Sleeper (Sequel to Between Heaven and Earth)

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Award-winning Canadian author Eric Walters will be presenting at our school. We have an opportunity to order his books and have them personalized for our students. They are being ordered directly from the author and the prices listed are at a discount as no taxes are charged. You can find out more about the novels by going to the author’s website at

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Alexandria of Africa


Beverly Hills Maasai (Sequel to Alexandria)


Between Heaven and Earth


Sleeper (Sequel to Between Heaven and Earth)


Bifocal (co-write with Deb Ellis)


Black and White




Diamond in the Rough


End of Days


The Falls


Hunter (sequel to Catboy)


I’ve Got An Idea


Just Deserts


Money Pit Mystery


Northern Exposures


Power Play (for older readers)






Royal Ransom


The Rule of Three


Fight For Power(2nd in Rule of Three Trilogy)


Safe as Houses




Shattered (for older readers)


Sketches (for older readers)


Stand Your Ground






The Taming (for older readers)


United We Stand (Sequel to We All Fall Down)






Walking Home




We All Fall Down


Wounded (for older readers)


Picture Book/1st Chapter

Hope Springs (New September 2014)


My Name is Blessing


The Matatu


The True Story of Santa Claus


Prince for a Princess (1st Chapter)


Saving Sammy (1st Chapter)


Skye Above (1stChapter new September 2014)


Tiger Series

Tiger by the Tail


Tiger in Trouble (2nd in series)


Tiger Town (3rd in series


Tiger Trap (4th in series)


Camp X Series

Camp X


Camp 30 (2nd in series)


Fool’s Gold (3rd in series)


Shell Shocked (4th in series)


Trouble in Paradise (5th in series)


Enigma (NEWEST - October)


Fast/Fun Reads





House Party


In A Flash




Laggan Lard Butts






Special Edward






Historical Fiction

Bully Boys


Caged Eagles (Sequel to War of Eagles)






The Hydrofoil Mystery


Trapped In Ice


The Pole (Sequel to Trapped)




War of The Eagles



Tell Me Why


When Elephants Fight


Basketball books

Three-On-Three (book 1)


Full Court Press (book 2)


Hoop Crazy (book 3)


Long Shot (book 4)


Road Trip (book 5)


Off Season (book 6)


Underdog (book 7)


Triple Threat (book 8) with JYD


Boot Camp (book 9) with JYD


Home Team (book 10) with JYD



Walking Home (Doubleday, 2014) – Young Muchoki is left in a desperate situation with the death of his father due to political violence and his mother to malaria. He is forced to take his younger sister on a trek across Kenya to find maternal family he’s never met in a place he’s never been. This novel is integrated into a website where the reader can see videos and pictures, hear interviews, read bonus chapters, hear sections read by the author, and read a running ‘directors’ cut’ of the experience as the author undertook the same walk – 150 kilometers across Kenya – as the protagonist in the book. A new experience that combines fiction and non-fiction, utilizes technology, and is applicable for courses ranging from Social Justice and Global studies, to geography, history, African studies and can be tied into Writers’ Craft courses,

Sleeper (Orca, 2014) – In this sequel to Between Heaven and Earth (the Seven Series), DJ finds himself in London trying to find out the truth about his grandfather. He follows a series of obscure clues and symbols that lead him deep into the world of espionage, complete with guns, double agents, a vintage E-type Jag, while all in the company of a stunningly beautiful young companion.

Hope Springs (Tundra, 2014) – Faced with a water shortage caused by a drought, young Boniface learns about the desperate things people will do and his attempt to chase away that desperation – where there is water there is live. Based on the development of a real water project in Kikima Kenya this picture book features the art beautiful illustrations of Eugenie Fernandes.

The Rule of Three (Penguin, 2014) – One shocking afternoon computers around the globe shut down in a viral catastrophe. At 16 year old Adam Daley’s high school, the problem sees small but soon a storm tide of anger and fear evolves as dwindling resources, crises and chaos overwhelms their community and community around the world. Adam’s neighborhood comes together in an effort to survive, protect themselves from outside forces.

The Rule of Three makes the Walking Dead look like a walk in the park! – Alexander Gordon Smith.

