Seth Teitler Presents: An Intimate Engagement With Trash

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Seth Teitler Presents: An Intimate Engagement With Trash

Written and edited by David Seal, Nolan Esser and Brian McNamara

With the generous participation of Michael Arnold and Tommy Casalaspi
Round Five
1. This character meets Mike Yanagita for dinner at an all-you-can-eat buffet, and this character asks a mechanic about a call he received at 3AM. One of the men who called that mechanic is described to this character as “kinda funny lookin’” by a prostitute. This character’s husband wins a contest to have his artwork displayed on a stamp, which she describes as “terrific” despite it only being a three cent stamp. This character is introduced into the plot when Gaear kills a state trooper while passing through her hometown, and she becomes suspicious during her investigation when Jerry Lundegaard will not answer her questions about an Oldsmobile Cutlass. When this character locates Gaear, and the Cutlass, she finds him putting a body through a woodchipper. For ten points, name this film character, the pregnant police chief of Brainerd Minnesota played by Frances McDormand in the film Fargo.
ANSWER: Marge Gunderson
2. identified a piece of fanfiction involving a crossover between this series and the Fallout video game universe that ran over 670,000 words. One-hit wonder Andrew W.K. has professed to be a fan of this cartoon and closely identifies with one particularly enthusiastic character. Minor characters in this series include a character based on David Tennant’s Doctor Who as well as a zebra who is a practitioner of herbal medicine. A New York Times author of an article about a fan of this show published a correction when the character Fluttershy was misidentified as the central character Twilight Sparkle. For ten points, identify this children’s cartoon show about female horses that has found a collection of male fans known as “Bronies,” that is subtitled “Friendship is Magic.”

ANSWER: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

3. A public service announcement which appears in this film shows a boy who cannot ride on a streetcar because he is carrying film reels. One character in this film is nicknamed “The Little Man” and another character in this film adapts the identity of Ada Mimieux. Despite recommending Albert Finney for the role, Rod Taylor played Winston Churchill in this film. One character in this film gives away his identity by holding his fingers the wrong way to show the number three. That character is a film critic turned soldier who helps plan Operation Kino alongside German film star and spy Bridget Von Hammersmark. In this film’s final scene, Aldo Raine says that the swastika he carves into Hans Landa’s forehead “might just be my masterpiece”. For ten points, name this Quentin Tarantino World War Two film in which the titular group of Jewish soldiers traverses Europe killing Nazis.
ANSWER: Inglourious Basterds
4. One member of this organization once became confused by “Sop” and “One Vay” signs. A Civil Action claims that Jan Schlictmann leaked information to this organization. When Lisa Jackson led this organization it sponsored The Lorax. Another member of this organization claimed that one group was using “fake electronic light shows” to deal with a problem and that man was called Dickless by a character played by Bill Murray. Albert Brooks voiced one member of this organization that wanted to create a new Grand Canyon. William Atherton played Walter Peck, a member of this organization who attempted to shut down the Ghostbusters. For ten points, name this agency created during the Nixon Administration.

ANSWER: Environmental Protection Agency

5. This play sees one character disguise himself as a city official passing a new zoning law to prevent two characters from living together. Gloria Thorpe is a reporter in this play that helps generate publicity for the lead. This musical features a character remembering world disasters in the song, “Those Were the Good Old Days.” A woman in this play used to be the ugliest woman in Rhode Island and Gwen Verdon originated that role on Broadway. That character sings the song a song in which she says “I’m irresistible you fool, give in,” “Whatever Lola Wants.” The villain of this musical is Mr. Applegate, and it climaxes in a scene at Griffith Stadium. For ten points, name this musical about Joe Boyd, who sells his soul to play for the Washington Senators.

