Semester One Swedish Course Outline Class Title: Massage of Head, Neck & Face

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Semester One Swedish Course Outline

Class Title: Massage of Head, Neck & Face

Summary of Content
Written Swedish routine for massaging the head, neck and face areas,

Pa I: 31-33.

Instructional Objectives
Review relevant anatomy .

Instructors give touch comparisons at every table, give feedback about body mechanics, and correct hygiene for the face, proper draping and stroke mechanics while student practice the written routine.

Student will demonstrate increasing attentiveness and sensitivity to their partners and to the class as a whole
10 minutes Stretching

10 minutes Intro of topic

30 minutes Demo

10 minutes Break

10 minutes Set up

45 minutes Practice 1

10 minutes Break

45 minutes Practice 2

10 minutes clean up

15 minutes Discussion

Media / Supplies
Massage table, power point , sheets, muscle chart

Semester One Swedish Lesson Plan

Class Title: Massage of Head, Neck & Face

Course and Hours: Swedish 3.5

Stretching Guidelines
Overall warm up with emphasis on muscles of the shoulders, head, neck and face.

Intro of Topic and Q & A
Use the power point presentation to identify the anatomy specific to this class BRIEFLY (muscles were covered during the first hour in class 11a). (scalenes, sternocleidomastoid, upper trapezius, cervical muscles, pectoralis major, deltoids, muscles of the face, clavicle, a/c joint, mastoid process) Draping for head and face portion of the routine (packet page I-18a) will be to cover shoulders completely. Introduce the necessity of gaining permission to work the face – discuss the importance of hygiene in this sensitive area. Discuss the need to be sensitive with pressure on the facial skin. Discuss the use of the facial supplies with students (not too much, not too little).

Demo Guidelines
Discuss muscles to be covered by the massage strokes. Assistant or student will call out the written routine for the demo. Introduce proper body mechanics for therapist while sitting in a chair. Discuss the importance of cleaning the face thoroughly.

Practical Guidelines
Students will perform head, neck & face routine using correct body mechanics while seated.

Emphasize applying effleurage and petrissage strokes to anterior lateral neck muscles specifically (scalene area).

Discussion guidelines
Encourage student pairs to give appropriate feedback regarding the sense of connection, the pressure of the techniques, the flow of the routine, and the effectiveness and coverage draping.

Media Usage
Power Point

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