September 2009

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Music & Worship
Chancel Choir
We look forward to another season of beautiful anthems from our Chancel Choir. We have our first rehearsal on Thursday, Sept. 10 and sing our first anthem on Sept. 13. We also plan to join forces with the Praise Band for several anthems during the year. Membership in the choir is open to all! Place the start date on your calendar and join us at 7:30.
Praise Band
Praise Band will return to Sunday evening rehearsals beginning September 13 from 7:30-8:45pm. There is no rehearsal on September 2 or 6. If you like to sing or play praise music, and are in grade 7 to adult, you are welcome to join us. We also need people to run the projector. If you don’t wish to get up and sing, but want to run the projector, let us know. Praise Band will be playing for Sunday School opening every Sunday. For information, please contact Marti Smith at (610)779-9410.
We Praise 2
We Praise 2 is open to children, who like to help lead singing, and are ages 4 to grade 6. Rehearsals are every Sunday that there is Sunday School beginning at 8:45am.

A student is eligible to help lead singing if they attend the rehearsal at 8:45am that day. Students are also expected to set a good example of Christian behavior.

Children’s Choir
Rehearsals will begin on September 17th at 6:30pm.

Child Care at Community
The Worship and Music committee is working to revitalize the child care program during the 10:15 services. We hope that this will provide an opportunity for members and visitors to have their children supervised as they worship. Child care will be provided in the library directly behind the narthex beginning September 13. There are two ways that members of Community UCC can help this program: (1) contribute items that pre-school age children can use during their care. These can include books, puzzles, “quiet toys”, etc. (2) volunteer to serve in the child care room. If we have a good number of people volunteering to do this, we can develop a rotating schedule. Please contact the church office if you can serve in this capacity.
Other Ways to Serve

Would you like to “light up our lives” or “take the lead”? Acolytes and Lay Leaders are needed weekly. The worship committee is also inviting any interested member to present children’s chat on Sunday morning. This would be another way of including some talented members in our worship leadership. If you would like to be included in any of these opportunities contact Dan Smith, any member of the worship committee or the Church Office.

Your Music & Worship Committee
-Dan Smith (Chair)

-Doug Werner

-Marti Smith

- Barb McGuire

- Dick Taglang

-Sandy Fehnel

People’s Light and Theater,

Nathan the Wise

Feeling Adventurous?
Take a trip to the City of Miracles! Jerusalem in 1192 was a city in which Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived side by side, however uneasily. A heroic act by a mysterious Templar brings together a wealthy Jewish merchant, his love-struck daughter, a chess-playing sultan with cash flow problems, and a Christian Patriarch with a dark agenda. New alliances form, long-buried secrets emerge in this colorful story, rich in wisdom and warmth, which celebrates our differences, as well as our shared humanity.

The People’s Light and Theater is located in Malvern, P, (about 45 mins.). It’s a nice intimate theater – great seats. The play will show September thru October. If you are interested in tickets ($35), please contact Lorie Martin, (610-779-7676) or email:

Checkout the theater website:

Church in Society
CUCC Reaching Out to the Community
Friends, your Church-In-Society committee continues to meet and search for ways in which our congregation can impact our neighbors and those in need in our community here and in the world. Some of those things are in action now, and some are being planned for the upcoming months. All of it is exciting!
Habitat for Humanity – continues to be a mission of this church, by way of work crews that are organized by Doug Werner. Please watch for his signup requests, and contact him at 610-375-7117.

Message from Berks Women in Crisis:

Dear friends at CUCC, Your recent donations of household items help make a difference for people who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. These efforts help support our major programs such as our Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, childcare and preventative education.

Please know that your contributions directly benefits people in our community and that together, we can foster a peaceful society – free of violence. Thank you for being part of the BWIC family – you truly are making a difference.”

- Mary Kay Bernosky, Executive Director

Opportunity House Shelter

Watch for the Souper Bowl fundraiser for Opportunity House. Held at the Goggleworks. There are two craft-making sessions to create hand-made soup bowls that will be auctioned off later in the year. For $10, you can make a bowl to keep and one to donate. Its lots of fun and the bowls are beautiful. Show your crafty side! There is a Souper Bowl class on Sunday, October 18, from 1:00-3:00 and Thursday, December 10 from 6:30-8:30. 

Get a group and go!

Golden Living Center

21 Fairlane Rd. Exeter

This small senior home has many who would be blessed if someone could visit. Perhaps you might consider reading to a resident, or calling Bingo on Saturday, or just chatting for 15 minutes. Call the activities director if you’re inspired to serve. 610-779-8522

Food PantryThanks for bringing in your contributions to In His Name Food Pantry in Mt. Penn. Times are hard for many, and the food pantry is a blessing. Let’s help them feed those in need. Keep it coming!

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