ANSWER: Damn Yankees

6. Antebellum architect Cyrus Pinkney was responsible for some of the unique architecture in this city. According to one source, businesses in this locale are subject to the “Sprang Act,” which prohibits advertising on rooftops. In 1998, this city was hit with an earthquake registering 7.6 on the Richter Scale. During the Civil War, this city was defended by Nathan Cobblepot. One street in this city was nicknamed “Crime Alley” after the murder of two prominent residents by small time crook Joe Chill. Scarred by the incident, their orphan son would find a new identity in a cave on his inherited estate and use that identity to put many of this city’s resident supervillans in Arkham Asylum. For ten points, name this city, which is the home of such citizens as Edward Nygma, Alfred Pennyworth, and Bruce Wayne.

ANSWER: Gotham City

7. This actress starred opposite Jeff Daniels as Paula McFadden in a 2004 television adaptation of The Goodbye Girl, and she played former US Ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine in the miniseries The Path to 9/11. One character played by this actress calls the father of her child a “preening gasbag” on live television; that character is news anchor Kelly Carr. A more recent character played by this actress becomes a dental hygienist after being fired from her job at Ehlert Motors by her boss played by Brian Doyle Murray. This actress’ longest-running television role was as a housewife whose husband worked for Newsday and who constantly feuded with her mother-in-law Marie. For ten points, name this actress, who currently plays Frankie Heck on The Middle and who played Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.
ANSWER: Patricia Heaton
8. Garrison Hearst once ran for a 96 yard touchdown on the first play of overtime to defeat a team coached by this man, and that team replaced Glenn Foley as its starter partway through the season. Pete Rozelle once prevented this man from coaching the Falcons. He replaced Glenn Perkins in his most famous position. This man coached the team that gave the Jaguars their first ever playoff loss, and that team lost in the Super Bowl in part thanks to Desmond Howard’s  kickoff return. This coach once referred to Terry Glenn as “she” and he also quit one job after saying he couldn’t buy the groceries. He won Super Bowls with Jeff Hostetler and Phil Simms as his quarterback. For ten points, name this man who has coached the Cowboys, Patriots, Jets and Giants.

ANSWER: Bill Parcells

9. One character with this name once ate cat food to teach Stinky that it tasted good. One character with this first name has an affair with his father Ray’s girlfriend, and in another episode commandeers a Channel 5 helicopter to save Ben Larkin. Another character by this name had his first kiss with Beebe Bluff. One character with this name was good friends with Spence Olchin, and his father in law Arthur moved in with him. One character with this first name married Carol Hathaway, a nurse played by Juliana Marguiles and another character with this name had a crush on Patty Mayonnaise. For ten points, give this first name shared by George Clooney’s Dr. Ross on ER and a Nickelodeon character who owned the dog Pork Chop.


10. DraftExpress claimed that this player’s best-case scenario entering the NBA was Leandro Barbosa. Bleacher Report called this man the most unfairly criticized player in the NBA this past offseason, and that  criticism is tied to his usage rate, which was second only to Kobe in 2012. This player is also known for his fashion, such as his red lensless glasses and fishing lure shirt. He backed up Darren Collison in college and was drafted one spot ahead of college teammate Kevin Love. In 2013 his season ended after he collided with Patrick Beverly. He scored 43 points in game 4 of the 2012 NBA finals, however his team lost in five games to the Heat. For ten points, name this Oklahoma City Thunder point guard.

ANSWER: Russell Westbrook

11. In Tetris Attack, one of these sits on the head of Raphael the Raven. In another game, their language can be

deciphered by Russ T., whose dictionary can be retrieved from their namesake “Toy Box.” They

take over Toad Town in Chapter Four of Paper Mario. One of these holds up colored flags which the players must match in a recurring minigame from the Mario Party series.  In yet another appearance, they can be seen ice-skating in Sherbet Land, where they cause racers who hit them to spin out. Mario can execute a spin jump by jumping on one of them in Super Mario 64, in which they spit fire and fly around by means of propellers on their heads. For 10 points, name these endlessly intriguing enemies who wear signature red cloaks and white masks.


