Sparkle Prom Girl Fabric Guide: Mikado Gowns

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Sparkle Prom Girl Fabric Guide: Mikado Gowns
Mikado is a type of silk that’s heavier than regular silk. It’s an excellent choice for a dress that has a lot of structure and shape. But in spite of its weight, a Mikado gown can still keep you feeling fresh and cool.
As a silk, Mikado has a slight shine and a subtle sparkle that makes any dress stand out as the fabric hits the light. It’s also super soft and is perfect for evening gowns, wedding dresses, and even some lingerie!
All of our Sparkle Prom Mikado dresses are made with top quality fabrics and high-end construction, and of course, the styles are absolutely up to the minute. The prices will make you smile, too. These dresses are also perfect for holiday parties, so if you need something last minute, you’ve come to the right place. Nearly every dress is available with free shipping almost on a moment’s notice!

Style #71892

Two-Piece Satin Trumpet Mermaid with Multi-Strap Back Detail, Beaded Halter Top & Beaded Waistband

Colors: Red, Cobalt or Black
If not pretty enough with its full mermaid skirt and glossy fabric, this stunning two-piece gown features a gorgeous detail on the back. The Mikado skirt is shaped with panels for maximum mermaid effect. The weight of the fabric creates the trumpet look and also includes a silky train. The bodice has a modest high neck halter front and bandeau back with a beaded swirl pattern and banded neckline. Follow the neckline to the back with its 8 glittering beaded straps. Spaced close together where they attach to the neckband, the straps spread—4 on either side—to highlight your shoulder blades. Finally, the beaded waistband on the skirt matches the back straps and ties everything together.

Style #71887

Two-Piece Satin Ball Gown with Lace Halter Top, Cut Out Shoulders & Side Seam Pockets

Colors: Wine, Black, Emerald
There’s nothing like a ball gown skirt to make you feel like a princess, and you can’t beat a soft lace halter top for comfort. This two-piece dress has both! The top is a classic halter with cutout armholes and a solid racerback. The strapless sweetheart lining is white to make a nice contrast against the embroidered lace that covers the entire bodice. The neckband is also lined in white. Flowered and swirly, the lace overlay has a wide accent band that traces the neckband, armholes and bottom hem of the top for a pretty scalloped edge. The full Mikado skirt is pleated to lie flat at the waist then opens out into a traditional bell-shaped ball gown silhouette with a floor length hem. A handy hidden pocket in each side seam is perfect for your I.D. or mini lip gloss.

Style #71881

Mikado Fit & Flare Trumpet with Train, Open Back, Halter with Keyhole, Beaded Neckband & Beaded Belt

Colors: Fuschia or Midnight
Unfussy sparkly detail and clean lines make the most of this classy Mikado gown. The high halter front has a flirty keyhole, and a back that’s open all the way down to the waist. Flared panels in the satin skirt give it a trumpet silhouette with a dramatic sweep train. As a pretty finishing touch, glittering jeweled bands trace both the neckband and waist.

Style #71876

Two-Piece Mikado Fit & Flare with Fishtail Train, Beaded Sweetheart Bandeau Top with Straps & Beaded Waistband

Colors: Turquoise or Red
This two-piece gown is as high fashion as they come and is truly a one of a kind design you won't find anywhere else. The bodice features a sweetheart neckline and straps that follow up and over the shoulder to the bandeau-style back. Panels of silky Mikado make up the skirt. They fall from the natural waist and widen to create a trumpet silhouette. A geometric design of sequins and beading follows the lines of the bodice and straps and is echoed on the waistband of the skirt. As a dramatic finish, a double layer of Mikado at center back begins at the waist and then widens into a fishtail all the way to the sweep train.

Style #71865

Two-Piece Black Mikado Trumpet Skirt & Scoop Neck Bandeau Top with Beaded Flowers on Bodice & Waistband

Comes in Black with Blue Beading
Sequin flowers add a sweet touch to this dramatic two-piece trumpet dress. The Mikado skirt hugs the hips in a classic fit and flare design while the weight of the fabric gives body to the train and also creates a trumpet silhouette. Cut as a traditional modest halter with scoop neck, the bodice has slim straps and a bandeau back. Adding the perfect charming touch are the 5-petal all-sequin blossoms. They trace the waist of the skirt in a single row and then scatter on the bodice for all-over glitter.

