Section 1: controlling ohs risks

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Pro3.1-08 RF-Antenna hazards

1. Objective

The objective of this process is to protect the health and safety of persons working on and/or near Telecommunications infrastructure, plant or equipment and to minimise any interruption to Telecommunications services.

Working on or near Telecommunications infrastructure such as dishes and antennas has the potential to be dangerous to health as exposure to excessive levels of Radiofrequency (RF) radiation may occur.

Note: The purpose of this process is to reflect key requirements outlined within The University of Adelaide HSW Policy and Handbook whilst addressing reporting, operational needs and site specific hazards within the Infrastructure, Property & Technology (IPT) Branch.

2. Scope

The scope of this process applies to all locations where Telecommunications equipment is operated by the University of Adelaide and areas managed by IPT Branch for the purpose of maintenance and servicing.

Person(s) most at risk are those required to access roof spaces containing Telecommunications hardware. Typically these tasks may include but are not limited to: roof maintenance; window cleaning; facade maintenance; air conditioning maintenance and installation works.

This process does not apply to mobile phones, wireless transmitters or PDA equipment.

For information on Radiation, see HSW Handbook Chapter 3.30 Radiation Safety.

3. Process

Key stakeholders must consider the following when performing activities on or adjacent to Telecommunications equipment.

Process Steps

Responsible Person


Relevant Documents

3.1 Exposure


The University has surveyed its roof locations and identified “ No Go ” and high risk areas. Records are maintained of known RF emitting equipment and its location.

Campus Services Manager

Every time

RF EME Reports


Exposure limits are shown in the RF EME Reports and are colour coded as follows:

  • Red areas: RF EME hazard level that exceeds Occupational Limits and are “No Go” zones;

  • Yellow areas: RF EME hazard level is greater than Non-Occupational Limits but not exceeding Occupational Limits. Access to these areas is limited to 8 hours continuously in a 24 hour period; and

  • White areas: No restrictions to personnel.

Campus Services


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RF EME Reports

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