The 2nd in the trilogy – Fight For Power – will be released in December 2014

Saving Sammy (Orca, 2014) – After Morgan’s backyard is flooded by the nearby river, her dog, Shire, finds a baby beaver that has been washed out of its den. Realizing that its parents aren’t coming back, Morgan must quickly learn to care for the beaver, which she names Sammy. First chapter book.

Skye Above (Orca, 2014) – On a family trip to Costa Rica Skye’s parents help her lived her dream of flying in three different ways. First Chapter book.

Enigma (Penguin, 2013) – The Sixth in the Camp X series. Once more Jack and George find themselves in the middle of a dangerous plot involving spies, Nazi agents, and gangsters while being involved in the most top-secret of code-breaking facilities, Bletchley Park, England.

My Name is Blessing (Tundra, 2013) -This picture book tells the story of Muthini, a young Kenyan boy who overcomes great odds, extreme poverty and difficult choices. This is based on the inspiring true story of a young orphan in the Creation of Hope program.

Power Play (Harpercollins, 2013) –No one is tougher than Cody. Not his hockey teammates. Not his rivals on the ice. Cody only wants one thing – to make to the NHL – and won’t let anything get in his way. When a Junior A coach helps Cody toward his dreams he can hardly believe it. Before long Cody’s dream become a nightmare of secret lies and a terrible abuse of power.

Tagged (Orca, 2013) – The city is cracking down on graffiti and guerilla art. With that and cutbacks to the local art gallery, it seems like nothing is safe. But the Wiz is fighting back – by painting elaborate murals in public places, planting art in the galleries and then taking on the mayor himself. As the fight escalates and the states become higher, the Wiz gets in deeper than he meant to and needs to rely on his friend to get him out of his latest mess.

Between Heaven and Earth (Orca, 2012) – Part of the ‘Seven Series’ D.J. has always been the best at everything, so climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to scatter his grandfather’s ashes is just another thing he thinks he’ll accomplish almost effortless. But when he arrives in Tanzania and everything starts to go wrong, D.J. finds out that youth, fitness level and drive have nothing to do with success on the mountain – or in life.

The Seven Series – Boxed Set – buy them all and save! Seven interrelated stories by seven Canadian writers. Between Heaven and Earth (Eric Walters), Lost Cause (John Wilson), Ink Me (Richard Scrimger), Close to the Heel (Norah McClintock), Devil’s Pass (Sigmund Brouwer) and Last Message (Shane Peacock)

The Taming (DoubleDay, 2012) – co-written with Teresa Toten This Novel is written through the duel perspectives of the two main protagonists, Kate and Evan. They are case in the lead roles in the high school production of Shakespeare’s The Taming of The Shrew. As the play evolves they become a couple and their real life interactions become entangled with their roles in the play. Is it the power of love, or the love of power? This novel explores mature themes.

The Matatu Ride (Orca, 2012) Picture Book – Kioko has been watching the matatus come and go for as long as he can remember. On his fifth birthday, he gets to climb aboard one with his grandfather. As the matatu pulls away from the market, several village dogs chase after it. Kioki wonders why the dogs always bark and chase after matatus. When he asks his grandfather about it, his grandfather tells him a story about a dog, a goat and a sheep. Set in east Africa and inspired by a Kamba folktale, this story is filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Hunter (Orca, 2012) – (The sequel to Catboy) Hunter knows humans are dangerous to himself and the other cats in his colony. He avoids them, as all wild cats should. So when a neighborhood boy starts showing up in Hunter’s junkyard to chased away dogs and bring the colony food, Hunter keeps his distance. But a new condo development puts the whole colony in danger, and Hunter soon realizes the only way to save his family is to put his trust in the boy.

Prince for a Princess (Orca, 2012) – (A 1st chapter book for younger readers) Seven-year-old Christina desperately wants a dog, but her parents are reluctant to give in. They take her to a kennel that houses former racing dogs in need of new homes. When a large greyhound named Prince befriends Christina, her parents agree that it was meant to be. But Prince has never been a pet, so Christina has some work to do to make Prince a part of their family.