12. The first album by this singer contains a song with the line, “every week it gets worse, but at least your breasts are bigger than hers.” That album also contains the songs “Cherry” and “You Sent me Flying.” In 2011 a duet of “Body and Soul” sung this artist and Tony Bennett was released. This singer’s first album contains a song that insults aspiring WAGs, “Fuck Me Pumps.” One of her albums has the songs “You Know I’m No Good” and “Tears Dry on Their Own.” She did a version of the song “Valerie” with Mark Ronson, and she had a tattoo that read, “Blake’s Girl.” Her most famous song, which won Song and Record of the Year Grammys in 2006, says that “they tried to make me go to” the title place, which appears on her album Back to Black. For ten points, name this recently deceased singer of the song “Rehab.”

ANSWER: Amy Winehouse

13. Lucy dresses up as this person at Little Ricky’s birthday party on an episode of I Love Lucy. Matt Bomer played this character in a commercial for the Toyota Prius In the longest-running series to feature this character, he does not appear until the series finale.This character was voiced by Patrick Warburton in a series of American Express commercials and this character was more famously voiced by Tim Daly in one animated series. The first television series to star this character was launched by a film in which he fought the Mole Men. For ten points, name this character, who was played by George Reeves on a 1950’s television series.
ANSWER: Superman
14. The comically named Jorg Butt ended his career playing for this team. This club holds the record for worst performance in the league by a European Cup winner with a tenth place finish in 1976.  One year before, this club controversially defeated Leeds United to win the second of three consecutive European Cups.  In 1987, they were defeated in the final by Porto after a Rabah Madjer backheeled goal. They have twice been minutes away from winning the Champions League before being denied by English clubs: in 1999 by Manchester United, who scored two goals in extra time and in in 2012 by Chelsea.  In 2013, this team defeated their fellow German club Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final after goals from Mario Mandzukic and Arjen Robben.  For 10 points, name this Bavarian team, the most successful club in Germany.

ANSWER: Bayern Munich

15. In a remix of this song, Redman claims that “I’m houndin’ for the right girl to crown me” and in the music video for this song, a man in a Bengals jersey engages in a dance-off at a party that the song’s performer entered through a window washing lift. This song was composed by the front woman of 90s one-hit wonder 4 Non Blondes.This song’s performer claims that “Everybody’s dancing and they’re dancing for me” and that if listeners want proof of her style, they should check her “gold diamond rings”. The lyrics for this song claim that its singer drives a car with the license plate “Stunner #1 Superstar,” that her posse will “be looking flashy in [her] Mercedes Benz,” and that she “can go for miles, if you know what I mean.” For ten points, name this song by Pink in which she instructs listeners to do the title action because she’s “comin’ up”.

ANSWER: “Get The Party Started”

16. One boss in this game is first encountered in the Woodside Apartments. The impetus for the events of this game is a letter asking the protagonist to meet someone in their “Special Place.” One boss in this game is the Abstract Daddy, and the protagonist must fight Eddie Dombrowski in a meat freezer. An alternate ending of this game reveals that a Shiba Inu was controlling its events. It is revealed at the end that the protagonist murdered his terminally ill wife and he encounters a highly sexualized version of her, Maria, throughout the game. For ten points, name this game in which James Sunderland explores the namesake town, and encounters Pyramid Head.

ANSWER: Silent Hill 2

17. The future husband of one of this song’s performers stars as a police officer in its music video, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes performed a cover version of this song on their album Love Their Country. Two characters in this song buy “some land and a roadside stand out on Highway 109” where they sell “Tennessee ham and strawberry jam”. One of those characters returns home “from Atlanta/On a red eye midnight flight” after the other one’s husband “walked right through that restraining order/And put her in intensive care.” This song’s title figure is “a missing person who nobody missed at all” who is played by Dennis Franz in the song’s music video. For ten points, name this song about a woman named Wanda who poisons her abusive husband performed by the Dixie Chicks.

