Silent Auction S01 Book Set: Metropolitan Paradise: a struggle for Nature in the City, Philadelphia’s

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Silent Auction
S01 Book Set: Metropolitan Paradise: A Struggle for Nature in the City, Philadelphia’s

Wissahickon Valley 1620-2020

Gwen Lindgren has generously donated a 4-volume paperback, hard-cased book set, written by David Contosta and Carol Franklin. Metropolitan Paradise is the definitive book on the relationship between Philadelphia’s natural and urban environments. The Wissahickon Valley comprises a dramatic gorge with high cliffs, twisted rocks, dark hemlocks, sparkling water and bountiful rolling terrain, a paradise just north of Philadelphia’s border. Yet this paradise is part of an old urban region, suffering all the troubles of a modern city. This book set takes one on a local journey and an exploration of how to resolve the crisis of a collapsing natural world. The preservation and restoration of the Wissahickon Valley is offered as a possible model for the world’s cities. A $70.00 value

Min. Bid: $50 Max#: 1

S02 Hand-knitted Shawl

Kay Weiser offers this beautiful wool hand-knitted shawl, approximately 54 x 15 inches.

Knitted in fall colors of oranges, olives, browns and corals with ribbon trims. Perfect for

staying warm on those chilly nights.

Min. Bid: $35 Max#: 1
S03 Knitted Sweater jacket

Hand-knitted with love by Kay Weiser, this sweater jacket is a size small/medium. It is knitted in cotton yarns in beautiful pinks and purples, and accented with metallic threads of pink. A beautiful addition to your wardrobe!

Min. Bid: $35 Max#: 1
S04 The Clash “London Calling” T-shirt

An authentic concert tee featuring The Clash’s famous “London Calling” album artwork is being offered by Alan Gardner and Kate Connolly. The image, featuring Paul Simonon smashing his bass guitar, was later cited as the “best rock’n’roll photograph of all time” by Q magazine.

Size is large and color is black. A unique piece of rock’n’roll history to own!
Min. Bid: $20 Max#: 1
S05 Custom-made Men’s Belt

A hand-crafted men’s leather belt featuring silver decorations and a silver and turquoise buckle.

Men’s waist size 36 to 42. A truly fancy, custom item donated by Alice Parker.
Min. Bid: $25 Max#: 1

S06a-c Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Beautifully crafted beaded jewelry made and offered by Betsy Gabriel.

S06a. Beaded bracelet – Woven with purple Tila and seed beads and finished with a vintage button clasp, it fairly sparkles. Sized for a small to medium wrist. Min. Bid: $10.00

S06b. Beaded necklace and earrings – Created with Art Deco inspired glass and ceramic beads and finished with antique copper findings. Betsy, when given a collection of unique beads by a dear friend, was inspired to create these lovely pieces. Min. Bid: $15.00

S06c. Beaded necklace and earrings – Crafted with wooden and stone beads that give this set that artistic 60s vibe. Min. Bid: $12.00

S07 Improve Your Spatial Relations!

Ever fantasize about a more open, pleasing, and less cluttered living or working space? With the right support and coaching, getting there can be deeply satisfying and even fun. Shobhi Kanal, LCSW, is offering a 3-hour organizing session in your home or office at a mutually convenient time. We'll choose a room or project to focus on, work together to clarify your goals, and create the space to help you achieve them. The session is confidential and a judgment-free zone!

Min. Bid: $40 Max#: 1 Date: TBD

S08 Boat Photo

A serene, peaceful sunset inspired Eileen Teti to take this photograph of a boat at her favorite spot in the Outer Banks. It is an 8” x 10” color print, matted and set in an 11”x14” frame.
Min. Bid: $25 Max#: 1
S09 Doll from Japan

Shobhi Kanal has donated this beautiful doll from Japan in a wooden decorative case. The case measures 22”high x 12.5”wide x 10”deep.