Just Deserts (Penguin, 2011) – Ethan can barely believe it. Until now his biggest problem has been staying in one of the private school arranged by his father. This time he has not only been expelled but finds himself sprawled in the sands of the Sahara Desert, and forced to walk over 200 kilometers with the help of a guide and accompanied by three other young people. He will face sandstorms, vipers, and agonizingly painful blisters, but most painful of all, the inner demons that haunt him.

Catboy (Orca, 2011) – Taylor and his mother have moved from a small town to the heart of Toronto. The differences are dramatic. While taking a shortcut across a junkyard with his new best friend, Simon, Taylor becomes aware of a colony of feral cats that make the junkyard its home. When the future of the junkyard, and the cats, is threatened, Taylor, assisted by his classmates hatch a plan to save the cats.

End of Days (Doubleday, 2011) – The end is near as an asteroid streaks toward the earth. The collision is certain and the world and all life forms on it will end. Competing schemes, believes and plans swirl as one young boy unwittingly becomes a major part of one attempt to allow humanity to survive.

Shaken (Doubleday, 2011) – The recent death of his mother has shaken the faith of Joshua. Father, a Baptist minister decides to take a mission trip to Haiti, bringing down young people to help build an orphanage. Set in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, Joshua, has the ground under his feet as well as his whole belief system shaken.

Flyboy (Penguin, 2010) - A young boy, anxious to join in the fight against the Nazis, fakes his age and identify to join the Royal Canadian Air Force. He becomes a navigator, flying in Lancaster Bombers, in bombing runs over Germany

Branded (Orca 2010) – Ian, Julia and Oswald find themselves at the centre of a storm of protest when their school decides to make students wear uniforms. Julia is opposed to the whole concept. Ian, doesn’t really care one way or another, until he discovers the origin of these uniforms.

Home Team (Orca 2010) – In the tenth book in the basketball series, Nick and Kia convince the whole school to help them bring a Raptor to the school for a visit.

Beverly Hills Maasai (Doubleday 2010) – In this sequel to Alexandria of Africa, Nebala and two other Maasai warriors travel to Beverly Hills to run in a marathon to raise money to dig a well for their drought stricken tribe.

Trouble In Paradise (Penguin 2010) – The fifth in the Camp X series the boys and their parents have been assigned to Bermuda – the home of one of the largest espionage operations in World War II, and once again find themselves in the middle of life and death adventures.

Wounded (Penguin 2009) – Marcus and his sister and mother are counting the days until Marcus’s father comes home from Afghanistan. Waiting for weeks for a phone call, and with only the occasional e-mail, has been difficult for the family, but they’re ready to celebrate his return. When the big day comes, they’re overcome by happiness and relief that he’s safe, but as the days pass, Marcus begins to feel that there’s something different about his father. Marcus knows that post-traumatic stress disorder affects many soldiers, but at first he finds it hard to believe his father needs help, and then when he does think he needs counseling, he just can’t seem to convince his father.

Tell Me Why (Doubleday 2009) – Responding to the researching questions of a thoughtful thirteen-year-old, more than twenty-five influential figures – including Lt.-Gen. Romeo Dallaire, Robert Munsch, Marc Garneau, Lynn Johnston, Rick Hansen, and many others – have shared their wisdom, their experiences, and their convictions about how to counter suffering, cruelty, and darkness. Also profiled are five amazing young Canadians who are changing the world.

Special Edward (Orca 2009) – Ed spends a lot of time working hard to get out of doing any work at school. Sometimes it works, sometimes he just gets in trouble. He notices that those kids designated as ‘special education’ seem to get away with less work, have more time and get more support. Ed decides he’s going to become ‘Special Edward’ and sets out to become special education. In the process he discovers things not only about those who learn differently but about his own abilities and disabilities.

Black and White (Penguin 2009) – Thomas loves basketball and plays on a rep team with his best friend, Steve. When girl-crazy Steve asks him to stay after school and watch the girls’ team play, Thomas assumes he’ll be bored out of his mind. But one of those players blows him away with her skills. Her name is Denyse, and they discover that they have a lot in common. They start dating. You wouldn’t think that would be a problem, except Thomas is white and Denyse is black and some people think this is wrong. They discover that this may be about black and white, but there isn’t anything black and white about it – it’s all shades of grey.

