Spectrum Jet Search spectrum analyzer Spectrum Jet ultrahigh scanning speed instantaneous detection of unauthorized transmitters fast localization modes of spectrum analyzer

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Spectrum Jet

Search spectrum analyzer Spectrum Jet
- ultrahigh scanning speed
- instantaneous detection of unauthorized transmitters
- fast localization
- modes of spectrum analyzer, monitoring and search
- software installed
- touch screen
- in-built antennas
- set of sensors for LF band
- portable, light and elegant
- autonomous operation up to 4 hours


Spectrum Jet search spectrum analyzer is a fully integrated system designed to counteract electronic eavesdropping. The analyzer includes in-built antennas and integrated software for signal detection, analysis and search. Spectrum Jet is a portable search tool that can be operated in motion without the necessity to install and set a software and hardware solution in the area controlled, scaring the people around with the antennas farm. The analyzer performs the same functions but more quickly and qualitatively. Any serious and responsible security service should have such equipment.

How does technically operate Spectrum Jet? In a matter of seconds, or milliseconds, it scans the given band with a 10 kHz resolution displaying the full panorama of spectral density of signals in the full band given. It can be the full available band from 9 kHz to 21 GHz. A special processing algorithm allows instantaneously detecting a dangerous signal that is displayed colour highlighted. Using your finger you can activate the tool of electronic loupe and turning the analyzer search the direction where signal energy is growing. In case of need, you may also select a demodulator and turn on the correlator, and then work with the analyzer using your own experience.

In-built antenna system, software installed, easy operation control make Spectrum Jet an optimal solution for counteracting information leakage via radio channel. The analyzer can display spectral panorama in the full band. The area of band with the signal detected is viewed by electronic loupe without interrupting the scanning process! Time-to-band waterfall display is available simultaneously with the spectrum, as well as listing of new signals. The software also includes a set of standard demodulators with different reception bands. A special menu allows switching to a mode of cellular telephony and wireless access control.

An ultrahigh speed of analysis enables you to view on the air the full band of control on the screen, which updates almost every second! RS Spectrum software permits you to instantaneously fix and view new signal sources. The high analysis speed allows accumulating and averaging many realizations in a few seconds, which significantly enhance the probability of detection of noise like and wideband signals. The analyzer also simplifies detection of frequency hopping signals and bursts.

Besides, the high analysis speed of Spectrum Jet permits you to see mobile phones and access via Wi-Fi or LTE. Watch, gain experience and learn to distinguish internal sources from external ones. And standard communications signals, radio and television signals won’t disturb you constantly blinking on the screen.

Spectrum Jet was designed by the developers of RADIOSERVICE company especially for operative search of unauthorized transmitters inside buildings or in open areas, zones, etc. It is very easy in use, as a tablet PC. The software was designed the way that allows controlling the receiver via touch-screen. For example, in order to use a loupe when viewing a detail spectrum of a signal, it’s enough just to touch with your finger the part of panorama you’re interested in.

Spectrum Jet can be also used for conducting radio monitoring, radio intelligence and controlling channels of information leakage in the given area.The software allows carrying out statistical processing of signals for the time of previous monitoring, classifying signals and detecting new ones against earlier accumulated averaged panorama. Please note that now all the above mentioned operations are made much more quickly.

Optionally, the analyzer can be equipped with a set of sensors for signal analysis in power network, wire lines, optical band, as well as with a set of video detectors.

The analyzer is controlled directly from the screen (touch screen). The software installed ensures analyzer’s operation not only in the mode of spectrum analysis, but also in the modes of radio monitoring and manual control. The software allows carrying out analysis of spectral characteristics and respective measurements without interrupting the monitoring process. For registration and demodulation of signals manual mode should be chosen.

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