Session A: Thursday, 4: 00 – 6: 00 pm Seminars, 4: 00 – 6: 00 pm

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Session A: Thursday, 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Seminars, 4:00 – 6:00 pm


  1. What the Roast Beef Said: Object Lessons in Modernism

5th Floor

Leader: Moyer, Gabrielle, Stanford University

Anderson,Elizabeth, University of Glasgow

Battershill, Claire, University of Toronto

Brown, Bill,

Burrows, Stuart, Brown University

Clinton, Alan, University of Miami

Edwards, Hilary, Florida Atlantic University

Green, Rohanna, University of Toronto

Konkol, Margaret

Levin, Jennifer, University of California, Irvine

Meadowsong, Zena, Stanford University

Mutter, Matthew, Yale University

Newcomb, Tim, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Ross, Shawna,

Saunders, Paul, Queen’s University

Strohack, Matt, Queen’s University

Wilson, Leigh, University of Westminster

  1. Teaching the Magazines of Modernism

5th Floor

Leader: Robert , Yale University, and Mark Gaipa

Ben-Merre, David, Buffalo State College

Campbell, Bradford, Cal Poly State University

Cheney, W. Scott, Loyola University

Drouin, Jeffery, CUNY Graduate Center

Fedirka, Sarah, Arizona State University

Garver, Lee, Butler University

Green, Barbara, University of Notre Dame

Haakenson, Thomas, Minnesota College of Art and Design

Hauck, Christina, Kansas State University

Keyser, Catherine, University of South Carolina

Kusch, Celena, University of South Carolina

Larance, Jeremy, West Liberty University

Paul, Catherine, Clemson University

  1. New Modernisms in Canada

Fifth Floor

Leader: Dean Irvine

  1. 20th Century Studies: Modernist Studies Without Modernism

Fifth Floor
Leader: Colin Gillis, and Andrew Goldstone, Stanford University

Abravanel, Genevieve,

Del Dotto, Charles, Duke University

Dickens, Elizabeth, University of Toronto

Goldstone, Andrew, Stanford University

MacLeod, Kirsten, University of Alberta

Ross, Stephen, University of Victoria

Sorensen, Leif, Colorado State University

Sullivan, Melissa, Rosemont College

Trousdale, Rachel, Agnes Scott College

Utell, Janine, Widener University

Vericat, Fabio, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Ward, Angela, Pennsylvania State University,

Westman, Karin, Kansas State University

  1. Plantation Modernism

Fifth Floor
Leader: Emery, Mary Lou, University of Iowa

Ayuso, Monica,


Copeland, Huey, Northwestern University

Deschere, Jonathan, Boston University

Kelley, Joyce, Auburn University, Montgomery

Gilchrist, Jennifer,

Johnson, Kerry, Merrimack College

Makris, Paula, Wheeling Jesuit University

Matthews, John, Boston University

McGarrity, Maria, Long Island University

Oltmann, Christina, McGill University

Seeley, Tracy, University of San Francisco

Panels, 4:30 – 6:00

  1. Modernism’s Linguistic Turns

Regence A
Organizer: Ken Hirschkop. University of Victoria

Chair: Kevin Lamb. Columbia University

Ken Hirschkop, University of Victoria
“Magic and ordinariness in three linguistic turns 
(Saussure, Wittgenstein, Ogden and Richards)”
Hilary Thompson, Bowdoin College

“The Mark-Worlds of Modernism in Benjamin, Uexkull and Woolf”

Christos Hadjiyiannis, University of Edinburgh

“T. E. Hulme’s Turn of Language”

  1. Cold War Poetics

Regence B
Organizer: Angus Cleghorn, Seneca College and Trent University
Angus Cleghorn, Seneca College and Trent University

“Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetics of Nuclear Proliferation”

Bethany Hicok, Westminster College

“Surviving the Blast: The Nuclear Poetics of Robert Lowell and Sylvia Plath”

Charles Berger, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

“‘Glittering Neutrality’: James Merrill and Gay Cold War Poetics”


  1. "Conflicts and Collectives: The Legacy of Collaborative Practice in Diverse Modernisms."