ANSWER: “Goodbye Earl”

18. The bees in one scene in this film were released on set by one of the main child actors and that actor was stung in the face. Early in this film, a mysterious figure quotes from William Allingham’s poem “The Fairies,” noting that “We daren’t go a hunting, for fear of little men.” A rather disturbing scene in this film involves images of a centipede crawling across a person’s face, a chicken being decapitated, and a song asking, “Are the fires of hell a-glowing? Is the grisly reaper mowing?” That scene begins after the title character sings about “A world of pure imagination,” and Augustus Gloop falls in a chocolate river, which triggers the first of several songs from green-haired, oranged-skin Oompa Loompas. For ten points, name this 1971 adaptation of a Roald Dahl children’s book.

ANSWER: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (DO NOT ACCEPT “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”)

19. This ballpark features a race that includes Bristles the Toothbrush as a participant. Wikipedia claims that VCU alumnus Jerry DiPoto was the first man to spit in the bullpen at this ballpark. The first game in this ballpark’s history saw Todd Hundley of the Mets hit a grand slam, and the home team won that game in 14 innings. The Blue Moon Brewery is located in this ballpark, located in the LoDo neighborhood. It hosted the 1998 All-Star game, where Roberto Alomar won the MVP award in the highest scoring All-Star game in history. John Lester and Daisuke Matsuzaka won the only two World Series games played here. Fangraphs claimed that one pitch thrown at this park in May was the only curveball thrown here since 2010 due to the low humidity at this park. For ten points, name this ballpark known for high homerun rates and high altitude.

ANSWER: Coors Field

20. It’s not Eddie Brickell’s “Good Times,” but this song’s iconic video was also included in the “Fun Stuff” folder of the Windows 95 operating disc. When the band expressed skepticism about including it on the album, the anonymous notes appeared in the studio saying, “We Want” this song. Early versions of the chorus of this song mentioned Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, but those names were changed to two other celebrities. This song’s video was directed by Spike Jonze and depicts the band playing at the diner from Happy Days. The song opens with the classic line “What’s with these homies dissin’ my girl? /Why do they gotta front?” before noting that speaker looks like the title figure, while the song’s subject looks like Mary Tyler Moore. For ten points, identify this 1994 Weezer hit, named after a prematurely deceased early rock icon.

ANSWER: Buddy Holly

1. This aria is preceded by the singer correctly answering three riddles, and afterwards he imposes a riddle of his own on the opera’s title character.

[10] For ten points name this aria sung by Calaf in which he gloats about how his name will remain hidden.

ANSWER: Nessun Dorma

[10] The 1998 Grammys saw this singer substitute for Pavarotti in a performance of Nessun Dorma. She is better known for songs such as “Respect” and “I Say a Little Prayer.”

ANSWER: Aretha Franklin

[10] Killings in this film are set to Nessun Dorma. Its plot it set in motion by the explosion of a nuclear bomb in Baltimore, and only Ben Affleck can find the real culprits.

ANSWER: The Sum of All Fears

2. On one song by this artist, Pitbull asserts that they will “set the club on fire”. For ten points each

[10] Name this popular musician, who had his famous mole removed in 2003, and whose hits include “I Like It” and “(Tonight) I’m Fucking You.”

ANSWER: Enrique Iglesias

[10] Iglesias scored a hit with this 2001 song, whose chorus asserts that he can “kiss away the pain” and that he will “stand by you forever” and whose music video starred Jennifer Love Hewitt.

ANSWER: “Hero”

[10] Iglesias lost the Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album to this performer in 1999, whose song “La copa de la vida”, which had served as the theme song for the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

ANSWER: Ricky Martin

3. One season of this show ends with Marissa Cooper shooting Ryan Atwood’s brother Trey, who had previously tried to rape her. For ten points each:

[10]Name this show, which follows the lives of several troubled Californian teens, and which starred Ben McKenzie as Ryan, and Mischa Barton as Marissa.


[10]Rachel Bilson played Summer Roberts on The O.C. Currently, she stars as a medical doctor in Bluebell Alabama on this show.

