Single- and co-authored books

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Phil Powrie: Publications

(updated 25 September 2016)

Single- and co-authored books

  1. (2017). Music in Contemporary French Cinema: The Crystal Song. Palgrave Macmillan. MS to be submitted September 2016.

  2. 2009. (with Eric Rebillard), Pierre Batcheff and Stardom in 1920s French Cinema. Edinburgh University Press. xviii + 254 pp.

  3. 2007. (with Bruce Babington, Ann Davies, Chris Perriam) Carmen on Film: A Cultural History. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. xii + 303 pp.

  • ‘Introduction’, ix-xii.

  • (with Ann Davies) ‘Mapping Carmen’, 1-16.

  • (with Ann Davies) ‘Theorizing Carmen’, 17-33.

  • Carmen and the French Cinema’, 107-08.

  • ‘Two silent Carmens (Calmettes, 1910; Feyder, 1926)’, 109-21.

  • ‘Jean-Luc’s women (Godard, 1984)’, 122-31.

  • ‘Social-realist fantasies (Rosi, 1984)’, 132-42.

  • ‘A postcolonial Carmen (Ramaka, 2001)’, 143-53.

  • (with Bruce Babington) ‘Carmen and Stardom’, 191-92.

  • ‘Viviane Romance’, 205-14.

  • (with Ann Davies) ‘Conclusion’, 237-41.

  1. 2006. (with Ann Davies) Carmen on Screen: An Annotated Filmography and Bibliography. Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer. 160 pp.

  2. 2002. (with Keith Reader, 25%). French Cinema: A Student’s Guide. London: Arnold. viii + 212 pp. Reprinted 2008.

  3. 2001. Jean-Jacques Beineix. Manchester University Press. xiv + 240 pp.

  4. 1997. French Cinema in the 1980s: Nostalgia and the Crisis of Masculinity. Oxford: Clarendon Press. xiv + 203 pp.

  5. 1997. René Daumal’s Mugle and The Silk. Translated with an Introduction by Phil Powrie. Lewiston/ Queenston/ Lampeter: Edwin Mellen. 97 pp.

  6. 1993. Compo pub. School of Modern Languages Publications, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Vol.1 Manuel de l’étudiant, vi + 37 pp; vol.2 Manuel de l’animateur, vi + 43 pp.

  7. 1990. René Daumal: Étude d’une obsession. Geneva: Droz. 171 pp.

  8. 1988. René Daumal and Roger Gilbert-Lecomte. London: Grant & Cutler. 172 pp.

Edited and translated books

  1. 2015. (with Peter I. Barta) Bicultural Literature and Film in French and English. London and New York: Routledge.

  • (with Peter I. Barta) ‘Being In Between’, 1-22.

  • ‘The location of the bicultural: the coast in three Maghrebi-French films’, 75-90.

  1. 2014. French Cinema, 4 vols. London and New York: Routledge.

  2. 2008. (with Robynn Stilwell) Composing for the Screen in Germany and the USSR: Cultural Politics and Propaganda. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 200 pp.

  • (with Robynn Stilwell) ‘Introduction’, 1-15.

  1. 2006. (with Susan Hayward) The Films of Luc Besson: Master of Spectacle. Manchester University Press. 197 pp.

  • ‘Introduction’ (with Susan Hayward), 1-9.

  • ‘Of suits and men in the films of Luc Besson’, 75-89.

  • Léon and the cloacal labyrinth’, 147-59.

  1. 2006. The Cinema of France, edited by Phil Powrie. London: Wallflower Press. 288 pp.

  • ‘Introduction’, 1-10.

  • Nikita’, 197-206.

  1. 2006. (with Robynn Stilwell) Changing Tunes: The Use of Pre-existing Music in Film. Aldershot: Ashgate Popular and Folk Music series.

  • (with Robynn Stilwell) ‘Introduction’, xiii-xix.

  • ‘The fabulous destiny of the accordion in French cinema’, 137-51.

  1. 2004. (with Ann Davies and Bruce Babington) The Trouble with Men: Masculinities in European and Hollywood Cinema. London: Wallflower Press. 264 pp.

  • (with Bruce Babington and Ann Davies) ‘Introduction: turning the male inside out’, 1-15.

  • ‘The w/hole and the abject’ 207-17.

  1. 1999. French Cinema in the 1990s: Continuity and Difference. Oxford University Press. xv + 286 pp.

  • ‘Heritage, history and “new realism”: French cinema in the 1990s’, 1-21.

  1. 1993. Marie Cardinal: Les Mots pour le dire. Edited with an introduction and notes. Bristol Classical Press. lvi + 195 pp.

  2. 1991. (with Margaret Atack) Contemporary French Fiction by Women: Feminist. Manchester University Press. viii + 203 pp.

  • (with Margaret Atack) ‘Introduction’, 1-11.

  • ‘Reading for pleasure: Marie Cardinal’s Les mots pour le dire and the text as (re)play of Oedipal configurations’, 163-76.

  1. 1989. René Daumal, The Lie of the Truth and Other Parables from the Way of Liberation. Translated by Phil Powrie. New York/Madras: Hanuman Books, 44 pp.

Journal articles

  1. 2016. ‘Mobilising desire: the operetta films of Pills and Tabet in 1930s France’, Historical Journal of Film Radio and Television, vol/no tbc.

  2. 2015. (with Diane Gabrysiak) ‘Editorial. Money: now you see it, now you don’t’, ‘Money matters’, Studies in French Cinema 15(3): 197-206.