Style #71863

Mikado Ball Gown with Beaded Halter Front, Cut Out Shoulders & Triangle Back Keyhole

Colors: Purple, Red, Cobalt
This one-piece A-line ball gown combines a detailed bodice with a sleek, satiny skirt. Styled as a modest, high neck halter from the front, the beaded neckband leads to a clever back design with slim straps. They’re attached at the neckline and then widen toward the sides to create a teardrop keyhole. The Mikado skirt is pleated at the waist to lie flat but still has the fullness of a traditional ball gown shape. What really adds interest to this gorgeous dress is the beaded design on the bodice. Fashioned with sequins and jewels, the design alternates between curvy swirls and straight lines that highlight the contrast between the modest front and the open back.

Style #71861

Mikado Ball Gown with Beaded Bodice, Off the Shoulder Sweetheart Neckline, Scoop Back & Pockets

Colors: Navy, Red or Pink
For a sophisticated look that’s still just plain pretty, choose this dress with its sparkly top and sleek Mikado skirt. The bodice has a soft sweetheart neckline in front, a scoop in the back, and narrow straps that fall just off the shoulder. Sequins and beads in a swirl design completely cover the bodice and glitter with your every move. In contrast, the skirt is designed with panels that lie completely flat at the waist but then flare out to make the traditional bell shape ball gown skirt. The fun final touch to this elegant dress is the handy hidden pockets in each side seam.

Style #71846

Mikado Ball Gown with Sheer Beaded Bodice, Deep V-Back, Scoop Front over Strapless Sweetheart

Nude Bodice with Red or Royal Skirt
This gorgeous dress has all the fullness of a true ball gown but is styled with slimming lines and a glittering detailed bodice. In front, the dress has a strapless sweetheart lining. Then a sheer overlay creates a high, modest scoop neck with straps that accent the V-back that dips all the way to the waist. Swirls of beads and sequins cover the bodice all over and sparkle as you move. As both contrast, and to focus attention on the bodice, the satiny Mikado skirt is cut with panels that lie completely flat at the waist and then open out into the classic full ball gown shape. Finally, the skirt is hemmed all around to floor-length to keep the look elegant but not overdone.

Style #71829

Strapless Sweetheart Mikado Trumpet Mermaid with Train, Deep V-Neck with Modesty Panel & Cut Out Back

Colors: Peacock or Red
Dramatic from start to finish, if you’re looking to turn heads at prom, choose this spectacular Mikado gown. Styled with the classic lines of a fit and flare mermaid sheath, the gown hugs your curves from the bodice to the hip then flares to a floor length hem with a sweep train. The weight of the fabric holds the skirt in a trumpet shape to enhance the curvy look. From the front, the dress is a strapless sweetheart with a deep V-neck and a sheer modesty panel. The back is split to form tapering side straps that narrow and meet at center back with a single clasp. Lastly, the diamond-shaped keyhole at the back ends below the waist.

Style #71820

Mikado Fit & Flare Pleated Mermaid with Deep V-Neck, Open V-Back & Beaded Waistband:

Colors: Turquoise, Blush, Aubergine
The soft curved lines and unique pleated skirt add a modern twist to this classic dress. Cut with a deep V-neck, the lines of the bodice are softened and curve in at the front to deepen the V-neck almost to the waist, then is held in place with a sheer modesty panel. In back, the straps curve out to add the feel of a scoop to the V-back that dips to the waist. The dress hugs the hips to just above the knee in a classic mermaid style. But instead of a ruffle or flared panels, the skirt is pleated to create fullness and then widens to a floor-length hem. A glittery beaded belt highlights both the deep V-neck and V-back of the bodice.

