Smiles & Dreams: Tohoku Kids Project Mission

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Smiles & Dreams: Tohoku Kids Project

Smile Kids Japan and Living Dreams are two NPOs, focused on supporting children who rely on orphanages for care and support. We have formed a partnership to provide immediate and long-term material and emotional support to orphanages, in Tohoku and other areas, directly and indirectly affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami. We will provide orphanages with necessities and services to help children regain a sense of stability in their lives and move past the tragedy they’ve endured to build healthy and happy futures.

Our goal is to aid every orphanage caring for children affected by the earthquake and tsunami. We are focusing our relief efforts on orphanages that:

  • are providing for child survivors not usually in their direct care

  • have lost necessities for child care due to the natural disasters

  • need/want psychological counselling services for child survivors/disaster witnesses

  • want long-term assistance from our network of volunteers and professional counselors

About our organisations
Living Dreams

Living Dreams is a registered Japanese NPO that has been actively working with 33 orphanages in the Tokyo area since 2008. Their mission is to help kids on the path towards becoming responsible, confident and empowered young adults. Centered along the LAST Principle (Learning, Arts, Sports, and Technology), long-term and regularly occurring programs are developed under each category to help improve a child’s overall motivation and confidence. Ultimately, each program works to enrich, encourage, and empower. Living Dreams brings to this joint venture substantial experience in running NPO programs as well as a wealth of resources in both the local and international community.

Visit their website at
Smile Kids Japan

Smile Kids Japan is a non-profit organisation created in 2008 to encourage communities across Japan to organise monthly, interactive group visits to orphanages. The goal of the visits is to support healthy development through friendship, mentoring and internationalisation. Smile Kids Japan has formed strong relationships with children and staff at 24 orphanages in 18 prefectures. They have also formed an amazingly committed, diverse and creative nation-wide volunteer base that is 500 members strong and growing. Smile Kids Japan is working hard to ensure the number of volunteers and visitations grow until their network regularly reaches every orphanage in Japan. With their experience in building lasting relationships with orphanages across Japan and their ability to mobilize volunteers nation-wide, Smile Kids Japan has the significant capability to directly connect and work with the affected orphanages.

Visit their website at

Your support is needed

Your monetary donations will help rebuild lives that were shattered within minutes. You will be replacing necessities, including both personal and shared items that took years for children and orphanages to collect. You will be providing children with professional counselling and a wide range of therapeutic activities to help them move on past the tragedy they’ve endured.  Through your donations, you will allow us to provide orphanages with the goods and services they need to create safe and nurturing environments once again for the children who rely on them. You will personally be turning these institutions back into supportive homes.  

Support Child Survivors of the Tohoku Disaster Now
Living Dreams is a registered NPO in Japan.  We will update you frequently on exactly where your donations are being spent, with documentation through pictures, personal thank you letters and statements from the homes we support.

Donate by wire

Bank Name: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch Name: Mita Dori Branch
Branch Address: 5-28-1 Shiba Minato-ku 108-0014 Tokyo Japan
Branch Code: 623
Swift Code: SMBCJPJT
Account Type: Ordinary
Account Number: 8104945
Account Name: Living Dreams

Donate online

You will soon be able to donate easily online through our registered GlobalGiving account. Keep an eye on our home page for updates.

Examples of goods and services we can provide with your support

Goods that will increase children’s quality of life

Services that will increase children’s quality of life

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