Secrets of Hairdesign and Day Spa, located at 201 S. Duffy Rd in Butler, pa finds immense value in giving back to the community that brings so very much into our salon community. The community is our business

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Secrets of Hairdesign and Day Spa, located at 201 S. Duffy Rd in Butler, PA finds immense value in giving back to the community that brings so very much into our salon community. The community is our business; therefore, we find that volunteering, giving back and doing our part is crucial.
For the second year, the Secrets team is working to raise funds for the American Heart Association. In the past Secrets has sold paper hearts and held a bake sale to raise funds for the American Heart Association, as well as forming a team of clients and stylists to participate in the annual HEARTWALK.
Secrets of Hairdesign and Day Spa is also currently working to gather donated hair for Locks-of-Love. In the most recent donation to the Locks-of-Love foundation Secrets sent well over 20 donations of hair to the organization. Secrets has also participated twice in the Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Butler County’s annual Bowl-a-thon. The Secrets team raised funds up until the event and asked clients to also participate in these annual events. In addition, Secrets annually donates to the Blind Association and receives two tickets to their annual ball. Secrets then gives these tickets to clients to enjoy.
“It’s fantastic to bring the staff together to take part in these events, but it’s even better when you can get your family of clients to participate also,” said Melissa Koebler, Secrets of Hairdesign founder and owner.
In an upcoming initiative, Secrets will “go green” in March, to encourage clients and the community to “think green” when recycling product bottles and packaging. To promote recycling, Secrets will ask clients to bring their “gently used” products, which will be recycled, and clients will then receive a discount on retail products. Additionally, Secrets intends to encourage their clients and staff to actively replenish the earth by replanting trees. Secrets will give away tree saplings on Arbor Day for this initiative.
Secrets regularly gives back by acting as sponsors for local cheerleading squads, sports teams, organizations and benefits. Some of the organizations Secrets has sponsored and recognized in the past are as follows: Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Butler County, the Blind Association, Clarion University of Pennsylvania’s Public Relations Student Society of America, American Heart Association, United Way of Butler County, BAMA Auction, Locks-of-Love, St. Wendlin’s School, the Meridian Youth Softball League, the Butler Township Baseball Association, The Maridon Museum, and the MS Foundation.
“Butler is made up of small businesses like my own; therefore, it is so crucial that we all work together for the betterment of our community. Small business relies on the community and the community relies on us,” said Koebler.
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