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Poaching Pangs…

Animal poaching is when an animal is killed illegally because it possesses something that is considered valuable, that is fur, ivory, hide, claws, tusk, horns, etc. The world is dealing with an unprecedented spike in illegal wild life trade, threatening to overcome decades of conservation gains. Run by dangerous international networks, wildlife and animal parts are trafficked much like illegal drugs and arms, making wildlife crime a big business. It’s very illegal nature makes it impossible to obtain reliable figures for the value of trade that occurs, amounting to more than hundreds of millions of dollars.

Some examples of illegal wildlife trade are well known, such as poaching of elephants for ivory, tigers for their skins and bones, rhinoceros for its horn, gall bladders of bears for herbal medicines, big antlers of sheep, furs for clothing and carpets, snake and alligator skin for bags and shoes. Corruption, lacunae in laws, weak judicial system and light sentences allow these criminal syndicates to plunder wild life, with little regard to its consequences. In fact the poachers, who are often poor locals, are the ones usually caught, leaving the real master minds and their network safe and operational with the ability to strike again, cause damage and death to a variety of animals, pushing them on the verge of extinction.
When you know their nature, you know what’s best for them. So, what can I do to help my animal friends…..

 I can become a zoo member and brave ‘Zooperhero’.

 I can join an animal club.

 I can generate awareness.

 I can become a veterinarian and help the sick, injured and orphaned

 I can fight extinction.

 I can reduce threatening processes and save endangerment.

 I can work with others and improve animal care.

 I can be committed to the local spices and start a ‘Love your Locals’ campaign.

 My creative sides can spread the message through street art, literary work.

Finally, haven’t we all enjoyed listening to Panchtantra tales in our grandmother’s lap? These marvelous tales are educative, entertaining and impart strong moral values to the children. The characters in these classic stories are always animals and birds who in their own unique way teach us invaluable lessons of life – righteousness, false pride, the strength of unity, importance of friendship, camaraderie, presence of mind, faithfulness, greed that brings grief, selflessness and so much more.
So, let’s enjoy one such virtue from a Panchtantra tale that teaches us that we should speak with care and not in haste.
The Big Mouth Turtle

Once, there was a turtle, who lived in a pond which was also visited by two young swans. The swans were friendly and compassionate and soon became friends with the turtle. They loved his simple nature. The swans were learned creatures and told the turtle fantastic things- the stories of sages and about the far of places they had flown to. The turtle would listen wide eyed and enraptured. The only bad habit he had was of interrupting the talk with his foolish remarks. As time went by, their friendship grew.

One year, it failed to rain, and there was a severe drought. The pond began drying up and water creatures perished. The turtle was in trouble. It was a question of life and death. The gentle swans were worried about the fate of their friend and kept assuring the turtle that everything would be alright and they flew far and wide looking for a safe place for their friend. One day, they said to the turtle, “there is a lake fifty miles away which has a lot of food and water in it, you will be safe there.” The turtle sighed, “Oh! Fifty miles? It will take me months to reach that place and I will die on the way.”

The swans thought of a plan to save their friend. They brought a small stick and said, “friend turtle, we two will fly holding the ends of the stick in our beak. You shall hold the stick in your mouth at the centre. In this way we will fly you to that lake and there you will be fine. But, remember, not to open your mouth during the flight otherwise you will fall down.”

The turtle nodded and thus, the three got up in the air. The swans held the stick ends and the turtle hung by it. As they flew over a town the people below saw the unusual scene and pointed to one another. Everyone watched, leaned on their balconies, climbed to the roofs of their houses and made a lot of noise. Looking at the people down below, the turtle was excited and he forgot the warning of the swans and wanted to croak, “Look! So many people are watching us.”
As soon as he opened his mouth he fell down, hit the ground and died.

Hence, we should only speak at the proper time. Never ignore or disrespect the advice of your loyal friends.