Min. Bid: $25 Max#: 1
S10 Homemade Soup with Dinner Rolls

Berne Graham is famous for her soups, so this is a must-have! Berne will make a specialty soup of your choice, say a Southern black bean or chicken vegetable, and add one dozen of her homemade yeast dinner rolls. A warm and hearty family dinner for 4-6 people.

Min. Bid: $25 Max#: 1

S11a-d Baker for Hire!

For a special day – or to make an average day special – let Carolyn Scott help! Please everyone's sweet tooth with one of these delicious desserts: Chocolate Amaretto Mousse, Blueberry Sour Cream Torte, Sublime Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Bourbon Cheese Cake, or Seasonal Fruit Pie. Carolyn has some other choices to offer as well, in consultation with the four lucky winners! She is offering four homemade desserts, each to be bid on separately.
Min. Bid: $30 Max#: 1 Date: TBD
S12 Angel Card Reading and Raindrop Massage Treatment

Nourish your body and spirit with an Angel Card Reading, followed by a Raindrop Treatment, by Bonnie McDairmant, Shiatsu Practitioner and Certified Angel Card Reader. Angelic energy is always available to assist us regardless of our spiritual beliefs. Using angel, fairy and other positive energy cards, treat yourself to loving guidance on any question you have at this time in your life. Then relax and begin to release negative physical and spiritual energy with a Raindrop Treatment using therapeutic grade essential oils. Based on a Native American energy technique of the Lakota Indians, oils are individually dropped and worked into your skin using various massage strokes along the spinal column. The Angel Card Reading and Raindrop Therapy Treatment work together to release blocks and increase health, joy, love and capacity for positive change!

Min. Bid: $50 Max#: 1 Date: TBD

S13 Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Many USG folks know Hank Penning as The Handy Husband – fixer of all manner of things around the house. Well, it turns out that Hank can fix more than a leaky faucet in the kitchen. He bakes! He will bake one of his delicious carrot cakes (with or without nuts) for your special occasion. Janet Haas personally guarantees this will be the best carrot cake you’ve ever had!
Min. Bid: $20 Max#: 1 Date: TBD
S14 Earring Hanger

Shobhi Kanal has donated this decorative wooden earring holder. The oval frame easily mounts on the wall as a picture would and is 23” high x 19.5” wide. Such a pretty and practical display!

Min. Bid: $20 Max#: 1

S15 ResMed Quattro FX for Her Face Mask

If you are a woman who experiences sleep apnea, you will appreciate the comfort and style of this face mask for use with a BiPap Biflex machine. Designed for women, this unique headgear features a smaller fit range, allowing for a clear line of vision and feeling of openness. This mask has never been used, is still in its original, unopened box and currently retails for $75.

Min. Bid: $25 Max#: 1

S16 Two Tickets to the Hiway Theater

The Hiway Theater in Jenkintown has graciously given us 2 tickets for movies at its beautifully restored theater. Tickets are valid for Monday through Thursday movies. The theater has also included 2 food vouchers which entitle each person to a small popcorn and a small soda.

Retail value for full offer is $30.

Min. Bid: $15 Max#: 1
S17a-r Hand Knits & Other Treasures from Ingrid Brown

Ingrid Brown has created a beautiful selection of hand knitted items for this year’s auction and also has included a few other wonderful items to choose for yourself or to give to friends or family.

Item Min. Bid

a. Blue/black warm winter jacket $60

b. Multi-green sweater $35

c. Blue hat $12

d. Red/orange phone or glasses holder $12

e. Multi-color phone or glasses holder $12

f. Multi-color phone or glasses holder $12

g. Multi-color green scarf $15

h. Multi shades of yellow/red scarf $15

i. Grey-speckled cowl $15

j. Multi shades of grey/red scarf $15

k. Blue socks $13

l. Multi shades of green and purple scarf $15

m. Multi-color green/purple scarf $15

n. Multi-color green scarf $15

o. Multi-color brown socks $13

p. Rainbow summer sweater $45

q. One pair of green gloves $9

r. Rose color mohair sweater $35
S18 Create Your Own Skincare Package

Our own Rachael Pontillo, an AADP board-certified health coach, nutrition counselor, holistic skincare educator and author is offering a Level One Create Your Own Skincare on Demand package. This package provides access to her online course, where you can learn your true skin type, how to choose the best skin care ingredients for maximum results and how to create and customize your own all-natural cleansers, toner and moisturizer. This package has a $257 value.