Regence C
Organizer and Chair: Laura Doyle, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Margo Natalie Crawford, Cornell University

“From Fire!! to Black Fire: the Harlem Renaissance and

the Black Arts Movement

Regenia Gagnier, University of Exeter

“Collective Mapping and Global Circulation"

Mark Wollaeger, Vanderbilt University

"Editing Global Modernism: the Task of the Collaborator"

  1. Modernism, Domestic Labour, and Affect

Verriere A
Organizer: Ann Mattis, Loyola University

Chair: Pamela Caughie, Loyola University

Ann Mattis, Loyola University

‘Vulgar Strangers in the Home’: Domestic Service and Kinship in Gertrude Stein’s “The

Good Anna” and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s What Diantha Did

Barbara Ryan, National University of Singapore

“Framing Below-Stairs Literacy: Servant Readers Before the Armory Show”
Morag Schiach, Queen Mary University of London

“‘Family Feeling’ and the Domestic Economy’”

  1. Beyond Poststructuralism: Modernism and Contemporary Theory

Verriere B
Organzier: Richard Begam, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Chair: Douglas Mao, Johns Hopkins University

Jean-Michel Rabaté, Department of English, University of Pennsylvania

“Jacques Rancière, Modernism and the Politics of Aesthetics.”

Richard Begam, Department of English, University of Wisconsin – Madison

“Badiou Saved From Drowning.”

Nico Israel, Hunter College, CUNY,

“The Gag: Agamben’s Theatrical Gesture.”

  1. False Documentation: Photography, Modernism, and the Language of Reality

St. Laurent
Organizer and Chair: Jason Potts, St. Francis Xavier University
Katie Arthur, Concordia University
Michael D’Arcy, St. Francis Xavier University
Charles Palermo, The College of William and Mary
Joyce Tsai, Johns Hopkins University

  1. Frankfurt School Aesthetics and Modern Poetry of the Americas

St. Charles
Organizer: Robert Kaufman, University of California, Berkeley

Chair: Charles Sumner, University of Southern Mississippi

Lisi Schoenbach, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"`Room for the Living' :  Aesthetics and Politics in Stein’s The Geographical History of America "

Justin Read, SUNY Buffalo

“The New Cannibals: Hilda Hilst and the Poetics of Barbarity in Brazil”

Robert Kaufman, University of California, Berkeley

"Lyric's Barbarism in the Americas: An Update"

  1. Modern Animalities: Responses to Post-Darwinian Animals in Poetry, Film and Architecture

Les Courants
Organizer: Emily Essert, McGill University

Chair: TBA

Kirsten Strom, Grand Valley State University

“Buñuel’s Beastiary”

David Ashford, University of Surrey

“Gorillas in the House of Light: Lubetkin's Zoos and the Modernist Project.”

Emily Essert, McGill University

“The Modernist Menagerie: Animals in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot and Marianne Moore.”

Thursday, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

  1. Keynote Speaker

Regence ABC
Sherry Simon

Thursday, 8:00 – 9:30 pm

Regence Foyer

Session B: Friday, 8:00 – 10:00 am
Seminars: 8:00 – 10:00 am

  1. Indigeneous Languages

5th Floor
Leader: Maria Tymozcko and Laura O`Connor

Arsenault, Heidi, Cornell University

Ayers, David,

Downum, Denell, Bay State College

Flynn, Catherine, Stanford University

Tran, Ben, Vanderbilt University

Lomas, Laura, Rutgers University

MacPhail, Kelly, Universite de Montreal

McCrea, Barry, Yale University

Morse, Daniel, Temple University

Talbayev,EdwigeTamalet, Yale University

  1. Modernist Sincerity

5th Floor
Leader: Lisa Fluet, Boston College

Bauman,Elizabeth, University of Virginia

Bernhoft, Ian, Boston University

Blum, Beth,

Carkeet, Margaret, Brandeis University

Cucullu, Lois, University of Minnesota

Engley, Robert, Boston University

Gordon, Brandon,

Hildebrand, Jayne,

Moffat, Wendy, Dickinson College

Okuma, Taryn, Catholic University of America

Ophir, Ella, University of Saskatchewan

Phillips, Siobhan, Harvard University

Rae, Patricia, Queen’s University

Sastri, Reena, Oxford University

Webster, Michael, Grand Valley State University

  1. Modernism, Science, Science Studies

Fifth Floor
Leader: Craig Gordon, University of Ottawa and Anne Raine, University of Ottawa
Callan, Stephanie, University of Nevada, Reno

