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Rank rocker” and “Sponsor patch” will be worn in that order from top

To bottom.

On the Left Shoulders of both the jacket and the ACU, “Skill tabs” (2 max), “Team patches”, “Rank Rocker” (not shown in drawing) and “Sponsor patch”.

  1. Patches that are required to be worn are:

  • Unit (worn on both shoulders when “Team patch” is not worn)

  • Team (Left shoulder)

  • Rank (Both shoulders)

  • Sponsor (Both shoulders)

  • Badge

  • Boonie hat “Tab” or “HERO Medallion”

  1. When wearing the Soft shell jacket, only the “Unit”, “Team”, “Rank” and “Sponsor” patchs shall be worn. Appropriate shoulder locations apply.

  1. When wearing the “Boonie hat”, the “HERO medallion” or hat tab MUST be worn centered in the front of the hat. The brim and the cap of the hat may be formed and contoured to the desire of the Operator.

  1. Because this is a uniform item, no “Boonie” hats, other than those issued by the HERO unit, are permitted to be worn. Operators shall not wear their personal hat.

  2. For safety reasons, the adjustable chin strap shall be worn and adjusted to the rear of the wearers head, should they choose to wear it down. It will not be worn hanging down the front, face side of the hat. This presents a potential hazard.

  3. Chin strap may be stored inside of the hat while worn, drawn tightly across the top or removed completely.

  4. A single fixed or folding knife is permitted to be worn with any combination of the uniform. This tool’s blade cannot exceed five (5) inches either fixed or open. If the blade is fixed, it must be in a sheath that is of the same color and materials as the duty belt, suspenders and accessories.

  5. When wearing ANY uniform combination, the “brass badge” must be worn on the duty belt. This badge must also be worn on the same side of the duty belt as it is worn on the shirt,

  6. Boots must be solid black in color. They may be a combination of leather and other lightweight materials. However, the toe and heel of the boots must be full leather regardless of the construction material combinations.

  7. Boots must be eight (8) inches in height unless medical exemption is requested and granted.

  8. Boots must be of the “tactical” variety and have a rubber/composite sole.

  9. Boots MUST BE polished to a shine at the start of every shift/day. No exceptions.

  10. Reflective safety vests must be clean and serviceable. Dirty and/or damaged vests must be either cleaned or replaced immediately. It is the Operators responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and serviceability of his/her reflective safety vest.

  11. When wearing the reflective safety vest, it must be zipped to the top. Anyone wearing the reflective safety vest is prohibited from wearing the vest unzipped. This is for safety purposes.

  12. When wearing the duty uniform (except the full ACU), a black belt is required to be worn. NO UNDER BELTS WILL BE WORN IN LIEU. This belt must be leather or nylon with a black plastic buckle. A brushed, matte, polished silver or gold metal buckle is also permitted. Only Supervisors and above are permitted to wear gold.

  13. Belt buckles will not exceed 3” in width and 2” in height.

  14. When the full duty belt is worn, issued and non-issued accessories (except for the primary radio) may be configured anywhere on the belt that the Operator desires.

  15. The primary radio must be worn on the left side of the duty belt. Its shoulder mic may be worn on either shoulder or wherever the Operator desires.

  16. A minimum of four (4) belt keepers must be worn when wearing the duty belt. They must be constructed of the same material as the duty belt and accessories. Its buttons may be black matte, brushed or polished silver or gold. When the hook & loop under/duty belt system is worn, belt keepers will be worn in the event the loop panels fail to hold.

  17. With the exception of the Supervisors and managers, the only item permitted to be worn on the duty belt will be those items issued to the Operator and those items approved by Management.

  1. All personnel shall adhere to the following wear standards of the “Class A” uniform.

  1. Class A uniform must be worn with all issued collar brass.

  2. Class A uniform must be clean, pressed and free of stains, wear and wrinkles.

  3. Management will determine the wearing and configuration of the duty belt and its accessories when wearing the Class A uniform.

  4. A standard or clip on tie must be worn when wearing the Class A uniform.

  5. Personnel shall not wear any other items on the Class A uniform that is not issued by the department unless authorized by Management.

  6. Collar brass shall be worn on the Class A shirt as follows:

  1. “GDOT” will be worn on the right collar (Left when facing), centered 1.5” from the tip.

  2. “HERO” will be worn on the left collar (right when facing), centered 1.5” from the tip.

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