Senate Steering Committee Minutes July 6, 2006 12: 00 -2: 00 P. M. 202 Tigert Agenda

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Senate Steering Committee


July 6, 2006

12:00 -2:00 P.M.

202 Tigert

Approval of minutes


Information Items

Council Reports


Anita Spring

Rebecca Pauly

Mary Ann Burg

Frank Bova

Pradeep Kumar

Bernie Machen

Barbara Wingo

Danaya Wright


Ed Poppell

Joy Rodgers

Jerry Cutler

Danaya Wright called the meeting to order at 12:00 P.M.

The minutes of the June 1, 2006 meeting were approved
Chair’s Report:
Dr. Wright updated the committee on her meetings with the college Deans, her meetings with the Vice Presidents and the ACFS meeting. Dr. Wright also reported that the Board of Trustees were impressed with the work that the faculty did on the Strategic Plan; however they would like some changes made to the plan.

There will be a Shared Governance workshop on October 17, 2006 for all groups involved in college or department Shared Governance development. Dr. Wright distributed a draft agenda for the Senate Workday.

Dr. Wright is meeting with Dr. Fouke to discuss the libraries committee, the Curriculum Committee, the Academic Personnel Board and the General Education council.

President’s Report:
Dr. Machen reported on the current budget priorities and graduate student health insurance. Dr. Machen also notified the committee that a new institutional research director was hired as well as an admissions director. The University has recently changed funding for the merit scholars program and has implemented a first generation scholarship program for students who are the first in their family to attend college. There are still several ongoing dean searches.
President’s Open Floor Discussion:
The steering committee discussed various issues with the President.
Information Items:

Mr. Poppell discussed the current fleet management plans. The goal is to reduce the number of state vehicles on campus. Currently there are 2,000 state vehicles with many parked on campus. This is a result of current sustainability initiatives to survey cars and eliminate those that are not needed. Mr. Poppell said that the University is exploring alternate transportation methods such as zip cars or flex cars; allowing users to pay by use. The University is also exploring the feasibility of offering a taxi service. Mr. Poppell will take any suggestions regarding this initiative via e-mail. The Faculty Senate will conduct a public education campaign to promote the existing bus system.

  • Internal Communications Plans

Joy Rodgers, Internal Communications coordinator
Ms. Rodgers distributed a sample layout of the new InsideUF publication that will be published biweekly in the Alligator. There will also be a supplemental online publication. This is one of the new communication tactics for the University to improve communication with faculty and staff. Ms. Rodgers would like to meet with the Senate in the Fall to promote these new information sources.

  • Voting for College Senators Danaya Wright, Chair

Dr. Wright discussed the possibility of having the Senate office run senator elections in the Spring. Each college would provide the Senate office with the names of faculty members who are eligible to vote as well as their nominees. The elections would then be opened and closed by the Senate office. The steering committee agreed to try this plan for the 07-08 elections held in the Spring of 2007.

There are several council members who have resigned from the councils this year. The council chairs will look at the candidates from the last election to determine who should replace the resigned member in order to promote the most diversity on each council.

  • Library Strategic Plan Committee Danaya Wright, Chair

Dr. Wright will meet with Dr. Fouke again to discuss the library committee.

  • Strategic Plan Danaya Wright, Chair

Dr. Wright proposed that the Senate hold a special meeting prior to the September Board of Trustees meeting to discuss the strategic work plan. The steering committee will decide on this issue at the August steering committee meeting.

There will be a Shared Governance workshop on October 17, 2006. More information will be available in the Fall.

  • Senate Secretary Danaya Wright, Chair

The Senate Secretary position will be vacant as of August. The Steering committee discussed whether to maintain a staff secretary or whether to have a faculty officer hold the position. Further discussion will occur at the August meeting.

The steering committee discussed the cost of making video conferencing capabilities available to off site IFAS senators.

Council Reports:
No council reports were given.
The meeting adjourned at: 2:10 P.M.
The minutes of this meeting will be open for approval at the August 3, 2006 meeting.

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