. Wojciechowski (Poznan, Poland), Ruben Gatt (U. Malta)

Other presentations welcome

ICCE-22 Malta, Tues,Wed,Thurs,Fri all technical sessions at at Golden Tulip Vivaldi hotel

Session 1a BIO 1

Tuesday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room A Chair: Ivan Lukes, co-chairs: W.C. Law, G. Slawinski

Nanoparticles As Contrast Agents For Magnetic Resonance Imaging Ivan LUKES (Charles U., Prague, Czech Rep.)

Preparation Of Cancer Cells Targeted Hyaluronic Acid-Quantum Dot Nanohybrids Based On Microemulsion

W.C. LAW, C.H. Ng, C.Y. Tang, C.P. Tsui (Hong Kong Poly U., China)

Increase Of Safety Of Agricultural Products By Means Of New Bio-organic Technology

Ramaz GAKHOKIDZE (Tbilisi State U., Georgia)

Global Bone and Joint Network - Requirements for a Sustainable Evolving BioTech Resource

M. Abdelrahim, F. Khalaf, D. O'Dowd, P. Smitham, Simon GRANGE (Medical consultant, UK)

'Keep It Simple' Designing for Upper Limb Nanotechnology Derived Applications

F. Khalaf, M. Abdelrahim, D. O'Dowd, G. Jell, P. Smitham, Simon Grange (Medical consultant, UK)

Preparation Of Injectable Hydoxyapatite / Collagen Nanocomposite Utilizing Sodium Alginate And Additives

Masanori KIKUCHI, Taira Sato (NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan), Mamoru Aizawa (Meiji U.,Kawasaki, Japan)

Design Of A Bio-Degradable Composite Bone Plate Based On The Mechano-Regulation Theory Using Deviatoric Strains

Hassan Mehboob, Seung-Hwan CHANG (Chung-Ang U., S. Korea)

Numerical Examination Of Contemporary Materials For Enhancing Passive Safety Of Armored

Vehicles Occupants Grzegorz SLAWINSKI, Tadeusz Niezgoda (Military U.T., Warsaw, Poland)
Session 1b MAT CHEM 1 (organized by THO)

Tuesday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room B Chair: Y. Nishi, Y. Nakamura Chairs Assistants: Hideo Sawada, Eisaku Sumino

Low Molecular Weight Aromatic Compounds Possessing Nonflammable And Falammble Characteristics In Calcium Fluoride Nanocomposite

Matrices After Calcination at 800 deg C Hideo SAWADA, Tomoya Saito (Hirosaki U., Japan) invited

Preparation And Properties Of Fluorinated Carboxylic Acid/Silica Nanocomposites-Encapsulated Low Molecular Weight Compounds

Eisaku SUMINO, Shougo Ise, Tomoya Saito (Hirosaki U., Japan), Masakazu Nishida (AIST, Nagoya, Japan), Tsuyoshi Noguchi

(Daikin Indus., Osaka, Japan), Hideo Sawada (Hirosaki U., Japan)

Composite-Structures of Single-Crystalline Ge(SiSn) and Amorphous Insulator on Si Platform for Multi-Functional Transistors by Self-

Organized Processing Masanobu MIYAO, Ryo Matsumura, Hironori Chikita, Taizoh Sadoh (Kyushu U., Japan) invited

Low-Temperature Formation of Atomically-Controlled GeSn Thin-Films on SiGe Virtual-Substrate by Liquid-Solid Coexisting Annealing

Hironori CHIKITA, Ryo Matsumura,Taizoh Sadoh, Masanobu Miyao (Kyushu U., Japan)

Self-Organized Crystallization of Group IV Mixed-Crystal Semiconductors on Insulating Substrate for Advanced Thin-Film-Transistors

Ryo MATSUMURA, Hironori Chikita, Taizoh Sadoh, Masanobu Miyao (Kyushu U., Japan)

Tuning The Emission Of Luminescent Germanium Nanoparticles Naoto SHIRAHATA (NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan) invited
Session 1c MATH 1

Tuesday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room C Chairs: C.N. Chen, David Fuks

A Global Secant Relaxation (GSR) Method-Based Predictor-Corrector Procedure For The Iterative Solution Of Linear Or Nonlinear Algebraic

