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Nomination and Election of the SCVO Policy Committee 2014
SCVO is governed by a Management Board - the Company Directors – while our Policy Committee determines policies and positions which are in the best interests of the third sector. An explanation of the membership and remit of Policy Committee is provided on the opposite page.
Elections to the Management Board and Policy Committee are held annually. A postal ballot for places on the Policy Committee is conducted over the summer.
Policy Committee vacancies result from a requirement in SCVO’s Articles of Association that one third of its members retire each year. If a retiring member is both eligible and willing, he or she may stand for re-election. The current membership of Committee is shown below.
I encourage your organisation, as a valued member of SCVO, to exercise your right to nominate a candidate/s for election to our Policy Committee. The ability of SCVO to influence policy and create an environment where voluntary action can thrive depends on an active and engaged membership which reflects the diversity of our sector.

If you require any further information please contact Steven Morton, Executive Assistant –

Tim Hencher

Director of Finance and Resources, SCVO
Election timetable

21 July 2014

Closing date for nominations.

18 August 2014

List of nominees for election to the Policy Committee circulated to SCVO’s full members, together with candidates’ biographical notes and postal ballot papers.

15 October 2014

Closing date for return of completed ballot papers.

30 October 2014

Ballot results circulated to members with AGM agenda.

20 November 2014

Policy Committee election results confirmed at the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

Policy Committee membership and remit
SCVO’s Policy Committee comprises:

  • two ex officio members, the SCVO Convener and Vice Convener;

  • not more than eight co-opted members, primarily to reflect areas of interest which are unrepresented or underrepresented.

Their remit is:

  • to generate and receive policy papers on subjects of importance or concern to the third sector;

  • to determine policies which reflect the best interests of the third sector;

  • to represent the interests of the third sector to government, local authorities, the private sector and the public at large;

  • to comment on SCVO’s strategic plans and priorities to the SCVO Management Board;

  • to set up and receive reports from sub committees;

  • to agree on co-options to the Policy Committee.

Shulah Allan ConvenoramiH

Stephen Osborne Vice Convenor

Meg de Amasi Central Scotland African Union

Amanda Millar Mindscape

Kim Atkinson Scottish Sports Association

Lesley Ann Muirhead CHAS

Susan Archibald The Poverty Alliance

Andy Myles Scottish Environmental Link

Paul Brown LSA

Liz Partington Changeworks

Kathleen Doyle VDS

Carole Patrick Life Change Trust

Philip Dunion APEX Scotland

Jim Pearson Alzheimer Scotland

Sarah Forster Community Enterprise

Eliot Stark Strive

Iain Gordon Bethany Christian Trust

Kay Steven Action for Children

Richard Hamer

Dr Katherine Trebeck Oxfam Scotland

Julie Hogg

Liz Watson Befriending Networks

Susan Lowes Voluntary Health Scotland

Margaret Wheatley Enable

Michelle McCrindle Food Train

Gillian Wilson NIDOS

Gordon Macrae Which?

Allan Young Faith in Communities

Gordon Maloney NUS Scotland

Derek Young Age Scotland

Nomination and Election of the SCVO Policy Committee 2014
SCVO’s Articles of Association require one third of the members of the Policy Committee to retire with effect from each Annual General Meeting. This year there will be eight vacancies on the Policy Committee.
Full members of SCVO are invited to nominate addiitonal candidates for election by postal ballot to fill the vacant places on the Committee.
In making your nominations please consider, as far as possible, the aim of having the varied interests of Scotland’s third sector represented on the Policy Committee.
All nominees will be asked to confirm their willingness to stand for election to the Policy Committee.






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Nominations must be received by the Company Secretary at the address below no later than 5.00pm on Monday 21 July 2014.

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