Thus, all the anecdotes, poems, real life incidents and stories teach us the art of humane living and compassionate citizenship. We must develop the attitude of sympathetic awareness of others’ distress and try to alleviate it. Many a times, our activities bring sufferings to the world and we are not aware of it. We can change by our actions, by learning to make compassionate and responsible choices and thus becoming Compassionate Citizens.
OTBA (2x5=10 MARKS)

Q2.aLive and let live should be the motto of life for humans and animals alike. We need to respect all irrespective of “species”. Write an article to be published in your school magazine, on the importance of being considerate towards animals. (5 marks)
Q2.b You are invited to deliver a speech in the School Assembly highlighting the far reaching and disastrous effects of poaching and illegal wild life trade. Write the speech in 100-120 words. (5marks)


Q3.On your 14th birthday, you went to a café near your home with your friends to have a small party. There you saw a boy of your age looking longingly at the food through the glass door. Write your feelings at that time in the form of a diary entry. Use the hints given below: (100-120 words) (5marks)

Felt pity…….wanted to share food……poverty …….unemployment…. told mother…..wanted to help


You have been selected as a member of Cricket Team of India. You are in the seventh heaven. Write a diary entry in 100-120 words expressing your feelings at this moment. Use the hints given below:

Very excited.......on top of the long dream.......came true..... lead the the world cup.......bring laurels to the country.

Q.4Write a short story in 150-200 words beginning with : (10 marks)

Two friends were passing through a dense forest. Suddenly they heard ……………..........


Q. 5 Choose the most appropriate option to complete the sentences given below: (1/2x6=3marks)

Three tourists(a)__________ Delhi decided(b)__________ visit Goa last year. They went there. While standing ( c) __________ the Calangute beach, two of them decided to have (d)________ dip in the sea. While playing(e)____________ the water they (f) ____________ swept away by the current.

  1. (i) is (ii) was

(iii) am (iv) from

  1. (i) was (ii) to

(iii) is (iv) am

  1. (i) were (ii) on

(iii) to (iv) is

  1. (i) is (ii) was

(iii) a (iv) are

  1. (i) in (ii) does

(iii) is (iv) am

  1. (i) were (ii) as

(iii) to (iv) is

Q6. In the given passage, there is one word missing in each line. Write the missing word with the word that comes before and after that. Underline the word supplied by you. The first one is done as an example (1/2x8=4 marks)
A new bird sanctuary has constructed near the eg. Has been constructed

Sarovar 20 kms from here the Agra – Delhi road (a)_______________________

spread over 403 hectares, the sanctuary been (b)_______________________

developed as a home for large number of local (c)_______________________

and migratory birds. In order attract tourists (d)_______________________

a children’s park near entrance to the sanctuary and (e)_______________________

an interpretation center would developed. The (f)_______________________

complex will also a library of exhibits and a (g)_______________________

hall where a slide show on the animals plants (h)_______________________

in the sanctuary will be held.

Q.7 Rearrange the following to form meaning full sentences. The first one has been done as an example for you (3marks)

Example: - India /are/poverty/plaguing/and pollution/worst evils/the two.

Poverty and pollution are the two worst evils plaguing India.

(a) Most of /the /crowded/Indians live/in/spaces.

(b) At least / slums / 35%of urban/ in/India lives

(c ) of pollution / the growing dangers / No Indian city / is free of


Q .8 Read the following stanza and answer the questions that follow? (1X3=3 marks)

I am beautiful pearls, plucked from the

Crown of Ishtar by the daughter of Dawn

To embellish the garden.

(a) Who is ‘I’ in the first line?

(b) Who has plucked the beautiful pearls from the crown of Ishtar?

(c) What is meaning of the word “Embellish”?


“He was kind to me too --- but what’s a Bishop for except to be kind to you? Here, Cheer up, my hearty, you’re getting soft”

1. Who is the speaker of the above lines? Who is he talking to?

2. What is he doing at the present moment?

3. Write the meaning of ‘getting soft’.

Q.9Answer the following questions briefly.(30- 40 words) (2x4=8marks)

1. Write a short note on Bill Bramble’s character.

2. Bring out a contrast between a judge and a soldier.

3. Why does the rain call itself ‘a messenger of mercy’?

4. John is a hypocrite. Do you agree with this statement? Substantiate your answer.

Q10. Answer any one of the following in 80 to 100 words. (4 marks)

When the convict had gone, the bishop wanted to teach the value of kindness to Persome.

He wrote a short letter to Persome next day before going out of his cottage. Write the letter as Bishop in 100 words.


After reading the poem, The Seven Ages by Shakespeare, you realize that every stage of life plays a significant role in completing the drama of life and teaches us that we should live it to the fullest by being happy &content. Write a diary entry expressing your views

Q.11 Write a character sketch of George from the Novel “Three Men in a Boat’



Describe Montmorency’s contribution to humour in the novel “Three Men in a Boat’


  • Montmorency’s encounter with the black cat Tom…

  • Contribution to Irish Stew…

  • Fight with the Tea-Kettle…

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