Systems Of DQ And Related Discrete Element Analysis Methods Chang-New CHEN (Nat Cheng Kung U., Tainan)

Flow Of Polylactides In Capillary Rheometers: Experiments and Simulations N. Othman, M. Ansari (UBC, Vancouver, Canada), Th. Zisis,

Evan MITSOULIS (Nat Tech U.Athens, Greece), Savvas G. Hatzikiriakos (UBC, Vancouver)

Density Functional Theory Study Of The Electronic Structure Of Nano-Grained Tinisn Half-Heusler Alloy

Maxim Shlimovich, David FUKS (Ben Gurion U. Negev, Israel)

Prediction The Crack Direction In Brittle Matrix Composites With Irregular Structure Jerzy PODGORSKI, Jozef Jonak (Lublin U.T., Poland)

Comparison of Wide Band Microwave Properties of MWCNTs Embedded In Different Polymer Matrix: PDMS And Epoxy Resin

Mauro GIORCELLI, M. Hajj Yahya, P.Savi, A. Tagliaferro (Politec. Torino, Italy)

Review Of Testing Instruments For Adhesive Or Bonded Joints At Different Strain Rates Zhemin JIA, G.Q. Yuan (Tongji U., China), David Hui (U. New Orleans)

Crack Detection Sensitivity of Hierarchical Composites Hansang KIM (Gachon U., Seongnam, S. Korea)
Session 1d GENERAL 1

Tuesday 9:00AM-11:00AM small room Chairs: J.M. Castro, J. Ligoda, R.E. Sliwa

Multifunctional Nanopapers For Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composites

Eusebio Duarte Cabrera, Ziwei Zhao, Xilian Owang, Jose M. CASTRO, L. James Lee (Ohio St.U.)

Using AI Methods For Solving Real Technical Problems Joze BALIC (U. Maribor, Slovenia), Roberto Boeri (U. Mar del Plata, Argentina)

Effect Of Surface Treatment On Particulate Filled Polymer Composites Atta ur Rehman Shah, M.N. Prabhakar, Dong-woo Lee (Changwon Nat U.,

S. Korea) , Byung-sun Kim (Korea Inst Mat Sci, Changwon), Jung-il SONG (Changwon Nat U., S. Korea)

Thermal And Acoustic Properties Of Ceramic Foam/Epoxy Composites Manufactured By The Infiltration Process

Joanna LIGODA, Romana Ewa Sliwa, Marek Potoczek (Rzeszow U.T.,Poland)

Plastic Deformation of GLARE Type Composites Malgorzata WILK, Romana Ewa Sliwa (Rzeszow U.T., Poland)

Drilling Of Holes In Composites Of Different Structures Using New Tools Romana Ewa SLIWA, Piotr Tyczynski (Rzeszow U.T., Poland)

EMI Shielding Effectiveness of Thermally Exfoliated Graphene/ABS Composites Myung Chul KANG (Chonbuk Nat U., S. Korea), Nam-Il Kim

(Chungnam, S. Korea), Nam Hoon Kim, Joong Hee Lee (Chonbuk N.U.)

ICCE-22 Malta

Session 2a INFRASTR 1

Tuesday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room A Chairs: Apostolos Fafitis, Eunsoo Choi, co-chair: R.S. Olivito, D. Cronin

Analytical Method for Shear Capacity of Through-Diaphragm Connections of Concrete-Filled Square Steel TubularColumns

Jianhong Han, Bin Rong (Xinjiang U., Urumqi, China), Apostolos FAFITIS (Arizona St.U., Tempe), Guangtai Zhang (Xinjiang U.)

On The Axial And Rotational Flexibility Of Web-Flange Junctions of PFRP E-Glass/Polyester Profiles A.S. Mosallam (U. California-Irvine),

Luciano FEO (U. Salerno, Italy) , A. Elsadek (UC Irvine) , S. Pul (Karadeniz T.U., Trabzon, Turkey), Rosa Penna (U. Salerno, Italy)

A Preliminary Study Of Binder-Less Panel Made Of Pre-Treated Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) Shives

Ramunas TUPCIAUSKAS, Martins Andzs, Janis Rizhikovs, Maris Puke, Aigars Pazhe, Prans Brazdausks (Latvian State Inst. Wood Chem., Riga)

NOvA Detector: Largest Free Standing Plastic Structures In The World Daniel CRONIN-Hennessy (U. Minnesota)

Bond Behavior Of Steel Reinforcing Bars Embedded In Concrete Confined By FRP Wire Jackets Eunsoo CHOI (Hongik U., Seoul, S. Korea),

Baik-Soon Cho (Inje U., Kimhae, S. Kores), Chunsung Jung, Yoon Eo (Hongik U.)