Camp X – Shell Shocked (Penguin 2009) – It’s November 1942, and Jack, George and their mother are moving . . . again. They’ve changed houses four times in less than six months, but with their lives on the line, they are willing to do whatever it takes. Jack and George assumed new identities and are soon back at work as special operatives, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity at an ammunitions plant. They don’t have to wait long before they uncover a plot by German spies to blow up the plant and everyone in it! It’s up to the quick-thinking young boys to find a way to stop them and stay alive while doing it.

United We Stand (Doubleday 2009) – In the sequel to the award winning We All Fall Down, this novel begins on September 12, the day after 9/11, and follows Will and James back down to Ground Zero to search for James’ father.

Wave (Doubleday 2009) – The world is rocked by a Tsunami – a wave that kills hundreds of thousands of people. The story, told through first person by two members of a family, chronicles their story of tragedy and survival.

Alexandria of Africa (Doubleday 2008) – For Alexandria Hyatt having a fabulous life is easy: she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Being glamorous and rich is simply what she was born to be. When Alexandria is arrested for shoplifting, having to drag herself into court to face a judge just seems like a major inconvenience. But before she knows it she’s on a plane headed to Kenya where she has been ordered to work for an international charity. Over the course of her month in Africa she will face a reality she could never have imagined, and will have to look inside herself to see if she has what it takes to confront it.

Voyageur (Penguin 2008) – Brian, his mom, and his sister, Jennie, have left their Manhattan home for a canoe trip in Northern Quebec in order to scatter the ashes of Brian’s father, whose most cherished memories were of his childhood summer spent at a camp. They are unprepared for this trip and tragedy is only averted when they are rescued by an old man named Pierre who offers his services as a guide. In the end they discover that Pierre is somebody far more important than simply a guide.

Splat! (Orca 2008) – Leamington is the home of a gigantic tomato festival including a parade, a beauty pageant, talent show, and the tomato toss. All goes terribly wrong when the tomato toss contest engulfs the entire town.

The Pole (Penguin 2008) – Fourteen-year-old Danny is off on an adventure of a lifetime. As the youngest crew member aboard the renowned ship The Roosevelt, captained by Robert Bartlett, he is heading north with an expedition led by Robert Peary, in a race to be the first to the North Pole. Based on true events, this action packed adventure details the journey of the first men to reach the Pole.

In a Flash (Orca 2008) – Mobs aren’t necessarily a bad thing, if that mob comes together for an instant pillow fight or a freeze in. And perhaps it can even be used as a protest against a school policy.

The Falls (Penguin 2008) – Fifteen-year-old Jay Hunter has but one goal in life: to get out of the Falls. Life in this tourist town doesn’t hold much promise or future. But everything begins to change when his mother reveals a remarkable family history: Jay’s great-grandfather was one of the most famous river men who ever lived, saving people who’d jumped into the Falls, retrieving the bodies of those who couldn’t save, and going over the Falls himself in a barrel. With the help of an equally notorious river man, Boomer Williams, Jay immerses himself in the history of the Falls, learning about his family’s history and about himself, too. Suddenly life holds meaning – as well as a challenge that Jay find irresistible.

When Elephants Fight (Orca 2008) – Non-fiction co-written with Adrian Bradbury – When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. This ancient proverb is as true today as when the words were first spoken, perhaps thousands of years ago. Its essence is simplicity – when the large fight, it is the small who suffer most. This book presents the stories of five children – Annu, Jimmy, Nadja, Farooq and Toma – from five very different and distinct conflicts – Sri Lanka, Uganda, Bosnia, Afghanistan and The Sudan. Along with these very personal accounts, the book also offers brief analyses – at a level that children can understand - of the history and geopolitical issues that are the canvas on which these conflicts are cast.

Sketches (Penguin 2007) – Sometimes things are just so bad that the streets seems like the only place a kid can run. A gritty story about trying to survive. RECOMMENDED FOR GRADE 8 AND HIGH SCHOOL

House Party (Orca 2007) - Parents are away for the weekend. What could go wrong with inviting a few friends over for a small party? The answer is hundreds of people.