ANSWER: Hart of Dixie

[10]This actor plays Bilson’s father Brick on Hart Of Dixie. Previously, he played Vice President John Hoynes on The West Wing.

ANSWER: Tim Matheson
4. This film’s plot is set in motion when Amsterdam Vallon returns home from the Hellgate Orphanage. For ten points each:

[10]Name this Martin Scorcese-directed film, which sees Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dead Rabbits and Daniel Day Lewis’ Natives square off in the Five Points.

ANSWER: Gangs of New York

[10]This band received their only Academy Award nomination to date for their song “The Hands That Built America”, which appears on Gangs of New York’s soundtrack.


[10]This former child star plays Amsterdam’s friend Johnny Sirocco. He is almost certainly better known for his role as Elliott in E.T.

ANSWER: Henry Thomas
5. Answer some questions about a rivalry in college football for ten points each.

[10]This school’s football program has had six different players win the Heisman, including quarterback Troy Smith in 2006. Their current head coach is Urban Meyer.

ANSWER: Ohio State Buckeyes

[10]The period from 1969-78 was known as the ‘Ten Year War’ between Ohio State and Michigan’s football teams. Michigan was coached by this man, who had previously played for Ohio State under coach Woody Hayes.

ANSWER: Bo Schembechler

[10]The Ten Year War ended when Hayes was fired in 1978, after striking a player from this team during the Gator Bowl. John Heisman coached this team at the turn of the twentieth century.

ANSWER: Clemson Tigers

6. He came straight outta Compton with the NWA, and then went on to have a successful solo career. For ten points each:

[10] Name this West Coast MC and producer, who scored hits with “Let Me Ride” and “The Next Episode”, and whose next album Detox is almost a decade-and-a-half in the making.

ANSWER: Dr. Dre (accept Andre Romelle Young)

[10] In addition to his successes both with the NWA and as a solo artist, Dr. Dre has appeared on other groups’ tracks, including this 1996 Blackstreet hit, whose chorus tells the listener “I like the way you work it”.

ANSWER: “No Diggity”

[10] The beat to “No Diggity” was also used by Tupac Shakur on “Toss It Up,” which appeared on The Don Killuminati: The Seven Day Theory, which was released after ‘Pac’s death under this stage name

ANSWER: Makaveli

7. Much of the action on this show took place at a restaurant called The Crab Shack, where Joy’s husband Darnell was employed as a cook. For ten points each:

[10]Name this television sitcom starring Jason Lee as the title character, a criminal whose sudden belief in karma after winning the lottery causes him to attempt to right the wrongs he had previously committed.

ANSWER: My Name Is Earl

[10]Greg Garcia, the creator of My Name Is Earl, previously created this television series, which starred Anthony Clark as an executive at a movie studio whose backwoods in-laws, including his brother-in-law Jimmy, played by Mike O’Malley, move into his guest house.

ANSWER: Yes Dear

[10]Another Garcia creation is Raising Hope, which features this actress as Maw Maw. She previously played Phyllis Lindstrom on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

ANSWER: Cloris Leachman
8.. Lots of musical acts take their names from cinema. Name some, for ten points each:

[10]This metal singer, whose hits include “The Beautiful People” and a cover of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” derives part of his name from an actress whose films include Some Like It Hot and The Seven Year Itch.

ANSWER: Marilyn Manson or Brian Hugh Warner

[10]This New York-based band took its name from a 1971 George C. Scott film that transplanted Sherlock Holmes into New York. Their hits include “Birdhouse In Your Soul”, and “James K. Polk.”

ANSWER: They Might Be Giants     

[10]This punk-rock band who had their greatest success with the song “Fuck Authority” took their name from an evil clown played by Tim Curry in It.

ANSWER: Pennywise
9. For ten points each, identify the following about an influential comic book series.

[10]. Running from 1989-96, this series was titled after an alternate name for the character Dream. He ended up being given the keys to Hell after going there to search for his former human lover Nada.