Min. Bid: $50 Max #: 1 Date: TBD

S19a-b Hand-knitted Baby Afghans

Two soft and cuddly baby blankets hand-knitted with love by Lucinda Lea.

S19a. deep lavender ripple pattern afghan, 38 x 38 inches Min. Bid: $35

S19b. rainbow feather and fan pattern afghan, 37 x 37 inches Min. Bid: $35
S20 Hand-crafted Egyptian Scarab Necklace

Sreemati Ghosh has donated this exquisite necklace she made just for this auction.

The turquoise scarab bead was purchased at the British Museum in 2016 as part of her tour of its exhibit, Sunken Cities – Egypt’s Lost Worlds. Sree has also paired the necklace with a scarf to complete this special look.
Min. Bid: $25 Max#: 1

S21 Bring Your Resume To The Next Level!

Abbey Potter, a longtime professional writer and editor (and experienced job hunter!), will evaluate, edit and offer recommendations on your resume – all designed to maximize your ability to make the most of your skills and experience. This service will include up to four hours of Abbey’s time, which may include multiple rounds of revisions, and one in-person meeting, if

Min. Bid: $40 Max#: 2
S22 Pear Tart

Elaine Hills will bake a luscious pear tart for you, when you want it. The “tart” is naturally sweet, and only uses 3 tablespoons of added sugar. Yummy…and good for you!

Min. Bid: $10 Max#: 1

S23 Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Gift Card

Kevin Martin has generously donated a $75.00 gift card to the Flemings Steakhouse & Wine Bar on Lancaster Ave in Radnor. Founders Paul Fleming and Bill Allen had a vision to create a unique steakhouse experience… “We live, breathe and dream steak and wine.”

Treat yourself to a special dinner of prime steak, (or fresh seafood) and wine!
Min. Bid: $50 Max#: 1
S24 Kilian Hardware Store Gift Certificate

Andre Stormont has obtained a $50.00 gift certificate from Kilian Hardware in Chestnut Hill.

Kilian’s has everything needed for home maintenance and garden projects.

Springtime is spruce-up time!

Min. Bid: $32 Max#: 1
S25 Pussy-ears Headband

Elaine Hills has knitted this timely pussy-ears headband in the requisite pink for your warm

weather rallying pleasure!
Min. Bid: $9 Max#: 1
S26a-d Decorative Art Pieces

Nancy Radcliffe has donated these four decorative pieces made by a local craftsman.

S26a-c. Three wooden wall decorations of beautiful summer flowers painted on a fence section.

One fence measures 13”l x 9”h; the other two each measure 8”l x 6”h. Min. Bid: $8 apiece

S26d. Stone sculpture of a seated female, approximately 8” tall. Min. Bid: $15
S27 Angelic Seashell Ornament A guardian angel to keep up your resistance! This lovely angel hangs close by you, holding a scroll to remind you: “Nevertheless, she persisted!” Handcrafted by Elaine Hills, using a large scallop shell, glitter, glue, and craft materials, this piece has a $25 value.

