Splotch Guard™ An oleophoibic treatment that prevents fingerprints and smudges from adhering to the surface of the lens. Duo Hard Coat™

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Fitovers Eyewear® were originally developed in Australia over a decade ago to combat the ruthless Australian sun. Effective, comfortable and affordable, this revolutionary new sunglass with its innovative wrap around styling quickly caught on. Fitovers Eyewear® were embraced by prescription frame wearers throughout Australia and New Zealand as the ideal solution for their sun wear needs. International demand for Fitovers Eyewear® led to distribution on a global scale. Asked for by name the world over, Fitovers Eyewear® have developed a well-earned reputation as world market leader in this unique eyewear category.
Fitovers Eyewear® continues to design the finest fit over sun wear available. Maintaining

our original emphasis on comfort, quality and visual performance, Fitovers Eyewear® utilize state-of-the-art frame and lens technologies to provide modern prescription frame wearers with a sunglass that meets the needs of their frame styles and their lifestyles.

As the originator of this unique sun wear style, Fitovers Eyewear® continue to be innovative market leader in the evolution of style and performance in the realm of fit over sun wear.
We evolve in response to the changing needs of our market. We welcome and value

feedback from both Fitovers Eyewear® retailers and Fitovers Eyewear® wearers and we act on it to provide you with styles that best meet your sun wear needs.

Splotch Guard™

An oleophoibic treatment that prevents fingerprints and smudges from adhering to the surface of the lens.

Duo Hard Coat™

Provides multiple impact and scratch resistant treatments protecting your lenses for years to come.


A subtle flash mirror treatment that reflects bright light away when in intense light conditions. Flash-Reflect™ gives the lenses a glass-like appearance and hides your prescription eyewear.

Why PolarDynamiX Polarized Lenses?

PDX™ Polarized Amber

Increases contrast, providing greater depth perception in situations where visual acuity over long distances is required, like tennis, golf, shooting, or any other outdoor sports activities that are subject to varying light conditions. PDX™ Amber polarized lenses are ideal for lower light situations, like fishing in the late afternoon or early morning.

PDX™ Polarized Gray

Maintains True color definition regardless of varying light. Transmitting all colors equally, PDX™ Gray lenses are ideal for driving or any general purpose out foor activity where annoying glare is present. PDX™ Gray polarized lenses are ideal for those who are light sensitive or migraine sufferers.

PDX™ Polarized Blue Mirror

Ideal for high or intense light conditions. Maintains true color definition in all conditions regardless of varying light. PDX™ Blue Mirror lenses have a blue mirror treatment that completely reflects glare away in situations like skiing, offshore boating and fishing.

Trilenium™ Gold By Eagle Eyes

This premium "Gold" polarized lens filters out blue light completely, from 425nm to 480nm. According to studies from JPL: (NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories at the California Institute of Technology) This is when the blue light can be most damaging to your eyes. Filtering out Blue Light can be beneficial for patients with eye disorders. The TriLenium Gold™ lens absorbs the dangerous blue light so the eye can focus incoming light more precisely on the retina, enabling sharper and clearer vision. TriLenium Gold™ lenses are a result of Certified Space Technology (The Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, created the Space Certification Program to promote the extraordinary products and services that bring the benefits of space technology home to Earth and enhance public interest and awareness in Space.)

Testing these glasses from Cincinnati OH to Galveston TX and back we found these to be the best sunglasses on the market. They fit very well over your Rx glasses & fit comfortably under your helmet. After testing all the colors we liked the “Trilenium Gold” Fitovers. With all the changes of the sun angles and riding at night these seem to work best for us. If you wear Rx glasses then it is in your best interest to give Fitovers a try. Cost + safety + a 22 year warranty = a great value for your money. This is something we all are looking for today.

Reviewed by Jimmy L. Kay

Spring 2009
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