Boot Camp (Orca 2007) – The newest in the basketball series with Nick and Kia going to Washington to attend a basketball camp run by Jerome Junk Yard Williams.

Bifocal (Fitzhenry & Whiteside 2007) - Co-written with Deborah Ellis. This is two different sides of the same story told through the eyes of two different high men, reacting to the arrest of a fellow student on suspicion of terrorism.

Safe As Houses (Doubleday 2007) - Historical fiction about Hurricane Hazel and the struggle of three young people to escape from the raging flood waters

Tiger Trap (Dundurn, 2007) - The 4th in the Tiger series – Nick and Sarah, along with Mr. McCurdy and Vladimir become involved in an international ‘sting’ to capture people trying to trade in endangered animals.

Shattered (Penguin 2006) – Ian’s life is pretty safe and soft and comfortable until he starts to do his community service hours at The Club – a soup kitchen in downtown Toronto. Here he meets the people who live on the streets, including one very proud man who was a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces. Through this man’s stories he becomes aware of the Rwanda genocide and how this inhumanity affects and infects us all, and how one person can maybe make a difference.

We All Fall Down (DoubleDay 2006) – It was just supposed to a boring ‘You’re your Kid To Work Day’ at a boring job, in a boring building. The place is the 84th floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center. The date is September 11.

Fool’s Gold - Camp X (Penguin 2006) - The third in the Camp X series. Jack and George are thrown into another adventure when gangsters force the boys into helping them break into the camp to steal gold stored on the property.

Stuffed (Orca 2006) - A group of students watch a documentary called ‘Stuffed’ which outlines the terrible things Frankie’s Fast Food can do to those who dine there. They organize a boycott of a fast food chain through the internet – a boycott which Frankie’s tries to head off in whatever means are necessary.

Laggan Lard Butts (Orca 2006) Ages 10 – 15 Having your school teams named ‘The Lards’ – Gaelic for Lords – is hard, especially when other teams call you the ‘Lard Butts’. A full school election is called to rename the school – and surprisingly one name seems to be gaining momentum despite the wishes of staff and Principal.

Elixir (Penguin 2005) Ages 9 – 14 ISBN 0-670-04465-2 Twelve-year-old Ruth must spend her summer at the University of Toronto, where her mother is hired to clean at the research building. There the lonely girl is befriended by Dr. Banting and Mr. Best who are in the search for a cure for diabetes. But to Ruth’s dismay the research they are doing involves testing on animals. She is approached by animal rights protestors who try to draw her into their plan to rescue the animals and in doing so, destroy the research and the hope of curing diabetes.

Triple Threat (Orca 2005) Ages 7 – 12 ISBN 1-55143-359-1 The 8th in the basketball series. Nick and Kia get kicked off the court at the rec center by a group of older bullies. But revenge is sweet when they find the perfect team mate for a tough game of three-on-three - Jerome ’Junk Yard Dog’ Williams of the NBA. This book is co-written with Jerome Williams.

Juice (Orca 2005) Ages 9 – 16 ISBN 1-55143-351-6 Michael is the star on his high school football team and a candidate for a university scholarship and maybe more. His new coach tells him he needs even more - and the way to get there is by turning to steroids. Michael has to make choices, between loyalty to his team and what he thinks is right and wrong.

The True Story of Santa Claus (Chestnut 2005) A picture book co-written by my daughter Christina, Ages 4 – 7 IBSN 1-894601-11-4 Santa gets all the glory, but who’s really the power behind the sleigh? This book is about the women who really does the work (gee, like that’s unusual) and her efforts to get Santa off his chair, away from the TV, and back in the workshop.

Camp 30 (Penguin 2004) Ages 9 - 13 ISBN 0-670-04486-5 In this sequel to Camp X, Jack and George, are once again thrust into the dangerous world of espionage. The novel is set in Bowmanville, Ontario, and is based on the real Camp 30.

I’ve Got An Idea (HarperCollins) Ages 9 - 13 ISBN 0-00-639196-6 Alex and his friend Sam have been called a lot of things at school, including ‘brainers’ and ‘geekoids.’ But when Twilight Stevens, the new sixth-grader with the brilliant red hair calls the boys ‘dangerous’, Alex can’t believe it. It’s true that Sam’s ideas often get them into trouble, but nothing serious. That changes when they have the idea to sneak away to New York City to see a rock concert, and have to flee from street thugs.