ANSWER: The Sandman

[10]. The Sandman was primarily the work of this British author, who is also the author of such other supernatural novels as American Gods, Anansi Boys, and the creepy children’s book The Wolves in the Walls.

ANSWER: Neil Gaiman

[10]. One of the first issues of Gaiman’s Sandman sees Dream work with this detective to retrieve his magic sand. Keanu Reeves played him in a 2005 film.

ANSWER: John Constantine
10. Wilford Brimley plays Pop Fisher, the manager of the New York Knights, in this movie. For ten points each:

[10]Name this film, in which Robert Redford plays baseball player Roy Hobbs, who plays with a bat carved from a tree struck by lightning.

ANSWER: The Natural

[10]The Natural was directed by this man, whose other credits include Good Morning Vietnam, and Rain Man, for which he won a Best Director Oscar.

ANSWER: Barry Levinson

[10]Before he began directing, Levinson got his start in Hollywood as a co-writer on Mel Brooks movies, including this one, in which Brooks plays a director who sets out to save Big Picture Studios from being taken over by Engulf and Devour.

ANSWER: Silent Movie
11. In 2010 one of these people was arrested for vomiting on the daughter of an off-duty cop, while in 2009 one was arrested for prostitution for offering sex for World Series tickets.

[10] For ten points, name these people who currently boo players like Michael Vick and Ryan Howard.

ANSWER: Philadelphia Fans (accept clear knowledge equivalents)

[10] Philadelphia fans cheered the career ending neck injury of this wide receiver in 1999.

ANSWER: Michael Irvin

[10] Philadelphia fans often call into this sports radio station. It used to be the home of the Howard Eskin Show and current hosts include Angelo Cataldi, who organized the “Dirty 30” fans that booed the Donovan McNabb selection in 1999.

ANSWER: WIP 610/94.1
12. Fangraphs ranked this man as the fourth best prospect in baseball at the start of the season and he played for the Durham Bulls earlier this year.

[10] For ten points, name this prospect who was the centerpiece of the package traded for James Shields this past offseason. He was called up in June.

ANSWER: Wil Myers

[10] Myers is a prospect in this team’s farm system. Their pitching staff features Alex Cobb, Matt Moore, Jeremy Hellickson and David Price.

ANSWER: Tampa Bay Rays (accept either underlined part)

[10] This former Bear Stearns analyst is the current GM for the Rays and made the Myers-Shields trade.

ANSWER: Andrew Friedman
13. He won an Oscar for his role as Mohandas Gandhi, but some of his later career choices have been much less inspired. For ten points each:

[10]Name this actor, who has more recently appeared in bombs like The Love Guru and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

ANSWER: Ben Kingsley (accept: Krishna Pandit Bhanji)

[10] Kingsley’s most recent Academy Award nomination was in this 2003 film. Based on a novel by Andre Dubus III, Kingsley starred alongside Jennifer Connelly and Shoreh Aghdashloo as an Irainian immigrant in San Francisco.

ANSWER: House of Sand and Fog

[10]Cementing his reputation for often picking poor films, Kingsley starred in this 2005 Uwe Boll video game adaptation, as Kagan, the father of Kristanna Loken’s vampire hunter character.

ANSWER: BloodRayne
14. This set of films include one starring Erik von Detten as a skateboarder, Brink!, and another starring Pink Ranger actress Amy Jo Johnson as the namesake ghost, Susie Q.

[10] For ten points, name these films that include the Zenon series that aired on their namesake channel.

ANSWER: Disney Channel Original Movies  (accept Disney Channel Premiere Films or any clear knowledge equivalent)

[10] This city was the namesake site of four Disney Channel Original Movies. Debbie Reynolds played Aggie, the grandmother of the protagonist of those films, Marnie Piper, who teaches her how to be a witch.

ANSWER: Halloweentown

[10] Chez Starbuck played Cody Griffin, a boy who turns into a merman in this 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie. Its name refers to the age of metamorphosis.