  3. 2015. ‘Money talks: the logorrheic masquerade in two films from 1934’, ‘Money matters’, Studies in French Cinema 15(3): 207-224.

  4. 2014. (with Guido Heldt) ‘Introduction: trailers, titles, and end credits’, Music, Sound, and the Moving Image 8(2): 111-120.

  5. 2014. ‘Luis Mariano et l’exotisme ordinaire’, ‘Voyez comme on chante! Films musicaux et cinéphilies populaires en France (1945-1958)’, Théorème 20: 19-29.

  6. 2013. ‘The French musical: swing and big bands in the cinema of the 40s and 50s’, Screen 54(2): 1-23.

  7. 2011. ‘Preface’, sp. no. ‘Francophone Postcolonial Cinema’, International Journal of Francophone Studies, 14(3): 289-95.

  8. 2011. ‘Algeria and women in two 1960s film adaptations of the Carmen narrative’, French Cultural Studies 22(2): 127-36.

  9. 2011. ‘Heterotopic spaces and nomadic gazes in Varda: from Cléo de 5 à 7 to Les Glaneurs et La Glaneuse’, sp. no. ‘Watch This Space: Women’s Conceptualisations of Space in Contemporary French Film and Visual Art’, L'Esprit créateur 51(1): 68-82.

  10. 2011. ‘Le moment haptique: analyse d’une chanson de Paolo Conte dans 5 x 2’, ‘Musique et cinéma: harmonie et contrepoints’, Inter-Lignes, 21-38.

  11. 2008. (with Eric Rebillard) ‘Josephine Baker and Pierre Batcheff in La Sirène des tropiques (1927)’, Studies in French Cinema 8(3): 245-64.

  12. 2008. ‘The haptic moment: sparring with Paolo Conte in Ozon’s 5x2’, sp. no. ‘Cinema and the Senses’, Paragraph 31(3): 206-22.

  13. 2008. (with Eric Rebillard) ‘Pierre Batcheff, the surrealist star’, Studies in French Cinema 8(2): 159-77.

  14. 2005. ‘Unfamiliar places: “heterospection” and recent French films on children’, sp. no. ‘The child in film and television’, Screen 46(3): 341-52.

  15. 2004. ‘La Tragédie de Carmen (Peter Brook, 1983) and embodiment’, Studies in European Cinema 1(3): 141-51.

  16. 2004. ‘Politics and embodiment in Karmen Geï (2001)’, Quarterly Review of Film and Video 21(4): 283-91.

  17. 2004. ‘Fifteen years of fifties cinema’, Studies in French Cinema 4(1): 5-13.

  18. 2003. ‘Thirty years of doctoral theses on French cinema’, Studies in French Cinema 3(3): 199-203.

  19. 2003. ‘The w/hole and the abject’, ‘Men’s Bodies’, Paragraph 26(1-2): 232-44.

  20. 2003. ‘The kiss-curl and the resisting eyes: reassessing Carmen (Feyder, 1926)’, Studies in French Cinema 3(1): 15-23.

  21. 2002. ‘Transtitial woman: new representations of women in contemporary French cinema’, Esprit Créateur 42(3): 81-91.

  22. 2002. ‘Out of this world (cinema): French cinema studies now’ [review article], Journal of Romance Studies 1(3): 143-52.

  23. 2002. ‘Diva: A new psychoanalytical approach’, Studies in French Cinema 2(1): 50-58.

  24. 2002. ‘Towards an ethics of intermediality: text, intertext and identification in La Dentellière’, Literature/Film Quarterly 30(2): 92-97.

  25. 2000. ‘Bleu, blanc, rouge: masochism and the distinction between verbal and visual automatism’, Australian Journal of French Studies 37(1): 40-51.

  26. 1998. ‘Heritage, history and the “new realism”’, Modern & Contemporary France 6(4): 479-92.

  27. 1998. ‘Masculinity in the shadow of the slashed eye: surrealist film criticism at the crossroads’, Screen 39(2): 153-63.

  28. 1996. ‘Ten years on: Mauvais Sang and the crisis of masculinity’, Modern & Contemporary France 4(2): 161-70.

  29. 1996. ‘Parody and violation in René Daumal’s Mugle’, ‘Surrealism’, Aura, 24-35.

  30. 1995. ‘Prénom: Carmen and male sexuality’, ‘European film’, Forum for Modern Language Studies 31(1): 64-73.

  31. 1994.(with Jane Bidder] ‘Lesbian speculations on/in Claudine Married’, Women’s Studies 23(1): 57-68.

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  33. 1993. ‘Francesco Rosi’s Carmen and the fantasy of realism’, Word and Image 9(1): 19-28.

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  36. 1992. ‘Interpreting in the undergraduate French degree: a national survey 1990-1991’, Francophonie 4: 18-22.

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  38. 1992. ‘Angela Carter/Chantal Chawaf: rewriting the domestic’, New Comparisons 11: 127-36.

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  42. 1990. ‘Breton’s vertical labyrinth: towards a psycho-semiosis’, Romanic Review 82(4): 454-65.

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Chapters in books

  1. (2017). ‘Staging death in Carmen’, in Classical French Literature on Screen, edited by Homer B. Pettey and R. Barton Palmer, Manchester: Manchester University Press, TBC.

  2. 2016. ‘La chanson-cristal’, in La chanson dans le film français et francophone depuis la Nouvelle Vague, edited by Renaud Lagabrielle and Timo Obergöker, Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 65–84.

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