Overdrive (Orca) Ages 9 - 15 ISBN 1-55143-318 – 4 It’s Jake’s first day with his new license and his older brother lends him his car - his souped up car. Jake, in a thoughtless moment, races away from a light, competing with another car, with tragic results. Can Jake do the right thing?

Grind (Orca) Ages 9 - 15 ISBN 1-55143-317-6 Philip lives for skateboarding. When he and his best friend, Wally, meet a pro boarder they start video-taping their tricks and create a website to highlight their skills. The site becomes a hit, but they find themselves compelled to do more and more dangerous stunts.

Death By Exposure (Dundurn) Ages 9 – 13 This book, which defies category, is a combination short story, photographic, mystery, story-starter, code-breaking, geography, internet, Canadian adventure. It all starts when Ben and Julia go tobogganing where they shouldn’t, a remote glacier, and discover two feet sticking out of the ice.

Underdog (Orca) Ages 7 - 12 ISBN 1-55143-302-8 The seventh in the Nick and Kia basketball series. It’s a new season and Nick and Kia once again try out for the rep team. One new player has the skill and ability to make the team, however, he has to learn how friendship and team play are more important than individual ability.

Run (Penguin 2003) Ages 9 - 15 ISBN 014 331 2189 Winston has had a rough time adjusting to the separation of his parents. In trouble, his mother asks if he can stay with his father for a few days. His father, a newspaper reporter is going on assignment to cover a story about a one-legged kid trying to run across Canada. Winston meets this runner, Terry Fox, and watches him run, hears him speak, rides in the van with him, shares meals, and gets to know Terry and be a witness to The Marathon of Hope.

Royal Ransom (Penguin 2003) Ages 9 - 13 ISBN 0-14-331205-7 Jamie Ransom, a 13 year old Cree boy is surprised when his cousin asks him to help escort some people on a wilderness trip. His surprise turns to astonishment when he discovers that the group includes the young Prince Andrew and his sister, Victoria, who are next in line for the British Throne. This adventure turns deadly when kidnappers strike and attempt to abduct the Royal children.

Off Season (Orca 2003) Ages 7 - 12 ISBN 1-55143-237-4 Basketball season may be over, but Nick and Kia are about to experience the adventure of a lifetime when they visit Nick’s cousin Ned during their summer vacation. Spending time with Ned and his family in the mountains is different - and it becomes deadly when a forest fire erupts all around them. This is the sixth in the basketball series.

Ricky (HarperCollins, 2002) Ages 9 - 14 ISBN 0-00-639195-8 Ricky has always been more comfortable with animals than people. Sharing his house with 29 creatures, including a dog, cats, squirrels and an alligator, this eighth grader is lucky to have Mr. Johnston as his science teacher, who incredibly has even more animals in the class. Bogart the boa constrictor is one of Ricky’s favourites. That’s why it’s completely shocking when vandals break into the school and destroy many animals, including Bogart. Ricky and his best friend, Augie Levy, devise a plan to raise money to replace Bogart and make up for what had been done.

Tiger Town (Dundurn, 2002) Ages 9 - 14 ISBN 0-88878-437-6 In this follow up Tiger By The Tail and Tiger in Trouble, Sarah and Nick are back home and helping Mr. McCurdy and Vladimir transform Mr. McCurdy’s farm to a zoo for Boo Boo the bear, Peanuts the elephant, Kushna the tiger, and other assorted exotic animals. The local paper, the mayor and an overzealous inspector combine with animal-rights protestors to make this job harder than anybody had ever expected.

Road Trip (Orca , 2002) Ages 7 - 12 ISBN 1-55143-201-3 In this fifth book in the basketball series Nick and Kia and their teammates are on the road, heading to an elite hoops tournament. They are feeling overmatched by many of the high-profile teams that have been invited from all over the world. The teammates are looking forward to playing some ball, but also having a good time. However, their coach thinks that nothing will be good enough but winning it all.