Experimental Analysis Of Masonry Elements Strengthened With NFRC Composites Subjected to Eccentric Loading Renato S. OLIVITO

(U. Calabria, Italy), Oscar A. Cevallos (U. Nac Chimborazo, Ecuador), Rosamaria Codispoti (U. Calabria)

Session 2b OXIDE 1 (organized by THO)

Tuesday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room B Chair: T. Endo, P. Mele, A. Zorkovska

High Quality ZnO Nanorods – From A New Technology To Applications Bartłomiej S. WITKOWSKI, Lukasz Wachnicki, Sylwia Gierałtowska,

Rafał Pietruszka, Marek Godlewski (Inst.Physics, Polish Acad Sci, Warsaw)

The Influence Of Various Sintering Methods On Microstructure And Properties Of Oxide Ceramics

Marcin ROZMUS, P. Figiel, P. Putyra (Krakow, Poland)

Structural Control Of Photocatalytic TiO2 Films Deposited Using Oxygen-Ion-Assisted Glancing Angle Reactive Evaporation

Yoichi HOSHI, Naoto Kitahara (Tokyo Polytechnic U., Japan) Friday

Structural and Physical Properties Of Semiconductor Oxide Thin Films Doped With Transition Metals

Jenica NEAMTU (ICPE-CA, Bucharest, Romania)

Resistivity Minimum Of Na0.73 CoO2 Single Crystal - Effect Of Electron Correlation Anna ZORKOVSKA (Slovak Acad Sci, Kosice),

Anton Baran (TU Kosice, Slovakia), Alexander Feher (Safarik U. Kosice, Slovakia), Chengtian Lin (Max-Planck Inst, Stuttgart, Germany)

Session 2c MATH 2

Tuesday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room C Chairs: F. Moleiro, J. Qu, C. Atas, G. Mancusi

Design Of Composite Sandwich Structures Using Multiobjective Optimization J.F.A. Madeira, A.L. Araujo, C.M. MOTA SOARES,

C. A. Mota Soares (IDMEC, U. Lisboa, Portugal), A.J.M. Ferreira (U. Porto, Portugal)

Layerwise Models For The Coupled Electromechanical Analysis Of Multilayered Plates Using Mixed Least-Squares Formulation

Filipa MOLEIRO, C.M. Mota Soares, C.A. Mota Soares (IDMEC, Lisbon, Portugal) -Tues

An Investigation Of The Tensile Deformation And Failure Of An Epoxy/Cu Interface Using Coarse Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Shaorui Yang, Jianmin QU (Northwestern U., Evanston, IL)

A Mechanical Innovative Approach For Studying The Buckling Behavior Of Composite Beams

Geminiano MANCUSI, Francesco Ascione, Marco Lamberti (U. Salerno, Italy)

Elementary-Tree Space Compression Using Combination Of Nonlinear And Linear Logic Sunil R. Das, Nick Malan, Scott Morton (Troy U.,

Montgomery, AL), Satyendra N. Biswas (Kaziranga U., Assam, India), Mansour H. Assaf (U. South Pacific, Suva, Fiji)

Repeated Impact Response Of The Glass/Epoxy Composites Subjected To Thermal Aging

Cesim ATAS, Akar Dogan (Dokuz Eylul U., Izmir, Turkey)

Stability Of A Nanoscale Plate Weakened By A Circular Hole Svetlana Bauer, Nikita MOROZOV, Boris Semenov (St. Petersburg State U., Russia)
Session 2d GENERAL 2

Tuesday 11:00AM-1:00PM small room Chairs: Abdalla Darwish, co-chairs: G. Gorny, N. Kaoud

New Double-Beam Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation (Db-Maple) Method For Making Polymer Nano- Composite Coatings

