Speed of Sound Quartet Bio

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Speed of Sound Quartet Bio

Speed of Sound is a long-distance quartet with over 60 years of barbershop experience. They have been together for nearly 5 years and have achieved major accomplishments in the Sweet Adeline world. In the spring of 2012, they won their very first regional contest. In their first International appearance they placed 12th in Denver followed by 9th place in Hawaii. In 2014 they came in 2nd in the world in Baltimore. In 2015 they were crowned Queens of Harmony in Las Vegas!

Being a long-distance quartet, Speed of Sound rehearses every three to four weeks for an entire weekend. To make sure they don’t go crazy rehearsing all weekend long, they set aside their Saturday nights for several fun activities. They like to call it their Saturday Night Slumber Parties…instead of a Girl's Night In, it's a Girl's Weekend Out!

Speed of Sound loves singing cutting edge arrangements, thanks to Ashley’s dad, Larry Wright. But most of all, their wish is to spread their love for this art form called barbershop. It's important to all four of them that they play a part in keeping barbershop alive and well for the coming generations.

Speed of Sound has sung at various shows and venues and would love to sing for your next show or event! For more information, please go to our website www.speedofsoundquartet.com and fill out the quote form on the SHOW/EVENTS tab. Alternatively, you may contact Debbie Landers at 704.622.9365, or email SpeedofSoundQT@gmail.com.

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Debbie Landers (Tenor) lives just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and has three daughters. Debbie currently keeps herself busy by being the quartet manager and enjoys coaching quartets. Debbie’s been singing all her life and barbershop, specifically, for nearly 20 years and was a member of several other regional winning quartets.

Ashley Wright (Lead) is a third generation barbershopper originally from southern California. She started singing at the age of five, joined Sweet Adelines when she was nine, sang in a quartet with her mom at age 12, and when she hit 16, she began recording learning tracks for her father’s own vocal learning tracks business – Larry Wright Music – and still records them to this day. Ashley now resides in Franklin, Tenessee and works as a Membership Analyst at the HealthTrust Purchasing Group.

Carter Maysilles (Bari) is a barbershop brat from Lapeer, Michigan who has had barbershop as a huge part of her life growing up – starting with her mother. In fact, she sang in her first quartet (well, it was her mom’s quartet) at the age of three! Today, she lives with her husband, Amos (also a barbershopper), near Orlando, FL. They have a really ugly cat.

Kim McCormic (Bass) is married to Tim McCormic and has four children and five grandchildren. Her career is in the medical field specializing in Compounding Pharmacy and Nutritional Education and Marketing. Kim sings with the Pride of Portland Chorus. Kim won her crown in 2013 with Touché Quartet in Denver. She was also a member of Razzcals, ACT IV and Out of Bounds.

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