Camp X (Penguin) Ages 9 - 14 ISBN 0-670-91101-1 It’s 1943 and 12 year-old George, and his older brother Jack, stumble into a military camp located on the edge of Whitby, Ontario. Their curiosity gets the better of them and they are swept up into the mystery and intrigue of Camp X - Canada’s top-secret spy camp. In the most exciting summer of their lives, they are enlisted in the fight against the Axis powers and learn that in war everybody is under suspicion - including themselves.

Long Shot (Orca), 2001) Ages 7 - 12 ISBN 1-55143-216.1 The fourth in the basketball series. Nick and Kia try out for their rep team but are met by a new coach. Suddenly all their assumptions are thrown out the window as they discover that this coach expects perfection from everybody.

Northern Exposures (HarperCollins, 2001) Ages 9 - 14 ISBN 0-00-648531-6 As a joke Kevin enters the ‘Capture Mississauga’ photo contest. Shockingly his picture wins and his prizes include a trip to Churchill Manitoba to photograph polar bears. His polar bear close-ups become too close in the adventure of his life time.

Tiger in Trouble (Dundurn, 2001) Ages 9 - 14 ISBN 0-88878-420-1 In this sequel to Tiger By The Tail, Sarah and Nick set off for a week at ‘zoo camp’. They discover the camp is run down, badly run and the owner has sinister plans for Kushna the tiger. Sarah and Nick must act to save the tiger in trouble.

Hoop Crazy! (Orca, 2001) Ages 7 - 12 ISBN 155143-184—X Nick and Kia compete as part of a three-on-three team in an NBA sanctioned tournament. Can they team up to win against the best players in the whole city?

Full Court Press (Orca, 2000) Ages 7 - 12 ISBN 1-55143-169-6 In the sequel to Three-on-Three, Nick and Kia and their pals are back. Now it’s time for tryouts for the school team. The question is, will grade three students Nick and Kia have any chance of making a school team which is always made up of older kids?

Rebound (Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2000) Ages 10 - 15 ISBN 0-7736-74852 Sean vows that this year will be different and he’ll stay out of trouble and make the school basketball team. David needs a new start too after a car crash leaves him confined to a wheelchair and horribly bitter about his life. Forced together the boys learn to like each other and their friendship helps draw them both back into the game.

Caged Eagles (Orca, 2000) Ages 10 - 16 ISBN 1-55143-139-4 In this sequel to War of the Eagles, Tadashi and his family are forced to journey away from their home as they are declared ‘enemy aliens’ and must relocate to the cattle stalls of Hastings Park. This saga details one of the greatest injustices of Canadian history.

The Bully Boys (Penguin, 2000) Ages 10 - 14 ISBN 0-670-88885-0 The War of 1812 is raging and American troops invade Canada. Tom Roberts becomes involved with Lt. James FitzGibbons and his Bully Boys and becomes part of the Canadian effort to defend our country and repel the invaders.

The Money Pit Mystery (HarperCollins, 2000) Ages 9 - 14 ISBN 000648151-2 Mystery, magic, and buried treasure all combine to lead Sam, his sister Beth, and buddy, Buzz, into a treasure hunt that almost costs them their lives. Set on Oak Island, Nova Scotia and based on the real Money Pit and the unsolved mystery that still surrounds it.

Three-On-Three (Orca, 1999) Ages 7 - 12 ISBN 1-55143-170-X Nick and Kia are eager to sign up for the school’s 3 on 3 contest. To have a chance to win they convince Marcus, two years older and the best player in the school, to become the third member of their team. Will that be enough to win?

Visions (HarperCollins, 1999) Ages 10 - 15 ISBN 0-00-648141-8 Twins, Mark and Rob, accompany their mother to an Arctic island so she can study muskox. They find themselves part of nightmarish stories told by an old Inuit man who appears out of nowhere, and are forced to repay a favor before they can leave.

The Hydrofoil Mystery (Penguin, 1999) Ages 9 - 15 ISBN 0 -670-88186-4 It is 1915 and Canada is embroiled in WW I. William, a troubled 15 year old is sent to spend the summer on the estate of famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell. William becomes involved with the construction of the hydrofoil and a mystery to die for.