ANSWER: The Thirteenth Year
15. For ten points each, identify these men’s collegiate basketball coaches who are known for their tempers just as much, if not more than their coaching ability.

[10]. This successful coach won three National Championships at Indiana during his time there between 1971 and 2000. However, he gained equal notoriety for throwing a chair onto the court during a game as well as allegedly choking player Neil Reed during a 1997 practice.

ANSWER: Bob Knight

[10]. In early April 2013, a video emerged of this coach abusing his players during his time as head coach at Rutgers. Hurling homophobic slurs as well as basketballs, this coach still received a hefty severance package.

ANSWER: Mike Rice

[10]. During the 2012 season, this current Morehead State coach was suspended a game for shoving player Devon Atkinson after he fouled out in a loss to this coach’s alma mater, University of Kentucky.

ANSWER: Sean Woods
16. This console provoked outrage among many gamers due to a requirement that its built-in Kinect always be turned on and its anti-used game measures, causing the company that makes it to remove those features.

[10] For ten points, name this upcoming console, originally code named Durango.


[10] The XBox One was also going to  use this unpopular practice, which prevents games sold in one area from being played on a console bought in another area.

ANSWER: Region Locking

[10] One advantage that the Xbox One will have is that it will be the only console with this game, being designed by the creators of Modern Warfare. Its gameplay will involve footsoldiers named Davids fighting giant robot exoskeletons known as Goliaths.

ANWER: Titanfall
17. On an episode of Family Guy, the actor who played this character wanted to share a pencil topper with one of his co-stars.

[10]For ten points, name this Chief Engineer on Star Trek: The Next Generation played by Levar Burton.

ANSWER: Geordi LaForge (accept either)

[10]Burton had previously appeared on the miniseries Roots portraying this main character whose name is eventually changed to Toby.

ANSWER: Kunta Kinte

[10]This actor, who played JJ Walker’s father on Good Times, played the adult version of Kunta Kinte on Roots.

ANSWER: John Amos
18. Sir John Cowan, the Lord Mayor of London, first publicized the existence of the creature, and he is known for traits such as breathing fire and laughing maniacally.

[10] For ten points, name this mysterious creature known for his ability to jump very high.

ANSWER: Spring Heeled Jack

[10] The legend of Spring Heeled Jack was popularized in part by these cheap, lurid publications that were popular in Victorian Britain.

ANSWER: Penny Dreadfuls

[10] Spring Heeled Jack is the name of a novel by this author. He is best known for writing the His Dark Materials novels.

ANSWER: Philip Pullman
19. The Grady twins first appear in this location, and a naked corpse played by Lia Beldam is found in its bathroom later in the film in which it appears.

[10] For ten points, name this location in the Overlook Hotel, which the caretaker Halloran warns Danny to stay away from.

ANSWER: Room 237

[10] Room 237 is a location in this film by Stanley Kubrick. In one famous scene Jack Nicholson’s character smashes a door and yells “Here’s Johnny!”

ANSWER: The Shining

[10] Halloran was played by this actor. He played Turkle in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and was the voice of cartoon character Hong Kong Phooey.

ANSWER: Scatman Crothers
20. This site stopped posting for over 18 months while its author dealt with an episode of depression that was partially lifted by the discovery of a piece of corn under the fridge. For ten points each, answer these questions about a popular internet site lying somewhere on the continuum somewhere between a blog and a webcomic.

[10] Allie Brosh publishes poorly illustrated stories from her own life on this site on blogspot which does not refer to 150% of a conic section.

ANSWER: Hyperbole and a Half

[10] This large hairy beast from a Hyperbole and a Half  post, which is “Better Than You at Everything” takes its name from a common grammatical mistake. Brosh interprets instances of the mistake as being intentional references to this animal which can be made “of fire” or “of beer cans.”

ANSWER: The Alot

[10] Bosh took time off from writing Hyperbole and a Half due to depression, which she explained in one of these on Reddit, where a person answers questions submitted by Reddit users.

[10] Ask Me Anything

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