Min. Bid: $13 Max #: 1

S28a-h Flourtown Farmers Market Gift Certificates

The Flourtown Farmers Market, established in 1986, offering fresh foods in a warm, friendly atmosphere, creates a special spot for locals to shop. Located now at 1800 Bethlehem Pike, in the heart of Flourtown, the Market is noted for its many vendors, convenient hours and friendly service. Several vendors have generously donated gift certificates to our auction again this year.


a. Sweeney & Company Provisions Min. Bid: $15 Max# 1: Paul J. Sweeney’s brand new stall has the best meats: beef roasts, rack of lamb, pork chops and roasts. Win this $25 gift certificate and then try the 1-inch thick ground Angus burgers!

b. Beck’s Catering Min. Bid: $15 Max#: 1 Beck’s makes Shepherd’s Pie, superb quiches, honey ham, poached salmon, with all the sides for an excellent meal, including grilled asparagus, honey cole slaw, and more. Try any one of their specialties with this $25 gift certificate.

c. Flourtown Coffee and The Cheese Trap Min. Bid: $15 Max#: 1 Find loose tea, tea bags, and brewed tea here, as well as coffee, then choose any fine cheese at these jointly-owned stalls. With this $25 gift certificate, you can’t go wrong picking one of their British specialty cheeses, say a Cotswold or English Cheddar, and pairing it with a flavorful coffee.

d. Mediterranean Cuisine and Darcy’s Min. Bid: $15 Max#: 1 of each Stop into Mediterranean Cuisine’s stall for a wrap or a gyro ($7.50 value), then walk back to Darcy’s to choose from a rotisserie chicken, barbequed or dry rubbed wings, barbequed ribs and all the hearty sides, using their $25 gift certificate. Total value $32.50

e. Oishi Sushi Min. Bid: $9 Max#: 1 Oishi Sushi is a new stand, offering fresh-made Japanese delicacies such as sushi, and shumai (dumplings). Use this $15 gift certificate on their yummy shrimp shumai!

f. Captain Chucky’s Crab Company Min. Bid: $15 Max#: 1 Crab, shrimp or fish cakes, fresh fish, frozen fish – Captain Chucky’s carries them all! So take home some of their seafood offerings with this $25 gift certificate.

g. Dave’s Farm Fresh Poultry Min. Bid: $10 Max #: 1 Dave’s Poultry produces poultry that is chemical free, natural, antibiotic free and hormone free. Use their $20 gift certificate on the freshest, best poultry in the area.

h. Pasta Sensation Min. Bid: $7 Max#: 1 Pasta Sensation is noted for their fresh pasta and homemade sauces. Win their $10 gift certificate and enjoy a homemade Italian meal with no cooking, no cleanup!

S29 Eyeglasses, Etc. Gift Certificate Elaine Hills donates this gift certificate from Eyeglasses, Etc. that entitles you to a routine eye examination by Dr. Michael Lochetto, O.D. Eyeglasses, Etc. offers primary eye care, contact lenses and refractive pre-care, and lasik pre and post care. The certificate has a $75 value, expires on 12/31/17 and may be redeemed at their Flourtown office (6301 Sunnybrook Rd at Bethlehem Pike). “Family owned and operated for over 45 years”.

Min. Bid: $45 Max#: 1

S30a-k Jewelry Galore! One of our USG women of style and mystery has donated the following costume pieces. Perfect for dressing up any outfit.

S30a. Variegated green beaded necklace 30” long Min. Bid: $8 S30b. Necklace of multi- colored natural stones wrapped in silver wire Min. Bid: $8 S30c. “Three Elephants on Parade” pin Min. Bid: $5 S30d. Pair of silver pierced earrings inset with a ruby red bead Min. Bid: $10 S30e. Polished round stone 18” necklace with silver safety clasp Min. Bid: $5 S30f. Silver pin of the Comedy and Tragedy theatre masks Min. Bid: $10 S30g. Beaded dangle pierced earrings on silver wire Min. Bid: $5 S30h. Egyptian-inspired beaded necklace with slide pendants Min. Bid: $8 S30i. Dark amber-colored bead and silver filigree dangle earrings Min. Bid: $5 S30j. Art Deco inspired beaded, gold-wrapped pendant on 18” chain Min. Bid: $6 S30k. Sterling silver flower pendant without chain Min. Bid: $6

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