Tiger By The Tail (Dundurn, 1999) Ages 9 - 14 ISBN 9-780888-783967 Sarah and Nick learn that their neighbour, a retired circus trainer, has exotic animals on his farm including a cheetah, chimp, python and a tiger named Buddha. When some teens cut the chains on Buddha’s cage the kids must help recapture the tiger on the loose.

War of The Eagles (Orca, 1998) Ages 10 - 16 ISBN 1-55143-099-1 While Jed’s father is away fighting in WW II, he and his mother move to the home of his grandmother. With the declaration of war against Japan, Jed’s best friend and his family are forced to leave their home. A story about growing up in a less than ideal world.

Stranded (HarperCollins, 1998) Ages 9 - 13 ISBN 0-00-638502-3 Gord is new to the school, struggling with his parents’ divorce and trying to make friends and fit in. A week long school trip to a remote island school helps him to establish these friendships while dealing with the life and death issues of a stranded pod of whales.

Diamonds in the Rough (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1998) Ages 10-15 ISBN 0-7736-7470-5 After the sudden death of Sky’s mother, she wants nothing more than to keep herself and her three younger sisters together. The solution may lie with a newly discovered Uncle - but this Uncle is hardly ideal and is struggling to escape his own past.

Trapped In Ice (Penguin, 1997) Ages 9 - 14 ISBN 0-14-038626-2 13 year old Helen accompanies her mother and brother on a ship headed to the Arctic. When the ship becomes trapped in the ice the Captain, Robert Bartlett, must use all his skills to keep them alive and try to save the members of the expedition.

S.T.A.R.S. (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1996) Ages 10 - 161 ISBN 0-7726-7447-0 Joseph is caught stealing cars and is sent to a special program in Northern Ontario to help him learn a new way of looking at life. Stuck in the wilderness with a bunch of ‘losers’ and social workers he discovers things about himself that he didn’t know were possible.

Stand Your Ground (Fitzhenry &Whiteside, 1994) Ages 10 - 15 ISBN 0-7736-7421-7 Life was pretty exciting for Jonathan when he lived with his con-artist father. But now he has to stay with his grandparents while his Dad hides from some angry customers. It’s hard to make friends when you’re scamming them. It’s also hard to gain the trust of wary grandparents, and hard to decide to leave or stand his ground for a new and better life.

Still to Come

The Rule of Three – a Trilogy (Penguin, January, 2014, August 2014, January 2015) – An airborne computer virus disables every computer in the world. In the blink of an eye the entire planet is without modern transportation, communication, and the means to produce and distribute food, water and electricity. Adam’s neighborhood, Eden Mills, comes together as a ‘fiefdom’ to attempt to survive and establish order in a world thrust into chaos, desperation and violence. The first in a trilogy.

Saving Sammy (Orca, Spring 2014) – A little girl finds an abandoned baby beaver, washing onto their property by flood waters. She and her family undertake raising the little orphaned animal. First Chapter Book.

Hope Springs (Tundra, Fall 2014) – Picture book - During a period of drought the children of the Hope Orphanage are denied water by the people of the community, who feel there isn’t enough for their families. The children are helped to understand that even good people can do desperate things and they decide that the only way to fight darkness is with light.

Walking Home (Doubleday, Fall 2014) – A young boy is orphaned when his father is killed in the political violence in Kenya in 2007 and his mother dies of malaria. He, along with his young sister, walk across Kenya to try to find the maternal grandparents they have never met.

Sleeper - The sequel to the Seven Series (Orca – Fall 2014) – The adventures for D.J. (David) and his cousins continue as they try to uncover a mystery surrounding their grandfather.

Happy Birthday To Me! (Spring 2015) – A birthday party is held for the 115 children of the orphanage, many of who were abandoned so young that they don’t know their birth day or age. Excited builds as the day approaches. Finally it arrives, and each child gets a ‘loot bag’, party hat, and cake, but more important, they not only celebrate their birth, but each child receives a birth certificate – letting the world know they are important.

Skye Above (Orca, Spring 2015) – A young girl, Skye, and her family travel to Costa Rica where she learns there is more than one way to fly. First chapter book.

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