Setting up face search

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Face search and setup (Dahua)

Setting up face search

  1. Start by logging into the recorder via the web or via the recorders direct GUI (in this tutorial we will be using the web browser)

  2. Open the recorders local IP address in the internet explorer browser. The local IP address of the recorder can be found on the recorder by navigating to Settings > Network.

  3. After the login for the recorder displays login to the recorder. The default login is Username: admin Password: admin

  4. Once logged into the recorder navigate to the SETUP menu. Then navigate to Event on the left hand menu, then enter into the Face Search Menu.

  5. Next select the camera number from the drop down menu that face detection is to be enabled on.

  6. Once the camera is selected check on the Enable check box, then check on record channel and the corresponding channel box for the camera that you have selected.

  7. Next save the settings

  8. Click on the Set button for the Target Filter setting.

  9. In the small camera display that will popup there will be two yellow boxes. The largest box is to set up the maximum side of a person’s face to detect. Think of this box and the area you want faces to be detected in. The second smaller box is for setting the setting for the smallest face that the recorder will detect and save snapshots for. This box should normally stay the default size as normally anything smaller that it does not have enough detail.

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