Section 1: Product and Company Identification

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Section 1: Product and Company Identification


Champion Technologies Inc.

845 McKinley St.

PO Box 1459

Eugene, OR 97440


(541) 687-8015 / (800) 547-6180


(541) 344-0104

Product Names


Recommended Use

Friction material

Restrictions on Use

Commercial / professional use only

Emergency Contact / Number

Champion Technologies / (541) 687-8015 / (800) 547-6180

Section 2: Hazard Identification

Hazards Precautionary Statements Signal Word

Product is not classified Not Applicable Not Applicable

Label Information

Any fiber or dust may be hazardous to your health. Use respirators and/or other dust control measures as well as eye

protection, when handling or processing this product. Do not ingest.

Section 3: Composition/Information on Ingredients

Component Name


Component Percent or Range

Aluminum Oxide


Trade Secret

Barium Sulfate


Trade Secret

Calcium Carbonate


Trade Secret



Trade Secret



Trade Secret

Magnesium Oxide


Trade Secret

Particulate, Not Regulated

Not Applicable

Trade Secret

Section 4: First Aid Measures

Eye and Skin Contact: Treat particles in eye as foreign object. Flush eyes or skin with water to remove any particles. Get medical help if irritation occurs and persists.

Inhalation: Not applicable under normal use. Move to fresh air immediately if friction dust is inhaled. Get medical aid if symptoms occur and persist.
Ingestion: Not applicable under normal use. If swallowed never give anything by mouth if victim is semi-conscious or unconscious. Wash out mouth with water. Seek medical attention if symptoms occur and persist.

Most Important Symptoms / Effects: None known

Indication of Immediate Medical Attention and Special Treatment, If Necessary: None known

Section 5: Firefighting Measures

Suitable and Unsuitable Extinguishing Media: Product will not readily burn. Use fire-fighting methods applicable to the surrounding fire. No unsuitable methods.

Specific Hazards: May release CO, CO2 and possibly toxic fumes in a fire.

Specific Protective Equipment and Precautions for Fire-Fighters: Use a water spray to cool fire-exposed containers and structures and to protect personnel. Firefighters should wear a self-contained breathing apparatus and full protective gear.

Section 6: Accidental Release Measures

See Section 8 for personal protective gear.

Personal Precautions: Isolate release area and keep unnecessary or untrained people away.

Environmental Precautions: Not applicable for product in purchased form.

Methods for Cleaning Up: Not a hazardous waste. Sweep up dust or particles and place in a suitable container for later use or disposal.

Section 7: Handling and Storage

See Section 8 for personal protective gear.

Handling: No special handling precautions are required. Always wash thoroughly before eating, drinking, using restroom or at the end of the work assignment or shift.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry area away.

Section 8: Exposure Control and Personal Protection

Exposure Limits (airborne particles: not applicable to product in manufactured or purchased form)

Component Name

OSHA PEL (mg/m3)

ACGIH TLV (mg/m3)

Aluminum Oxide



Barium Sulfate



Calcium Carbonate



Magnesium Oxide

Particulate, Not Regulated

Engineering Controls: Not applicable for product in purchased form. Use appropriate ventilation to maintain airborne particulate from use below exposure limits.

Eye and Face Protection: Not applicable for product in purchased form. Wear safety glasses or goggles when working with product.

Skin Protection: Not applicable for product in purchased form. Wear protective gloves and other body protection to prevent ongoing or repeated exposure according to the task or activity and amount of exposure.

Respiratory Protection: Not applicable for product in purchased form. Use respirator or mask to prevent inhalation of dust or particulate produced during use of product.

Section 9: Physical and Chemical Properties

Description:  Non-metallic, medium to high friction coefficient composite supplied in flat slabs or molded parts

Appearance/Physical State

Gray to black solid slabs or parts

Flash Point (PMCC)

Not Applicable

Specific Gravity (Water=1)

Not Applicable

Upper Flammability Limits

Not Applicable

Evaporation Rate (butyl acetate = 1)

Not Applicable

Lower Flammability Limits

Not Applicable


Not Applicable

Auto-ignition Temperature

Not Applicable

Solubility in Water


Decomposition Temperature

Not Applicable


None or minimal

Vapor Pressure

Not Applicable

Odor Threshold

Not Applicable

Vapor Density (Air-=1)

Not Applicable

Melting/Freezing Point

Not Applicable

Partition Coefficient (n-octanol/water)

Not Applicable

Boiling Range

Not Applicable

Viscosity (mPa. s, 20 °C)

Not Applicable

Initial Boiling Point

Not Applicable

Critical Temperature

Not Applicable

Note: Physical and chemical properties are provided for safety, health and environmental considerations and do not fully represent product specifications. Those should be requested separately.

Section 10: Stability and Reactivity

Reactivity: Not reactive at normal storage and use conditions

Chemical Stability: Stable at normal storage and use conditions

Incompatible Materials: None know

Possibility of Hazardous Reactions: None known

Conditions to Avoid: Very high temperature

Hazardous Decomposition Products: Avoid dust production in poorly ventilated area. Thermal decomposition products may include CO, CO2, fumes and smoke which may be toxic.

Section 11: Toxicological Information

Specific toxicity tests have not been conducted on this product. In accordance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard 1910.1200, this product is assumed to have the same health hazards as its significant components.

Acute Toxicity Effects: No toxicity data available. Likely routes of exposure are skin and eye contact from dust produced during product use. This may cause mechanical irritation. Use mask to avoid inhalation which can produce temporary upper respiratory tract irritation.

Chronic Toxicity Effects: Repeated and prolonged exposure may exacerbate acute effects. Excessive, long term inhalation of dust from some components may produce serious lung disorders.

Carcinogenicity: NTP and OSHA have not identified any carcinogenic ingredients above the statutory limit of 0.1%. IARC has rated mineral wool fiber in respirable form (limited or no applicability to AFT-1109 as sold) a Group 2B carcinogen, possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Section 12: Ecological Information

Specific environmental tests have not been conducted on this product. It is not classified as an environmental hazard based on the properties of the components in their fabricated form.

Section 13: Disposal Considerations

Not a hazardous waste. Dispose of in accordance with local, state/province, and federal environmental regulations.

Section 14: Transport Information

DOT Information: Not Regulated

Section 15: Regulatory Information

TSCA Status: All components are listed in the TSCA inventory

SARA 311/312 Reporting Categories: None

SARA 313 Reportable Ingredients: None

Section 16: Other Information

NFPA (0 = No Hazard; 4 = Severe Hazard) 1-1-0 (Health/Flammability/Reactivity)
Department Issuing SDS: Health and Safety

The information and recommendations contained in this Safety Data Sheet are taken from sources which are believed to be accurate. Champion Technologies Inc. makes no warranty with respect to the accuracy of the information or the suitability of the recommendations, and assumes no liability to any user of the information or recommendations.

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