Social Media – History and Components Sajithra K, Dr. Rajindra Patil

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Components of Social Media

Social media thus is an evolution of word of mouth that scaled up by leveraging the pervasiveness of Internet.

The major components of social media span are 1) Social Networking 2) Micro blogs 3) Blogs 4) RSS Feeds 5) Widgets 6) Linking and posting 7) Content Rating 8) Bookmarking sites 9) Audio podcasting 10) Video podcasting

This paper tracks the History of Social Media and tabulates the various components of Social Media. The study concludes that Social Media is an explosion of word of mouth networks and is different from Digital Marketing that does not always rely on social interactions. Utilizing Social Media for Marketing is an inorganic means of building Reach, Engagement and Intelligence whereas Digital Marketing involves Social Media and also the usage of tactics like PPM, banner displays, Online Advertising, Mobile Adverts etc.

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