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Salads and Appetizers

  • Olivier (potato salad Russian style)

  • Vinegrette Salad

  • Herring in Fur coat “Shuba”

  • Beet Salad

  • Beet Salad with Nuts and Raisins

  • Mushroom Salad (mushrooms, garlic, mayonnaise)

  • Israel Salad (eggplants, garlic, mayo)

  • Greek Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, onion, olives, Greek cheese)

  • Turkish style salad (eggplants, onion, garlic, parsley, spices, oil)

  • Crabmeat Salad (crabmeat, eggs, corn, mayonnaise)

  • Beef Tongue Salad (beef tongue, red peppers, onion, mayonnaise)

  • Dnestr (green cabbage, pees, bologna, onion, mayonnaise)

  • Delicates (chicken, nuts, raisins, celery, mayonnaise)

  • Vitamin (green cabbage, apple, carrot, nuts, raisins, mayonnaise)

  • Pautinka (crabmeat, caviar, celery, mayonnaise)

  • Novinka (celery, apple, cranberries, nuts, mayonnaise)

  • Salad “Shapka Monomaha” (cheese, eggs, carrots, beets, prunes, nuts, garlic, mayonnaise)

  • Cheese Appetizer (cheese, eggs, garlic,


  • Seafood Appetizer (shrimps, garlic, scallions, mayonnaise)

  • Chicken Liver Pate

  • Beef Liver Pate

  • Marinated Mushrooms Russian Style

  • Carrot Salad Korean Style

  • Eggplants Sate

  • Eggplants French Style (thin sliced eggplant rolled with vegetables)

  • Beef Tongue

  • Chicken in Jelly (Holodetz)

  • Chiken Liver Tart


  • Stuffed cabbage

  • Stuffed peppers

  • Stuffed eggplants

  • Cutlets:

- Chicken Kiev

- Chicken

- Chicken «Olympic» (with eggs and dills)

- pork

- veal

- veal with mushrooms

- veal in creamy mushroom sauce

- vegetable

  • Meatballs:

- chicken in cream sauce

- pork in tomato sauce

  • Chops:

- pork

- pork bone-in

- chicken

- chicken with vegetables

  • Kebab:

- chicken

- pork

  • Lulya Kebab

  • Stuffed duck

  • Stuffed chicken

  • Chicken Ukrainian Style (boneless chicken leg quarters stuffed with mushrooms)

  • Chicken breast with mushrooms

  • Chicken Tabaka

  • Chicken rolls stuffed with mushrooms

  • Pork French Style (свиная отбивная, лук, сыр)

  • Pork Gutculski Style (pork stew with mushrooms)

  • Chicken Liver fried with onions

  • Beef Liver in cream sauce

  • Stew with pork/ with chicken

  • Pork Rice Pilaf

  • Chicken Rice Pilaf

  • Beef Stroganoff

  • Mushroom Julienne

  • Fried Fish

  • Stuffed fish

  • Fish with vegetables (carrots, onions, tomatoes, garlic)

  • Blintzes/ filled with: cherry, cheese, meat, mushrooms

  • Pirogies with cherries, cheese, cabbage,


  • Puff pastries filled w/t meat, cabbage, potato, mushrooms, cheese

  • Fried pastries filled with meat, cabbage, cherries, mushrooms, cheese

  • Cheese pancakes /with raisins

  • Potato Pastries filled with meat/with mushrooms

  • Draniki (Potato Pancakes)

  • Cheburek

  • Braised Sauerkraut

  • Baby Potatoes with dill

  • Rice with vegetables


  • Red Borsch

  • Green Borsch

  • Schi (cabbage soup)

  • Kharcho

  • Solyanka

  • Rassolnik

  • Pea soup

  • Chicken noodle soup

  • Broth with dumplings

  • Cold Beet soup

  • Okroshka

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