Alexander, Sam, Yale University

Carson, Susan, University of Queensland

Cecire, Natalie, University of California, Berkeley

Cliver, Gwyneth, University of Nebraska

Copland Sarah, Ohio State University

Cushing, Nancy, Pennsylvania State University

Dwyer, Annie, University of Washington

Fastman,Brandon, University of California, Santa Barbara

Gaedtke, Andrew, University of Pennsylvania

Gang, Josh, Rutgers University

Journet, Debra, University of Louisville

Kervin, Claire

Nieland, Justus, Michigan State University

Wilson, Daniel, Cornell University

  1. Modern(ist) Dance

5th Floor
Leader: Kodat, Catherine. Hamilton College

Archias S. Elise, California State University, Chico

Clayton, Michelle, University of California, Los Angeles

Funkenstein,Susan, Carnegie Mellon University

Preston, Carrie, Boston University

Reed, Brian, University of Washington

  1. Digital Modernism

5th Floor
Leader: Schnapp, Jeffrey, Stanford University

Bulson, Eric, Hobart and William Smith College

Byron, Mark, University of Sydney

Cheng, Sarah Bay,

Fitzpatrick,Kathleen, Pomona College

Pressman, Jessica, Yale University

Schweitzer, Petra, Shenandoah University

Sheehan, Elizabeth,

Smith, Matthew, Boston University

Wilkens, Matthew, Rice University

Sheehan, Rebecca, Haverford College

English, James, University of Pennsylvania

Keegan, Thomas, University of Iowa

Bass, Jonathan,

  1. Modernism Abstraction

Fifth Floor
Leader: Wallace, Jeffery, University of Glamorgan.

Glavey, Brian, University of South Carolina

Hollister,Susannah, United States Military Academy, West Point

Hovind, Jacob, Emory University

Kishbaugh, Justin, Duquesne University

Mellilo, John, New York University

Miller, Gregory L., California State, Bakersfield

Obler, Bibiana, George Washington University

Quigley, Megan, Villanova University

Skibsrud, Johanna, Universite de Montreal

Panels: 8:30 – 10:00 am

  1. Language in the Landscape

Regence A
Organizer: Kelly Sultzbach, University of Oregon

Chair: TBA

Jeffrey McCarthy, Westminster College

“Blood and Soil and 1928”

Scott Knickerbocker, The College of Idaho

“Elizabeth Bishop and the Double Nature of Language”

Kelly Sultzbach, University of Oregon

“W.H. Auden’s Words in the Flesh of the World”

  1. Middlebrow Modernists on Youth and Age

Regence B
Organizer and Chair: Cynthia Port, Coastal Carolina University
Marius Hentea, University of Warwick

“Publishers and the Call of Youth”

Melissa Schaub, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

“Ironic Young Men and Gentlemanly Young Women: The Middlebrow Generation Gap”

Meredith Goldsmith, Ursinus College

“A Doddering Old Majority of Forty or Thereabouts”: Aging and Antagonism in Edith Wharton’s The

Children (1928) and Jesse Fauset’s The Chinaberry Three (1931)”

  1. Beyond Eliot’s “One Language”: Scotland’s Languages of Modernism

Regence C
Organizer: Nancy K. Gish, University of Southern Maine

Chair: Alan Riach, University of Glasgow

Nancy K. Gish, University of Southern Maine

"The Scots Polyphony:  Liz Lochhead and the Limits of Translation"

Caroline McCracken-Flesher, University of Wyoming

“‘The Voice of Scotland’: Hugh McDiarmid and the Problem of James Birdie’s Success”

Fabio Vericat, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

"Gained in Translation:  Denationalizing English in James Kelman's Translated Accounts"

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