Style #71813

Glossy Mikado Ball Gown, Double Spaghetti Straps, Beaded Waistband

Colors: Sea Mist, Claret or Cobalt
This elegant ball gown is designed with simple lines, two pretty twists, and one very clever surprise. Made of satiny Mikado, the dress has both a scoop neckline and scoop back that connect with two beaded straps. The skirt is designed as a classic bell-shaped ball gown but here’s the surprise: It has hidden pockets in the side seams! As a sweet finishing touch, the beaded waistband matches the straps but has a little more detail for interest.

Style #71806

Mikado Fit & Flare Trumpet with Train, Beaded Waistband, Beaded Halter Bodice & Open Back

Colors: Burgundy or Midnight
When you first see it, this dress looks like a strapless halter sheath. But the bodice offers a clever twist on the classic design. From the waistband down, the skirt is a traditional fit and flare. The weight of the fabric holds the trumpet shape and gives fullness to the sweep train. The lining of the bodice is cut as a backless high neck halter with a beaded illusion overlay. Geometric lines of beads and sequins begin as a zigzag all around the waist then move up and out to create a starburst at the sides. A deep V detail at center front gives the design the look of a statement necklace with crystals in a flower pattern. The halter neckband is beaded all around and serves as an attachment for a gorgeous illusion strap detail. Falling from the neckband, a sheer fabric layer creates a shoulder line that follows to the back and forms almost invisible straps that frame the open back. Finishing the look and creating glittery drama, fine lines of sequins and beading trace the illusion from the side front at the top of the bodice and all the way down the sheer back straps.

Style #71800

Deep V-Neck, Low V-Back Mikado Ball Gown with Beaded Bodice & Hidden Pockets

Colors: Pink or Aqua
This stylish and slimming A-line ball gown features a glittering beaded bodice and a silky Mikado skirt. The bodice is cut with a deep V-neck and a low V-back that dips almost to the waist and is made with all-over sequin fabric that sparkles with your every move. Wide and full at the hem, the bell shape ball gown skirt is tapered at the waist rather than gathered. This gives it a sleek figure flattering look. Handy hidden pockets in each side seam are perfect for your mini lip gloss or school I.D.

Style #71857

Organza Ball Gown with Beaded Sweetheart Bust, Sheer Bateau Neckline, Low V-Back & Spaghetti Strap Detail

Colors: Claret and Navy
Crisp organza, embroidered lace, and a sweet back strap detail combine in this unique designer dress. The bodice starts as a strapless sweetheart but has a sheer overlay in from that creates a modest bateau neckline. Embroidered lace in a flower and leaf pattern accent the sweetheart line in front and also the V-back that dips to the waist. To give the gown a slip dress look, the back features double straps that attach both at the sides of the bodice and also emphasize the deep V-back. The skirt has an organza overlay that’s cut on the bias. This makes the dress lie smoothly at the waist and then flare out into an A-line with all the fullness of a ball gown. A floor length hem all around makes for easy dancing and also keeps the focus on the bodice.

Style #71856

Two-Piece Jersey Sheath, Below the Waist Skirt & High Neck, Open Back, Embroidered Halter Bodice

Comes in Black with Peach & Ivory Embroidery
Showstopping multi-colored embroidered lace on both bodice and skirt give this two-piece fit and flare sheath a unique look. The backless bandeau halter top has rounded sides in front and a spaghetti strap neckband. Bright floral embroidery starts at the back then curves up and over in a line that traces the sides and the top edge of the bodice. The soft jersey skirt hugs the hips then opens just a bit below the knee and ends with a sweep train. Embroidery at the waist and down each side seam continues the colorful bodice design.

Style #71702

Mikado Ball Gown with Pleated Waist, Hidden Pockets & High Neck, Low V-Back, Beaded Bodice

Colors: Ice Blue, Navy, Red
Simply spectacular—that’s how you’ll look and feel in this modest and edgy, sparkly and sleek take on the classic A-line ball gown. Full coverage all around, the bodice has a fully lined front with a high scoop neckline and clusters of beds and sequins in a closed diamond pattern. But while the V-back is cut moderately high, it’s completely sheer, and the closed beadwork gives way to an open trellis design with the same diamond lines. Sleek Mikado is the perfect complementary fabric for the skirt. Pleated panels lie flat at the waist then open into a regal ballgown silhouette with one last clever twist: A hidden pocket in the side seam.

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