Abdalla M. DARWISH, Allan Burkett, Ashley Blackwell, Keylantra Taylor (Dillard U., New Orleans), Sergey Sarkisov (Huntsville, AL),

Darayas Patel (Oakwood U., Huntsville, AL), Brent Koplitz (Tulane U., New Orleans), David Hui (U. New Orleans)

A Comparative Study On Composites Based On Polyamide Matrices Reinforced With Carbon Fibres Giovanna COLUCCI, Oxana Ostrovskaya

(Politec. Torino, Italy), Davide Roncato, Brunetto Martorana (FIAT, Orbassano, Torino, Italy), Claudio Badini (Politec. Torino, Italy)

Hot-Pressed Alumina-Graphene Composites

P. Rutkowski, Gabriela GORNY, L. Stobierski, D. Zientara, W. Piekarczyk, K. Tran (AGH, Krakow, Poland)

Future Perspective For Nano Electronic Devices For System Application Hiroshi IWAI (Tokyo I.T., Japan)

Quality Assessment Approach Of NBR And FKM Elastomers Using Thermal Analytical Techniques

Achim Frick, Nouran KAOUD, Andrea Tomp (U. Aalen, Germany)

Thermomechanical And Frictional Behavior of TPU for Sealing Application Achim FRICK (Aalen U., Germany)

Piezoelectric Carbon Nanotube Tape for Sensor Applications Dennis S. Tucker (NASA Marshall SFC, Alabama)

Designation of All Optical Diodes With Nanostructures Huai-Yu WANG, Yu Liu (Tsinghu U., Beijing, China)
work in progress session Tuesday 1:00PM-2:00PM Lunch time, Student presentations

On The Effect Of Diamond-Shaped Holes On The Mechanical Properties Of Perforated Systems

Luke Mizzi1, Daphne Attard, Keith M. Azzopardi, Aaron R. Casha, Joseph N. Grima, Ruben Gatt (U. Malta)

Other presentations welcome
Session 3a PHYSICS 1

Tuesday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room A Chairs: Seong Shan Yap, A. Darwish, co-chair: A. Zhukov,

Mean Free Path And Knudsen Diffusion In Hydrogen Selective Macroporous Alumina Membranes Graded With Boehmite Sol

Abubakar ALKALI, Edward Gobina (Robert Gordon U., Aberdeen,UK)

Nanocomposite Of Silica Coated By Cross-Linked Polymeric Ultrathin Film

Thirawudh PONGPRAYOON, Pornrat Sanitnon (King Mongkut U.T., Bangkok, Thailand), Pratharn Wongsiriwedh (Nat. Sci.Tech.,

Pratumthaness, Thailand), Kasinee Hemvichian, Phiriyatorn Suwanmala (Pragenburi, Thailand)

Growth and Characterization of MoS2 Nanostructures Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition Anderson SUNDA-Meya (Xavier U., New Orleans)

Pulsed Laser Ablation of Cu2ZnSnS4 Nurul Suhada Che Sulaiman, Chen Hon Nee, Wee Ong Siew, Teck Yong Tou (Multimedia U., Selangor, Malaysia),

Seong Shan YAP (U. Malaya, Kuala Lumpur)

All-2D Semiconductor/Metal Contacts Udo SCHWINGEN-schloegl (U. Augsburg, Germany and KAUST, S. Arabia)

Study Of Interfacial Layer And Its Effect On Magnetic Properties Of Glass-Coated Microwires Arkady ZHUKOV (Basque Country U.,

San Sebastian, Spain), E. Shuvaeva, S. Kaloshkin, M. Churyukanova, E. Kostitcyna, V. Sudarchikova (Nat U.Sci.Tech., Moscow, Russia),

A. Talaat, M. Ipatov, Valentina Zhukova (Basque Country U., San Sebastian, Spain)

Studies of Magnetic Properties of Ni-Mn-In Heusler-Type Glass-Coated Microwires Valentina ZHUKOVA, M. Ipatov, A. Talaat, A. Granovsky,

J.J. del Val, Arkady Zhukov (Basque Country U., San Sebastian, Spain),

Magetism, Half-Metallicity and Electrical Transport Of Transition Metal-Doped Tellurides Shyamal K. BOSE (Brock U., St. Catharines, Canada),

Y. Liu (Yanshan U., Qinghuangdao, China), J. Kudrnovsky (Czech Acad Sci, Prague)

Session 3b CHEM 1

Tuesday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room B Chair: Xiaolong Jia, co-chairs: Tugba O. Lekesiz, H. Iovu

Ionic Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles And Their Application In Visualizing Cancer Cells Mohammed Bhuiyan, Jianhua Gong

(Utah State U., Logan), Rong Wang (Illinois Inst. Tech.), Pier Cristoforo Giulianotti, Enrico Benedetti (U.Illinois-Chicago), Liaohai Chen

(Utah State U., Logan)

Thermal Properties Of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials Based On (Di)Glycidylether-Terminated Polydimethylsiloxanes / Epoxy Resins

Nicoleta Mihaela Florea, Adriana Lungu (U. Politeh. Bucharest, Romania), Dan Gabriel Ghiţa, Adrian Rotaru, Nicolae Marius Mărginean

(IFIN-HHB Bucharest, Romania), Horia Iovu (U. Politeh. Bucharest)

Study On The Electrochemical Modification Of Carbon Fibers Jie LIU, Xiuyan Zhou, Yan Xue, Jun Li, Jieying Liang (Beijing U. Chem.Tech., China)

Relationship Between The Thermal Stress Of Pan Fibers And The Structure And Properties Of The Resulting Carbon Fibers

Jie Liu, Huaguo Yu, Jie Liu, Yan Xue, Liangjun Li, Jieying Liang (Beijing U. Chem.Tech., China)

Effect of MWCNTs-EDA and MWCNTs-COOH on the Mechanical Properties Of Carbon Fiber Composites

Gang SUI, Qingjie Zhang, Xiaoping Yang (Beijing U. Chem.Tech., China)

Preparation and Characterization Of Polylactide/Montmorillonite Composites

Tugba Orhan LEKESIZ, Esra Ozdemir, Teoman Tincer, Jale Hacaloglu (METU, Ankara, Turkey)

Fabrication Of Poly(L-LACTIDE) Nanoparticles With Double Emulsion And Ultrasonic Atomization Based Spray Drying Processes

W.F. Huang, C.P. TSUI, C.Y. Tang, W.C. Law (Hong Kong Poly U., China)

Collagen-Based Nanocomposite Materials And Their Roles In Stem Cell Differentiation

Rong WANG, Indumathi Sridharan, Taeyoung Kim (Illinois I.T., Chicago)

Session 3c MATH 3

Tuesday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room C Chair: Iliyas Raza, co-chairs: M.E. Toygar, Y.C. Wang

An Experimental Investigation On The Mechanical Performance Of The Glass/Epoxy Composites

Subjected To Thermal Aging Akar Dogan , Cesim Atas (Dokuz Eylul U., Izmir, Turkey)

Impact Response Of Sandwich Composite With Multi Cores

Aidel Kadum Jassim AL-SHAMARY, Ramazan Karakuzu, Okan Ozdemir(Dokuz Eylul U.,Turkey)

The Effects Of Transverse Impact And Tempererature On The Burst Pressure Of Composite Pressure Vessel Ibrahim Demir, Akar Dogan,

Volkan Arikan (DEU, Izmir, Turkey), Onur Sayman (Gediz U., Izmir, Turkey), Okan OZDEMIR (DEU, Izmir, Turkey)

Experimental And Numerical Impact Analyses Of Composite Plates Subjected To Low Velocity Impact Bulut BERK, Ramazan Karakuzu,

Bulent Murat Icten, Volkan Arıkan, Yusuf Arman, Cesim Atas, Aytac Goren (Dokuz Eylul U., Izmir, Turkey)

Impact Response of E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic and Thermoset Matrix Composites

Volkan ARIKAN (Dokuz Eylul U., Izmir, Turkey), Onur SAYMAN (Gediz U., Izmir, Turkey)

The Determination of Shear Stresses Between Interlaminar Face and Flexural Rigidity of Sandwich Composites

Farshid Khosravi Maleki, M. Evren TOYGAR (Dokuz Eylul U., Izmir, Turkey)

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